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Books in the Main Collection

BF431.S73 2009                                                                 
  Stanovich, Keith E.  What intelligence tests miss : the psychology of rational thought.  New Haven : Yale University Press, c2009.               
BF575.H27H36 2008                                                               
  Hamilton, Scott.  The great eight : how to be happy (even when you have every reason to be miserable).  Nashville, Tenn. : Thomas Nelson, Inc., 2008.                                                                       
BL624.B43 2008                                                                 
  Beckwith, Michael Bernard.  Spiritual liberation : fulfilling your soul's potential.  1st. Atria Books/Beyond Words hardcover ed.  New York : Atria Books/Beyond Words, c2008.                                                 
BX1418.T87M37 2003                                                             
  Marcantonio, Patricia Santos.  On holy ground : the history, art and faith of St. Edward the Confessor Roman Catholic Church, Twin Falls, Idaho.  [Twin Falls?, Idaho : P.S. Marcantonio?], c2003.                           

DS798.4.M39 2009                                                               
  May, Timothy Michael.  Culture and customs of Mongolia.  Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 2009.                                                     
E183.7.H47 2008                                                                 
  Herring, George C.  From colony to superpower : U.S. foreign relations since 1776.  New York : Oxford University Press, 2008.                           
E475.55.W55 2006                                                               
  Wills, Garry.  Lincoln at Gettysburg : the words that remade America. [Paperback ed.].  New York : Simon & Schuster Paperbacks, [2006], c1992.   
F1563.8.S43 2009                                                               
  Seales Soley, La Verne M.  Culture and customs of Panama.  Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 2009.                                                     
GF86.S54 2009                                                                  
  Sherwood, Ben.  The survivors club : the secrets and science that could save your life.  New York : Grand Central Pub., c2009.


HB3716.K78 2009                                                                
  Krugman, Paul R.  The return of depression economics and the crisis of 2008.  1st ed.  New York : W.W. Norton & Company, c2009.                          
HC106.83.D46 2009                                                               
  Dent, Harry S.  The great depression ahead : how to prosper in the crash following the greatest boom in history.  1st Free Press hardcover ed.  New York : Free Press, 2009, c2008.                                             
HD60.Y86 2007                                                                  
  Yunus, Muhammad.  Creating a world without poverty : social business and the future of capitalism.  New York : PublicAffairs, c2007.                    
HD8039.M732U69 2004                                                            
  Wolff, Fritz.  A room for the summer : adventure, misadventure, and seduction in the mines of the Coeur d'Alene.  Norman, Okla. : University of Oklahoma Press, c2004.                                                  
 HF1500.5.U5U55 2009                                                            
  The U.S. policy on Cuba.  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.                 
HF5415.1265.S376 2007                                                          
  Scott, David Meerman.  The new rules of marketing and PR : how to use news releases, blogs, podcasting, viral marketing, & online media to reach buyers directly.  Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons, 2007.                 
HG3290.6.A6Y86 2007                                                             
  Yunus, Muhammad.  Banker to the poor : micro-lending and the battle against world poverty.  New York : PublicAffairs, c2007.                           
HG3290.6.A8G7336 2008                                                          
  Counts, Alex.  Small loans, big dreams : how Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus and microfinance are changing the world.  [2008 ed.].  Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons, c2008.                                                
HM1261.R38 2008                                                                
  Rath, Tom.  Strengths based leadership : great leaders, teams, and why people follow.  New York : Gallup Press, c2008.                            
HQ759.64.T44 2009                                                               
  Teenage pregnancy.  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.                       
HQ1064.U5A6354 2009                                                             
  The aging population.  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.                    
HV1431.T44 2009                                                                 
  Teens at risk.  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.                           
HV5805.L39 2009                                                                
  Lawford, Christopher Kennedy.  Moments of clarity : voices from the front lines of addiction and recovery.  1st ed.  New York, NY : William Morrow,  c2009.       

HV9950.C747 2009                                                               
  Criminal justice.  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.                        
JQ1519.T553T53 2009                                                            
  Tibet.  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.                                   
KF384.H695 2009                                                                
  Howard, Philip K.  Life without lawyers : liberating Americans from too much law.  1st ed.  New York : W.W. Norton & Co., c2009.                         
KF3030.1.W36 2008                                                              
  Want, Robert S.  Harry Potter and the order of the court : the J.K. Rowling copyright case and the question of fair use.  [New York] :, c2008.                                                  
KF4124.5.D87 2009                                                              
  Dupre, Anne Proffitt.  Speaking up : the unintended costs of free speech in public schools.  Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 2009.        


KF4155.W65 2008                                                                
  Wolters, Raymond.  Race and education, 1954-2007.  Columbia : University of Missouri Press, c2008.                            

LB1028.3.H37 2009                                                              
  Has technology increased learning?  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.       
LB2331.2.A74 2008                                                              
  Are community colleges underprepared for underprepared students?  San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, c2008.                                             
LC40.H665 2009                                                                 
  Homeschooling.  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.                            
LC146.5.S74 2008                                                               
  Steel, Marian Diane.  Transformation of female GED graduates into college graduates : a multiple case study of barriers and supports.  Ann Arbor, Mich. : UMI Dissertations Services, 2008.                                  
LC2341.F69 2008                                                                 
  Fox, Jeff.  A multiple case study of community college presidents : perceptions of leadership demands and competencies.  2008.                 
LD5101.S361A25 2007                                                            
  College of Southern Idaho.  Focused interim report : College of Southern Idaho, Twin Falls, Idaho.  Twin Falls, Idaho : The College, 2007.          
LD5101.S361A25 2005                                                            
  Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. Evaluation Committee.  A full-scale evaluation team report : College of Southern Idaho, Twin Falls, Idaho, April 6-8, 2005.  [Redmond, Wash.?] : The Commission, 2005.         
ML3487.B7M34 2009                                                              
  McGowan, Chris.  The Brazilian sound : samba, bossa nova, and the popular music of Brazil.  Rev. and expanded ed.  Philadelphia : Temple University Press, 2009.                                                               

 ML3790.K57 2009                                                                
  Knopper, Steve.  Appetite for self-destruction : the spectacular crash of the record industry in the digital age.  1st Free Press hardcover ed.  New York : Free Press, 2009.                                                   
NA7560.O44 2006                                                                
  O'Leary, Ann Stillman.  Rustic revisited : innovative design for cabin, camp, and lodge.  New York : Watson-Guptill Publications, 2006.                  
PS169.E25A44 2008                                                              
  American Earth : environmental writing since Thoreau.  New York, NY : Literary Classics of the United States : Distributed to the trade by Penguin Putnam, c2008.                                                     
Q375.T35 2007                                                                  
  Taleb, Nassim.  The black swan : the impact of the highly improbable.  1st ed.  New York : Random House, c2007.                                       
QE471.2.G46 2007                                                               
  Geostatistical modeling of sediment abundance in a heterogeneous basalt aquifer at the Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho.  Reston, Va. : U.S. Geological Survey, 2007.                                                   
QH541.5.S3E535 2009                                                             
  Endangered oceans.  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.                       
QK649.S37 2008                                                                  
  Schrader, Dennis.  Extraordinary leaves.  Buffalo, NY : Firefly Books, 2008. 
QL785.27.G73 2009                                                               
  Grandin, Temple.  Animals make us human : creating the best life for animals. Boston : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2009.                                  
RA643.R47 2009                                                                 
  Resurgent diseases.  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.                      
RC375.P38 2008                                                                  
  Patterson, James.  Against medical advice : a true story.  1st ed.  New York : Little, Brown, 2008.                                                
RM222.2.G748 2005                                                              
  Greenwood-Robinson, Maggie.  The biggest loser : the weight loss program to transform your body, health, and life--adapted from NBC's hit show!  [Emmaus, Pa.] : Rodale, c2005.                                             
RM222.2.V46 2009                                                                
  Venuto, Tom.  The body fat solution : five principles for burning off fat, building lean muscles, ending emotional eating and maintaining your perfect weight.  New York : Avery, 2009.                                    
RM237.73.T38 2008                                                              
  Taubes, Gary.  Good calories, bad calories : fats, carbs, and the controversial science of diet and health.  New York : Anchor, c2008.       
TC824.I2M56 2002                                                               
  Minidoka Dam, Powerplant, and South Side Pump Division, Minidoka and Cassia Counties, Idaho.  Boise, Idaho : U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Pacific Northwest Regional Office, [2002]                                                              

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LARGE TJ163.4.U6U55 2008                                                        
  United States. Dept. of Energy.  A decade of discovery.  [S.l.] : Altio Media for the U.S. Dept. of Energy, c2008                                                                                                                                                             


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FIC .L169H68 2008                                                              
  Lamb, Wally.  The hour I first believed : a novel.  1st ed.  New York :  HarperCollins Publishers, c2008.                                           
FIC .P588C47 2008                                                               
  Picoult, Jodi.  Change of heart : a novel.  1st Washington Square Press trade paperback ed.  New York, NY : Washington Square Press, 2008.     

FIC .Y27R48 2008                                                               
  Yates, Richard.  Revolutionary road.  3rd Vintage Contemporaries ed.  New York : Vintage Books, 2008.                                                 

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 PER (Magazine Collection)                                                      
  Columbia journalism review [periodical].  New York, Graduate School of Journalism of Columbia University.                                          
PER (Magazine Collection)                                                      
  Renewable energy world [periodical].  London : James & James (Science Publishers) Ltd.                                                            

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CD RELAXATION BAKER 01                                                         
  Baker, Paul, harpist.  Celtic harp [sound recording] the quiet path.  [Marina del Rey, Calif.] : Vocal Integration Concepts, c2007.              
CD SOUNDTRACK MAMMA MIA!                                                       
  Andersson, Benny.  Mamma mia! [sound recording] the movie soundtrack featuring the songs of ABBA.  New York : Decca, p2008.                     
CD SOUNDTRACK TWILIGHT                                                         
  Twilight [sound recording] original motion picture soundtrack.  New York, N.Y.  : Atlantic, p2008.   

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CDROM 228                                                                      
  Idaho. Division of Transportation Planning and Programming.  Map book [electronic resource].  2008 ed.  [Boise, Idaho] : Idaho Transportation Dept., [2008]                                                              

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   VIDEO R733.D54 2000                                                            
  A different way to heal? [videorecording].  [Watertown, Mass.] : Chedd-Angier : Produced in association with Scientific American magazine : PBS Home Video, c2000.                                            

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DVD F755.C8G46 2008                                                            
  Czechoslovakian culture in Buhl-Castleford area [videorecording].  Twin Falls, Idaho : College of Southern Idaho, p2008.                           
DVD PN1997.D573 2008                                                           
  Disfigured [videodisc].  Widescreen.  [United States] : Cinema Libre Studio, c2008.                                                                    
DVD PN1997.G38 2008                                                            
  Gattaca [videodisc].  Special ed.  Culver City, Calif. : Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, [2008]                                                       
DVD PN1997.S48 1998                                                          
  Sjunde inseglet (Motion picture).  The seventh seal [videodisc].  RSDL dual-layer ed.; standard format (1.33:1).  [Irvington, N.Y.] : Criterion Collection, c1998.                       


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