New Titles for April 2005

New Titles for April 2005


Water : science and issues / E. Julius Dasch, editor in chief.
REF GB655.W38 2003

Social change in America : the historical handbook.
REF HA203.S63

Historical encyclopedia of American labor / edited by Robert Weir and James P. Hanlan.
REF HD8066.H57 2004

The family in America : an encyclopedia / Joseph M. Hawes.
REF HQ536.H39 2001

Parenthood in America : an encyclopedia / Lawrence Balter, editor ; foreword by Robert B. McCall.
REF HQ755.8.P37 2000

Gay and lesbian rights in the United States : a documentary history / edited by Walter L. Williams and Yolanda Retter.
REF HQ76.8.U5G39 2003

Adolescence in America : an encyclopedia / Jacqueline V. Lerner and Richard M. Lerner, editors.
REF HQ796.A358 2001

Encyclopedia of homelessness / David Levinson, editor.
REF HV4493.E53 2004

Capital punishment : a reference handbook / Michael Kronenwetter.
REF HV8699.U5K76 2001

Ethics in U.S. Government : an encyclopedia of investigations, scandals, reforms, and legislation / Robert North Roberts.
REF JK468.E7R63 2001

Top tax issues for 2004 course / CCH editorial staff.
REF KF6289.3.T66 2003

Top tax issues for 2005 : CPE course / CCH editorial staff.
REF KF6289.3.T66 2004

The Greenwood dictionary of education / edited by John W. Collins III and Nancy Patricia O'Brien ; foreword by Catherine Snow.
REF LB15.G74 2003

Vox : diccionario de uso del español de América y España.
REF PC4625.V69 2004

Hamel's bilingual dictionary of Mexican Spanish = Diccionario bilingüe Hamel de mexicanismos / Bernard H. Hamel.
REF PC4832.H36 2002

Books in the Main Collection

The manager's pocket guide to emotional intelligence : from management to leadership / by Emily A. Sterrett.
BF561.S74 2000

What happy people know : how the new science of happiness can change your life for the better / Dan Baker and Cameron Stauth.
BF575.H27B35 2004

The manager's pocket guide to dealing with conflict / by Lois B. Hart.
BF637.I48H37 1999

Unlocking the Middle East: the writings of Richard Falk : an anthology / edited by Jean Allain.
DS63.2.U5F35 2003

Iraq : an illustrated history and guide / by Gilles Munier ; photography by Erick Bonnier ; translated by David Stryker.
DS70.9.M8613 2004

The manager's pocket guide to strategic and business planning : the systems thinking approach / by Stephen G. Haines.
HD30.28.H35 1999

The manager's pocket guide to knowledge management / by Kathleen Foley Curley and Barbara Kivowitz.
HD30.2.C87 2001

The manager's pocket guide to influence with integrity : power, principles and persuasion / Marlene Caroselli.
HD31.C235 2000

The manager's pocket guide to systems thinking & learning / by Stephen G. Haines.
HD31.H222 1998

Developing employee capital : setting the stage for lifelong learning / David Kalamas, Joan Berry Kalamas.
HD4904.7.K35 2004

The manager's pocket guide to creativity / Alexander Hiam.
HD53.H53 1998

The manager's pocket guide to spiritual leadership : transforming dysfunctional organizations into healthy communities / Richard Bellingham, Julie Meek.
HD57.7.B437 2001

The manager's pocket guide to leadership skills / Peter B. Stark and Jane Flaherty.
HD57.7.S73 1999

The manager's pocket guide to corporate culture change / Richard Bellingham.
HD58.7.B45 2001

The manager's pocket guide to organizational learning / by Stephen J. Gill.
HD58.82.G55 2000

The manager's pocket guide to generation X / by Bruce Tulgan.
HD6273.T85 1997

Managing Generation Y : global citizens born in the late seventies and early eighties / Bruce Tulgan, Carolyn A. Martin.
HD6273.T853 2001

The manager's pocket guide to virtual teams / Richard Bellingham.
HD66.B45 2001

The manager's pocket guide to team sponsorship / by Sara Pope.
HD66.P66 1998

The manager's pocket guide to project management / Michael Greer.
HD69.P75G74 1999

The manager's pocket guide to ecommunication : communicating effectively in a digital age / by Laurie K. Denson.
HE7551.B46 2000

Career skills for the new economy / by Bruce Tulgan.
HF5381.T85 2000

The manager's pocket guide to effective mentoring / Norman H. Cohen.
HF5385.C64 1999

The manager's pocket guide to employee relations / by Terry L. Fitzwater.
HF5549.2.U5F58 1999

Managing the generation mix : from collision to collaboration / Carolyn A. Martin & Bruce Tulgan.
HF5549.2.U5M37 2002

Manager's pocket guide to interviewing and hiring top performers / Sarah J. Ennis.
HF5549.5.I6E56 2002

The manager's pocket guide to diversity management / Edward E. Hubbard.
HF5549.5.M5H83 2004

The manager's pocket guide to workplace coaching / Daniel A. Feldman.
HF5549.5.M63F45 2001

The manager's pocket guide to documenting employee performance / Terry L. Fitzwater.
HF5549.5.P35F58 1998

The manager's pocket guide to recruiting the workforce of the future / Bruce Tulgan.
HF5549.5.R44T85 2000

The manager's pocket guide to preventing sexual harassment / Terry L. Fitzwater.
HF5549.5.S45F58 1998

The manager's pocket guide to performance management / Sharon G. Fisher.
HF5549.F57 1997

The manager's pocket guide to public presentations / Steve Gladis.
HF5718.22.G58 1999

The manager's pocket guide to effective writing / Steve Gladis.
HF5718.3.G58 1999

The manager's pocket guide to effective meetings / Steve Kaye.
HF5734.5.K39 1998

Seductress : women who ravished the world and their lost art of love / Betsy Prioleau.
HQ1122.P75 2004

The 9/11 Commission report : omissions and distortions / by David Ray Griffin.
HV6432.7.G75 2005

Lessons that change writers / Nancie Atwell.
LB1631.A89 2002

The entrepreneurial college president / James L. Fisher and James V. Koch ; foreword by Gene A. Budig.
LB2341.F535 2004

Giving advice to students : a road map for college professionals / Howard K. Schein ... [et al.] ; edited by Richard Robbins.
LB2343.S34 2004

The status of academic advising : findings from the ACT sixth national survey / Wesley R. Habley, editor.
LB2343.S737 2004

Planet on the table : poets on the reading life / editors, Sharon Bryan & William Olsen.
PN1064.P56 2003

Geology, tectonics, and mineral resources of western and southern Idaho, Boise, Idaho, August 1-5, 1984 / Patricia C. Beaver, editor.
QE103.T63 1984

Geology of the crook in the Snake river plain, Twin Falls and vicinity, Idaho : proceedings volume from the 21st Annual Field Conference of the Tobacco Root Geological Society, College of Southern Idaho, Twin Falls, Idaho, August 8-11, 1996 / edited by Scott S. Hughes, Robert C. Thomas.
QE104.S63T63 1996

Geological field trips in southern Idaho, eastern Oregon, and northern Nevada / edited by Kathleen M. Haller and Spencer H. Wood.
QE47.A1G46 2004

Dr. Susan Love's breast book / Susan M. Love, with Karen Lindsey ; illustrations by Marcia Williams.
RG491.L68 2000

NCLEX-RN questions & answers made incredibly easy.
RT55.N35 2003

NCLEX-RN 250 new-format questions.
RT55.N353 2004

What Einstein told his cook : kitchen science explained / Robert L. Wolke ; with recipes by Marlene Parrish.
TX652.W65 2002

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Compact Discs

Art of the groove / Brent Jensen/ Rob Walker Quintet with New Stories.
CD 826

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Lookism / ABC News Productions ; 20/20 ; directed by George Paul.
VIDEO BF697.5.B63L66 2002

The global economy / Brenden Dannaher, writer & producer ; Ros Lawson, John Davis, executive producers.
VIDEO HF1359.G58 2003

On the job : emotional I.Q.
VIDEO HF5548.8.O5 2000

On your mark, get set, goals!
VIDEO LB1027.8.O5 2002

Ideas are tools : learning preferences / CoastlineCommunity Collegein cooperation with Houghton Mifflin Company and KOCE-TV. VIDEO LB2395.I34 2000

Improve your memory, improve your grades / Educational Video Network, Inc.
VIDEO LB2395.I46 2000

Keys to managing your time & taking control of your life.
VIDEO LB2395.K49 2002

Differentiated instruction : a focus on inclusion / National Professional Resources, Inc.
VIDEO LC1201.D54 2003

What's so special about special education?
VIDEO LC1201.W48 1995

When the chips are down-- / Greater Washington Telecommunications Association ; produced by Jeff Bieber ; director, Joseph Camp.
VIDEO LC4704.L423 1997

The role of teaching in modern libraries / College of DuPage Satellite Network; a production of Information Technology, Multimedia Services and the Office of Special Services in cooperation with the Library Learning Network at College of DuPage.
VIDEO Z711.2.S63 2004

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River of No Return : Idaho's scenic Salmon / Idaho Public Television.
DVD 31

L'enfant sauvage = The wild child / Les Films du Carrosse/Les Productions Artistes Associes.
DVD 49

Super size me / The Con presents a film by Morgan Spurlock.
DVD 50

English grammar. [1], Sentence structure.
DVD 51

English grammar. [2], Parts of speech.
DVD 52

English grammar. [3], Sentence complements.
DVD 53

English grammar. [4], Verbs.
DVD 54

English grammar. [5], Pronouns.
DVD 55

English grammar. [6], Agreement.
DVD 56

English grammar. [7], Modifiers.
DVD 57

English grammar. [8], Parallel structure.
DVD 58

English grammar. [9], Punctuation.
DVD 59

English grammar. [10], Spelling & capitalization.
DVD 60

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