New Titles for April 2004

New Titles for April 2004

Books in the Main Collection

Psychomythics : sources of artifacts and misconceptions in scientific psychology / William R. Uttal.
BF38.5.U88 2003

How we know what isn't so : the fallibility of human reason in everyday life / Thomas Gilovich.
BF442.G55 1993

The psychology of judgment and decision making / Scott Plous.
BF448.P56 1993

What's wrong with the Rorschach? : science confronts the controversial inkblot test / James M. Wood ... [et al.].
BF698.8.R5W47 2003

The lifespan / Guy R. Lefrançois.
BF713.L44 1999

Psychologists in word and image / Nicholas Wade.
BF81.W33 1995

Values clarification / Sidney B. Simon, Leland W. Howe, and Howard Kirschenbaum.
BJ1661.S56 1995

Japanese mandalas : representations of sacred geography / Elizabeth ten Grotenhuis.
BQ5125.M3T46 1999

Scientists confront creationism / edited by Laurie R. Godfrey.
BS651.S38 1984

Intelligent design creationism and its critics : philosophical, theological, and scientific perspectives / edited by Robert T. Pennock.
BS652.I58 2001

From Genesis to genetics : the case of evolution and creationism / John A. Moore.
BS652.M66 2003

Credo : historical and theological guide to Creeds and confessions of faith in the Christian tradition / Jaroslav Pelikan.
BT990.C74 2003

John Wesley : a biography / Stephen Tomkins.
BX8495.W5T66 2003

A brief history of the Western world / Thomas H. Greer, Gavin Lewis.
CB245.G74 1997

Heritage of western civilization / edited by John L. Beatty, Oliver A. Johnson.
CB245.H47 1991

Western civilization : a social and cultural history / Margaret L. King.
CB245.K544 2001

Western civilization : the continuing experiment / Thomas F.X. Noble ... [et al.].
CB245.W47 1998

Antiquity : the civilization of the ancient world / Norman F. Cantor.
CB311.C36 2003

Written in bones : how human remains unlock the secrets of the dead / consultant editor, Paul Bahn.
CC77.B8W75 2003

Makers of the Western tradition : portraits from history / J. Kelley Sowards, editor.
CT104.M35 1983

Makers of the Western tradition : portraits from history / J. Kelley Sowards, editor.
CT104.M35 1987

History : a very short introduction / John H. Arnold.
D16.8.A76 2000

Prehistory : a very short introduction / Chris Gosden.
D65.G67 2003

The boys' crusade : the American infantry in Northwestern Europe, 1944-1945 / Paul Fussell.
D756.3.F87 2003

Judgment without trial : Japanese American imprisonment during World War II / Tetsuden Kashima.
D769.8.A6K37 2003

Una storia segreta : the secret history of Italian American evacuation and internment during World War II / edited with an introduction by Lawrence DiStasi ; foreword by Sandra M. Gilbert.
D769.8.F7I88 2001

Red tails, black wings : the men of America's Black air force / by John B. Holway.
D790.H65 1997

Stalag Wisconsin : inside WW II prisoner-of-war camps / by Betty Cowley.
D805.U5C69 2002

The flight of Bonnie Prince Charlie / Hugh Douglas & Michael J. Stead.
DA814.A5D68 2000

The fall of Napoleon : the final betrayal / David Hamilton-Williams.
DC203.H36 1994

The Baths of Caracalla / [text, Marina Piranomonte ; translation, Sandra Ciuffini].
DG97.P57 1998

Arafat's war : the man and his battle for Israeli conquest / Efraim Karsh.
DS119.76.K37 2003

Yasir Arafat : a political biography / Barry Rubin, Judith Colp Rubin.
DS126.6.A67R83 2003

Letters from Mesopotamia : official business, and private letters on clay tablets from two millennia / Translated and with an introd. by A. Leo Oppenheim.
DS71.O657 1967

A short history of Taiwan : the case for independence / Gary Marvin Davison.
DS799.5.D38 2003

Breaking the China-Taiwan impasse / edited by Donald S. Zagoria with the assistance of Chris Fugarino.
DS799.63.C6B74 2003

Crisis on the Korean peninsula : how to deal with a nuclear North Korea / Michael O'Hanlon and Mike Mochizuki.
DS935.5.O43 2003

North Korea at a crossroads / Suk Hi Kim.
DS935.K56 2003

Navajo weaving : three centuries of change / Kate Peck Kent ; with a catalogue of the School of American Research collection.
E99.N3K46 1985

Red Cloud : photographs of a Lakota chief / Frank H. Goodyear III.
E99.O3G66 2003

Landscape traveled by coyote and crane : the world of the Schitsu'umsh : Coeur d'Alene Indians / Rodney Frey in collaboration with the Schitsu'umsh.
E99.S63F74 2001

Through survivors' eyes : from the sixties to the Greensboro Massacre / Sally Avery Bermanzohn.
F264.G8B47 2003

Culture and customs of Peru / César Ferreira and Eduardo Dargent-Chamot.
F3448.2.F47 2003

Ranch style : the artistic culture and design of the real west / photography, David R. Stoecklein ; editor, Carrie James ; art direction & design, T-Graphics.
F596.S76 2003

Beyond the Rockies : a narrative history of Idaho / Ronald K. Fisher.
F746.F57 1989

Idaho's historic trails : from Lewis & Clark to railroads / Martin Potucek.
F747.P68 2003

History of Boundary County, Idaho.
F752.B73H57 1987

Tsceminicum (meeting of the waters) : the Clearwater and Snake Rivers / edited by Gladys Swank, Nellie Woods. Cover design : Gladys B. Bond.
F754.L6T73 1960

The Southwest / David Lavender.
F799.L38 1984

Spanish exploration in the Southwest, 1542-1706 / edited by Herbert Eugene Bolton.
F799.S63 1967

The Great Northwest : a history / by Oscar Osburn Winther.
F852.W668 1950

The tide of empire : America's march to the Pacific / Michael Golay.
F880.G65 2003

Proposed designation of the Oregon Trail route as a national historic trail : final environmental statement / prepared by Bureau of Outdoor Recreation, U.S. Department of the Interior.
F880.U55 1977

Dan Rice : the most famous man you've never heard of / David Carlyon.
GV1811.R4C37 2001

A new season : using Title IX to reform college sports / Brian L. Porto.
GV709.18.U6P67 2003

Poverty in America : a handbook / John Iceland.
HC110.P6I25 2003 Robert Wood Johnson : the gentleman rebel / Lawrence G. Foster.
HD9666.95.J647F67 1999

Love is the killer app : how to win business and influence friends / by Tim Sanders.
HF5386.S26 2003

Western Idaho Fair : a centennial history, 1897-1997 / Arthur Hart.
HF5472.U7I38 1997

Fooled by randomness : the hidden role of chance in the markets and in life / Nassim Nicholas Taleb.
HG4521.T35 2001

Is America possible? : social problems from Conservative, Liberal, and Socialist perspectives / edited by Henry Etzkowitz.
HN65.E89 1980

America's women : four hundred years of dolls, drudges, helpmates, and heroines / Gail Collins.
HQ1410.C65 2003

Urban planning / edited by Andrew I. Cavin.
HT167.U87 2003

Losing Bin Laden : how Bill Clinton's failures unleashed global terror / Richard Miniter.
HV6431.M56 2003

Is military action justified against nations that support terrorism? / James D. Torr, book editor.
HV6432.I672 2003

Date rape / James Haley, book editor.
HV6561.D36 2003

How to stop a stalker / Mike Proctor.
HV6594.P76 2003

Ideology : a very short introduction / Michael Freeden.
JA83.F73 2003

Congress for dummies / by David Silverberg ; forewords by Dennis Hastert and Tom Daschle.
JK1021.S55 2002

The complete idiot's guide to American government / by Melanie Fonder and Mary Shaffrey.
JK274.F66 2002

Narrowing the nation's power : the Supreme Court sides with the states / John T. Noonan, Jr.
KF1322.N66 2002

Law, liability, and ethics for medical office professionals / Myrtle Flight.
KF2905.F58 2004

How free can the press be? / Randall P. Bezanson.
KF4770.A7B49 2003

The Supreme Court of the United States : a student companion / John J. Patrick.
KF8742.A35P38 2001

The Supreme Court / William H. Rehnquist.
KF8742.R44 2001

The flickering mind : the false promise of technology in the classroom, and how learning can be saved / Todd Oppenheimer.
LB1028.3.O56 2003

Educational psychology : effective teaching, effective learning / Stephen N. Elliott ... [et al.].
LB1051.E384 2000

Educational psychology : windows on classrooms / Paul Eggen, Don Kauchak.
LB1051.E394 2004

Educational psychology for effective teaching / Kenneth T. Henson, Ben F. Eller.
LB1051.H46 1999

Theories of human learning : what the old man said / Guy R. Lefrancois.
LB1051.L448 2000

Psychology for teaching : a bear is not a choirboy! / Guy R. Lefrançois.
LB1051.L522 2000

Educational psychology : developing learners / Jeanne Ellis Ormrod.
LB1051.O76 2003

What every college student should know : how to find the best teachers and learn the most from them / Ernie Lepore and Sarah-Jane Leslie.
LB2331.L47 2002

Maximizing revenue in higher education / F. King Alexander, Ronald G. Ehrenberg, editors.
LB2342.M39 2003

GED success. 2004 : test prep.
LB3060.33.G45G43 2004

Master the GED 2004 / Ronald M. Kaprov, Steffi R. Kaprov, Barbara Hull.
LB3060.33.G45K37 2004

Emile, or, Treatise on education / Jean-Jacques Rousseau ; translated by William H. Payne.
LB512.E5E4713 2003

Bilingual education / Loreta Medina, book editor.
LC3731.B556 2003

Bartok's Mikrokosmos : genesis, pedagogy, and style / Benjamin Suchoff.
MT145.B25S83 2002

Paintings in the Vatican / [edited by] Carlo Pietrangeli ; essays by Guido Cornini, Anna Maria de Strobel, Maria Serlupi Crescenzi ; [text translated by Frank Dabell].
N2940.D5613 1996

Art of the first cities : the third millennium B.C. from the Mediterranean to the Indus / edited by Joan Aruz with Ronald Wallenfels.
N5330.A68 2003

Colombian art : 3,500 years of history / direction, design and edition, Benjamín Villegas ; texts, Santiago Londoño Vélez.
N6670.L66 2001

Splendors of Imperial Japan : arts of the Meiji period from the Khalili Collection / Joe Earle.
N7354.5.E27 2002

The baths of Caracalla : a study in the design, construction, and economics of large-scale building projects in imperial Rome / by Janet DeLaine.
NA317.D45 1997

The romanesque : towns, cathedrals and monasteries / Xavier Barral i Altet ; photos, Claude Huber, Anne and Henri Stierlin ; [English translation, Chris Miller]
NA390.B3713 2001

New forms : architecture in the 1990s / Philip Jodidio.
NA680.J63 2001

International style : modernist architecture from 1925 to 1965 / Hasan-Uddin Khan.
NA682.I58K49 2001

Alberto Giacometti / Christian Klemm ; in collaboration with Carolyn Lanchner, Tobia Bezzola, Anne Umland.
NB553.G4A4 2001

Life drawing class / Lucy Watson.
NC765.W38 2003

Beyond realism : art techniques to expand your creativity / Brian Ryder.
ND1482.A16R93 2001

Art and miracles in medieval Byzantium : the crypt at Hosios Loukas and its frescoes / Carolyn L. Connor.
ND2754.V64C66 1991

The paintings of Domenico Veneziano, ca. 1410-1461 : a study in Florentine art of the early Renaissance / by Hellmut Wohl.
ND623.V382W64 1980

Erté graphics : five complete suites reproduced in full color = Erté : cinq suites de lithographies / pref. by Salome Estorick.
NE2356.5.E774 1978

A history of language / Steven Roger Fischer.
P140.F57 2001

Fathers and sons in Athens : ideology and society in the era of the Peloponnesian War / Barry S. Strauss.
PA3014.S6S77 1997

Mastering Italian : hear it, speak it, write it, read it / developed for the Foreign Service Institute, Department of State by Stephen Zappala.
PC1112.5.M393 1985

Stories from Puerto Rico = Historias de Puerto Rico / [selected by] Robert L. Muckley and Adela Martínez-Santiago.
PC4127.L4L496 1999

Stories from Spain = Historias de España / [selected by] Genevieve Barlow and William N. Stivers.
PC4127.L4L497 1999

Stories from Latin America = Historias de Latinoamérica / Genevieve Barlow.
PC4127.L5B37 1995

Stories from Mexico = Historias de México / Genevieve Barlow, William N. Stivers.
PC4127.L5B374 1995

Writing research papers : a complete guide.
PE1478.L47 2002

The literature of the ancient Egyptians : poems, narratives, and manuals of instruction, from the third and second millennia B.C. / [compiled and translated into German] by Adolf Erman ; translated into English by Aylward M. Blackman.
PJ1481.L58 1927

Papyrus and tablet / edited by A. Kirk Grayso, Donald B. Redford.
PJ1943.P37 1973

Letters from early Mesopotamia / by Piotr Michalowski ; edited by Erica Reiner.
PJ3882.L48 1993

Woody Allen on Woody Allen / in conversation with Stig Björkman.
PN1998.3.A45A5 1995

Woody Allen : a life in film / Richard Schickel.
PN1998.3.A45A5 2003

Woody Allen : a biography / Eric Lax.
PN1998.3.A45L39 2000

The girl from God's country : Nell Shipman and the silent cinema / Kay Armatage.
PN2287.S55 2003

The Marx Brothers encyclopedia / Glenn Mitchell ; foreword by Leonard Maltin.
PN2297.M3M58 2003

101 key ideas, literature / Brenda Downes.
PN44.5.D69 2002

Best newspaper writing 2001 : winners: the American Society of Newspaper Editors competition / edited by Keith Woods.
PN4726.B46 2001

Words to live by : the origins of conventional wisdom and commonsense advice / Charles Panati.
PN6299.A2P36 1999

The Figaro plays / Beaumarchais ; translated by John Wells ; edited by John Leigh.
PQ1956.A28 1997

King Lear : modern English version side-by-side with full original text / edited and rendered into modern English by Alan Durband.
PR1819.A25 1986

The shoemaker's holiday / Thomas Dekker ; in a new adaptation by Bernard Sahlins.
PR2490.A27 2003

Julius Caesar : modern English version side-by-side with full original text / edited and rendered into modern English by Alan Durband.
PR2808.A25 1985

Henry IV, part one : modern English version side-by-side with full original text / edited and rendered into modern English by Alan Durband.
PR2810.A25 1985

Macbeth : modern English version side-by-side with full original text / edited and rendered into modern English by Alan Durband.
PR2823.A25 1985

The merchant of Venice : modern English version side-by-side with full original text / edited and rendered into modern English by Alan Durband.
PR2825.A25 1985

A midsummer night's dream : modern English version side-by-side with full original text / edited and rendered into modern English by Alan Durband.
PR2827.A25 1985

Romeo and Juliet : modern English version side-by-side with full original text / edited and rendered into modern English by Alan Durband.
PR2831.A25 1985

The tempest : modern English version side-by-side with full original text / edited and rendered into modern English by Alan Durband.
PR2833.A25 1985

Twelfth Night, or, What you will : modern English version side-by-side with full original text / edited and rendered into modern English by Alan Durband.
PR2837.A25 1985

Lord Byron / edited and with an introduction by Harold Bloom.
PR4388.L67 2004

The poems of Dylan Thomas / edited with an introduction and notes by Daniel Jones.
PR6039.H52A17 1971

Dylan Thomas : the biography / Paul Ferris.
PR6039.H52Z637 2000

Harry Potter and the Bible : the menace behind the magick / Richard Abanes.
PR6068.O93Z52 2001

The hidden key to Harry Potter : understanding the meaning, genius, and popularity of Joanne Rowling's Harry Potter novels / John Granger.
PR6068.O93Z677 2002

The wisdom of Harry Potter : what our favorite hero teaches us about moral choices / Edmund M. Kern.
PR6068.O93Z735 2003

Alias Grace / Margaret Atwood.
PR9199.3.A8A79 1997

Margaret Atwood's Alias Grace : a reader's guide / Gina Wisker.
PR9199.3.A8A7995 2002

The blind assassin / Margaret Atwood.
PR9199.3.A8B65 2001

Oryx and Crake : a novel / Margaret Atwood.
PR9199.3.A8O7 2003

Margaret Atwood revisited / Karen F. Stein.
PR9199.3.A8Z896 1999

What goes without saying : collected stories of Josephine Jacobsen.
PS3519.A424A6 1996

In the crevice of time : new and collected poems / Josephine Jacobsen.
PS3519.A424I5 1995

Down in my heart / William Stafford ; introduction by Kim Stafford.
PS3537.T143Z464 1998

Early morning : remembering my father, William Stafford / Kim Stafford.
PS3537.T143Z88 2002

Tennessee Williams / edited and with an introduction by Harold Bloom.
PS3545.I5365Z842 2003

The collected stories of Richard Yates / introduction by Richard Russo.
PS3575.A83A6 2001

The servant of two masters / Carlo Goldoni ; in a new adaptation by Dorothy Louise.
PS3612.O8S47 2003

Poetry after 9/11 : an anthology of New York poets / introduction by Alicia Ostriker ; edited by Dennis Loy Johnson and Valerie Merians.
PS549.N5P63 2002

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind : poets on 9/11 / edited by Allen Cohen & Clive Matson ; foreword by Michael Parenti.
PS595.S47E94 2002

Prize stories 1999 : the O. Henry awards / edited and with an introduction by Larry Dark.
PS648.S5P74 1999

Prize stories 1990 : the O. Henry awards / edited and with an introduction by William Abrahams.
PS648.S5P75 1990

Prize stories 1991 : the O. Henry awards / edited and with an introduction by William Abrahams.
PS648.S5P75 1991

Prize stories 1992 : the O. Henry awards / edited and with an introduction by William Abrahams.
PS648.S5P75 1992

Prize stories 1993 : the O. Henry awards / edited and with an introduction by William Abrahams.
PS648.S5P75 1993

Prize stories 1994 : the O. Henry awards / edited and with an introduction by William Abrahams.
PS648.S5P75 1994

Prize stories 1995 : the O. Henry awards / edited and with an introduction by William Abrahams.
PS648.S5P75 1995

Prize stories 1996 : the O. Henry awards / edited and with an introduction by William Abrahams.
PS648.S5P75 1996

Prize stories 1997 : the O. Henry awards / edited and with an introduction by Larry Dark.
PS648.S5P75 1997

Prize stories 2000 : the O. Henry awards / edited and with an introduction by Larry Dark.
PS648.S5P75 2000

Prize stories 2001 : the O. Henry awards / edited and with an introduction by Larry Dark.
PS648.S5P75 2001

Prize stories 2002 : the O. Henry awards / edited and with an introduction by Larry Dark.
PS648.S5P75 2002

The O. Henry prize stories. 2003 / edited and with an introduction by Laura Furman.
PS648.S5P75 2003

Prize stories 1998 : the O. Henry awards / edited and with an introduction by Larry Dark.
PS648.S5P78 1998

Defending science--within reason : between scientism and cynicism / Susan Haack.
Q172.5.C74H33 2003

Chances are-- : making probability and statistics fun to learn and easy to teach / Nancy Pfenning.
QA273.25.P54 1998

Statistics / Alan Graham.
QA276.12.G73 2003

Statistics for dummies / by Deborah Rumsey.
QA276.12.R86 2003

HTML in easy steps / Mike McGrath.
QA76.76.H94M34 2003

Sams teach yourself Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional in 10 minutes / Jane Calabria and Dorothy Burke.
QA76.76.O63W59C35 2000

The cold wars : a history of superconductivity / Jean Matricon and Georges Waysand ; translated by Charles Glashausser.
QC611.95.M3813 2003

The Earth : a very short introduction / Martin Redfern.
QE26.3.R43 2003

The panda's thumb : more reflections in natural history / Stephen Jay Gould.
QH361.G68 1992

Hen's teeth and horse's toes / Stephen Jay Gould.
QH366.2.G684 1994

Evolution : a very short introduction / Brian and Deborah Charlesworth.
QH367.C48 2003

The immortal cell : one scientist's quest to solve the mystery of human aging / Michael D. West.
QH442.2.W47 2003

Birds in jeopardy : the imperiled and extinct birds of the United States and Canada including Hawaii and Puerto Rico / Paul R. Ehrlich, David S. Dobkin, and Darryl Wheye ; illustrations by Darryl Wheye.
QL676.7.E38 1992

Wild animals I have known / Ernest Thompson Seton.
QL791.S489 1946

Biography of a germ / Arno Karlen.
QR201.L88K37 2000

Manhattan medics : the gripping story of the men and women of emergency medical services who make the streets of the city their career / Francis J. Rella.
RA645.6.N7R45 2003

In the little world : a true story of dwarfs, love, and trouble / John H. Richardson.
RB140.3.R53 2002

Casebook for a spiritual strategy in counseling and psychotherapy / edited by P. Scott Richards and Allen E. Bergin.
RC489.S676C37 2004

Schizophrenia / Christopher D. Frith and Eve C. Johnstone.
RC514.F75 2003

The starting gate : birth weight and life chances / Dalton Conley, Kate W. Strully, Neil G. Bennett.
RJ281.C66 2003

Straight talk about your child's mental health : what to do when something seems wrong / Stephen V. Faraone.
RJ499.34.F37 2003

Skin secrets : a complete guide to skin care for the entire family / Joseph P. Bark.
RL87.B37 1987

How to wash your face : America's leading dermatologist reveals the essential secrets for youthful, radiant skin / Barney J. Kenet, with Patricia Lawler.
RL87.K46 2002

Skin secrets : the medical facts versus the beauty fiction / Nicholas Lowe, Polly Sellar.
RL87.L69 1999

Therapy pets : the animal-human healing partnership / Jacqueline J. Crawford & Karen A. Pomerinke ; photography by Donald W. Smith.
RM931.A65C73 2003

Hydroponics : soilless gardening explained / Les Bridgewood.
SB126.5.B75 2003

Retooling : a historian confronts technological change / Rosalind Williams.
T173.8.W55 2002

101 key ideas, information technology / Stephen Gorard, Neil Selwyn.
T58.5.G67 2001

Wind power for home & business : renewable energy for the 1990s and beyond / Paul Gipe.
TJ820.G57 1993

Internet security in easy steps / Greg Holden.
TK5105.875.I57H64 2003

Internet in easy steps / Mary Lojkine.
TK5105.875.I57L64 2003

Chilton Asian service manual.
TL152.C339I43 2004

Chilton European service manual.
TL152.C339I44 2004

Chilton Chrysler service manual.
TL152.C44 2004

Chilton Ford service manual.
TL152.C45 2004

Chilton General Motors service manual.
TL152.C46 2004

The Wright Brothers legacy : Orville and Wilbur Wright and their aeroplanes / Walt Burton & Owen Findsen.
TL540.W7B87 2003

John Hedgecoe's new book of photography.
TR146.H358 1994

The photographer's

handbook / John Hedgecoe.
TR150.H43 1992 William Henry Fox Talbot : photographs from the J. Paul Getty Museum.
TR651.J56 2002

Catalogue and buyers' guide, no. 57, spring and summer, 1895.
TS199.M66 1969

The complete guide to card making : 100 techniques with 25 original projects and a template gallery / Sarah Beaman.
TT872.B43 2003

The big book of greeting cards : over 40 step-by-step projects / Vivienne Bolton.
TT872.B65 2002

Designing and making cards / Glennis Gilruth.
TT872.G55 1999

Making cards in a weekend : inspirational ideas and practical projects / Jain Suckling.
TT872.S83 2000

Enlisted soldier's guide.
U113.R87 2003

Serving our country : Japanese American women in the military during World War II / Brenda L. Moore.
UA565.W6M66 2003

Career progression guide for soldiers : a practical, complete guide for getting ahead in today's competitive Army / Audie G. Lewis.
UB323.L49 2003

Biowarrior : inside the Soviet/Russian biological war machine / Igor V. Domaradskij & Wendy Orent ; foreword by Judith Miller ; foreword by Alan P. Zelicoff.
UG447.8.D66 2003

Black Knights : the story of the Tuskegee airmen / by Lynn M. Homan and Thomas Reilly ; foreword by Louis R. Purnell.
UG834.A37H66 2001

Easy Microsoft Word 2000 : see it done, do it yourself / [Heidi Steele].
Z52.5.M52S74 1999

Enhancing teaching and learning : a leadership guide for school library media specialists / by Jean Donham.
Z675.S3D66 1998

Foundations for effective school library media programs / Ken Haycock, editor.
Z675.S3F68 1999

Standard cataloging for school and public libraries / Sheila S. Intner and Jean Weihs.
Z693.I58 2001

The research process : books and beyond / Myrtle S. Bolner, Gayle A. Poirier.
Z710.B65 2002

The reference interview as a creative art / Elaine Z. Jennerich, Edward J. Jennerich.
Z711.J46 1997

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The Eyre affair : a novel / Jasper Fforde.
FIC .F4395E97 2003

Thursday Next in Lost in a good book : a novel / Jasper Fforde.
FIC .F4395L67 2003

Gathering the bones : original stories from the world's masters of horror / edited by Dennis Etchison, Ramsey Campbell, and Jack Dann.
FIC .G224E83 2003

The mammoth book of best new horror. 13 / edited and with and introduction by Stephen Jones.
FIC .M311J66 2002

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Audio CDs

The miller's prologue and tale / Geoffrey Chaucer.

The Wife of Bath's prologue and tale / by Geoffrey Chaucer.

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United States code / prepared and published under authority of Title 2, U.S. code, section 285b, by the Office of the Law Revision Counsel of the House of Representatives.

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Winter gala : a tribute to Tchaikovsky / BBC ; Covent Garden Pioneer ; The Royal Opera House.
VIDEO 2560

Non-verbal communication in the global marketplace / produced and directed by Phil Rutsohn.
VIDEO 2561

Who built Stonehenge? / BBC ; written & produced by Dominic Flessati.
VIDEO 2562

Israel today! / a production of Worldwide Travel Films ; produced and directed by Fran and Brooke Reidelberger.
VIDEO 2563

Return with honor / a film by Freida Lee Mock and Terry Sanders ; a production of the American Film Foundation [and] Sanders & Mock Productions ; producers and directors, Freida Lee Mock and Terry Sanders ; writers, Freida Lee Mock, Terry Sanders, Christine Z. Wizer.
VIDEO 2564

The art of singing : golden voices of the century.
VIDEO 2565

Bataan rescue / a Green Umbrella film for American experience ; written and produced by David Axelrod ; directed by Peter Jones.
VIDEO 2566

Streamliners : America's lost trains / a production of 51 Pegasi Pictures Inc. for American Experience.
VIDEO 2567

Transcontinental railroad / directed by Mark Zwonitzer, Michael Chin ; produced and written by Mark Zwonitzer ; a HiddenHill Productions film for American Experience.
VIDEO 2568

Peace Corps : redefine your world.
VIDEO 2569

Chartres Cathedral / produced & directed by Louise R. Illig ; A Golden Age production.
VIDEO 2570

Emerging viruses / a presentation of Films for the Humanities & Sciences ; BBC.
VIDEO 2571

Mystery of the black death / Tigress productions for Thirteen WNET Television in association with Channel 4.
VIDEO 2572

Journey to the ocean floor / a co-production of BBC and The Learning Channel ; produced and directed by Danielle Peck.
VIDEO 2573

The true story of Seabiscuit / A&E Television Networks.
VIDEO 2574

Abstract art / BBC Worldwide Americas, Inc ; produced and directed by Kate Misrahi.
VIDEO 2575

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Positioning : how advertising shapes perception.

12 angry men / United Artists ; story and screenplay by Reginald Rose ; produced by Henry Fonda and Reginald Rose ; directed by Sidney Lumet.

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