Twin Falls & College of Southern Idaho Judo Club Home Page

Judo in the Magic Valley started in 1962 with Guy Matsuoka and Wesley Dobbs instructing in various locations throughout Twin Falls until 1985 when we moved to the College of Southern Idaho Gym. CSI now conducts judo classes in conjunction with the Twin Falls Judo Club. All practicing members of the Twin Falls Judo Club must be registered with CSI.

The CSI Judo Interclub, herein referred to as the CSI Judo Club is a CSI student organization in which members must be enrolled in a minimum of one college credit course. CSI Interclubs participate in numerous service activities and fundraisers both on and off campus.

The Twin Falls/College of Southern Idaho Judo Club or TF/CSI Judo Club originated as the Twin Falls/CSI Judo Club which is administered by Guy Matsuoka. The TF/CSI Judo Club participates jointly with the CSI Judo Club on many of its activities.