New Titles for July 2004

New Titles for July 2004


Weekly bill status. Final edition / Idaho State Legislature ; compiled by Legislative Services Research and Legislation with the cooperation of Office of the Secretary of the Senate, Office of the Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives.

World authors, 1995-2000 / editors, Clifford Thompson, Mari Rich ; associate editor, Olivia Jane Smith ; assistant editor, Martha A. Hostetter.
REF PN451.W67 2003

Books in the Main Collection

A brief history of the paradox : philosophy and the labyrinths of the mind / Roy Sorensen.
BC199.P2S65 2003

The power of intention : learning to co-create your world your way / Wayne W. Dyer.
BF619.5.D94 2004

A Companion to ethics / edited by Peter Singer.
BJ1012.C66 1993

Ethics : a pluralistic approach to moral theory / Lawrence M. Hinman.
BJ1012.H56 2003

Only what we could carry : the Japanese American internment experience / edited with introduction by Lawson Fusao Inada ; preface by Patricia Wakida ; afterword by William Hohri.
D769.8.A6O55 2000

The age of Napoleon / Alistair Horne.
DC201.H75 2004

Der Fuehrer; Hitler's rise to power by Konrad Heiden, translated by Ralph Manheim.
DD247.H5H45 1944

Etruscan culture, land and people : archeological research and studies conducted in San Giovenale and its environs by members of the Swedish Institute in Rome / written with the collaboration of King Gustaf Adolf of Sweden by Axel Böethius ... [et al.] ; translated by Nils G. Sahlin.
DG223.S85 1962

WMD in Iraq : evidence and implications / Joseph Cirincione, Jessica T. Mathews, George Perkovich with Alexis Orton.
DS79.755.C57 2004

Iraq : opposing viewpoints / William Dudley, book editor.
DS79.76.I73 2004

Tunisia : a journey through a country that works / Georgie Anne Geyer.
DT266.5.G49 2003

Decade of betrayal : Mexican repatriation in the 1930s / Francisco E. Balderrama, Raymond Rodriguez.
E184.M5B35 1995

Pillar of fire : America in the King years, 1963-65 / Taylor Branch.
E185.61.B795 1998

Reparations for American slavery / James Haley, book editor.
E185.89.R45R47 2004

Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation : the end of slavery in America / Allen C. Guelzo.
E453.G84 2004

Rediscovering America : the making of Multicultural America, 1900-2000 / written and edited by Carla Blank, the Before Columbus Foundation.
E741.R43 2003

Ordeal by slander / Owen Lattimore ; introduction by Blanche Wiesen Cook ; preface and historical annotations by David Lattimore.
E743.5.L38 2004

A lifelong affair : my passion for people and politics / Bethine Church.
E840.8.C49C475 2003

American dynasty : aristocracy, fortune, and the politics of deceit in the house of Bush / Kevin Phillips.
E882.P48 2004

Genocide of the mind : new Native American writing / edited by MariJo Moore ; foreword by Vine Deloria, Jr.
E98.E85G46 2003

Mackenzie's rock : with a map showing the course followed by the explorer from Bella Coola, B.C. to the rock, and illustrated with views along the route / by R.P. Bishop ; introd. and notes by Judge Howat.
F1060.B57 1964

A history of New York, from the beginning of the world to the end of the Dutch dynasty; containing, among many surprising and curious matters, the unutterable ponderings of Walter the Doubter, the disastrous projects of William the Testy, and the chivalric achievements of Peter the Headstrong;
F122.1.I78 1884

The ancient civilization of Southern Siberia [by] Mikhail P. Gryaznov. Translated from the Russian by James Hogarth.
GN855.S5G713 1969

The ultimate playground & recess game book / Guy Bailey ; illustrated by Cynthia Wilson.
GV1201.B35 2001

The ultimate sport lead-up game book / Guy Bailey.
GV443.B35 2001

Lessons from the edge : extreme athletes show you how to take on high risk and succeed / Maryann Karinch ; photographs by David Brooks.
GV749.7.K37 2000

To the extreme : alternative sports, inside and out / Robert E. Rinehart and Synthia Sydnor, editors.
GV749.7.T6 2003

Dangerous games : ice climbing, storm kayaking, and other adventures from the extreme edge of sports / Andrew Todhunter.
GV749.7.T63 2001

Poverty : opposing viewpoints / Karen Balkin, book editor.
HC110.P6P869 2004

The working poor : invisible in America / David K. Shipler.
HC110.P6S55 2004

Nickel and dimed : on (not) getting by in America / Barbara Ehrenreich.
HD4918.E375 2001

What matters most : how a small group of pioneers is teaching social responsibility to big business, and why big business is listening / Jeffrey Hollender, Stephen Fenichell.
HD60.H65 2004

The words of Caesar Chavez / edited by Richard J. Jensen, John C. Hammerback.
HD6509.C48A25 2002

Global resources : opposing viewpoints / Helen Cothran, book editor.
HD75.6.G56 2003

Foreign oil dependence / James Haley, book editor.
HD9566.F67 2004

Nafta's promise and reality : lessons from Mexico for the hemisphere / John J. Audley ... [et al.].
HF1746.N34 2004

Your career : how to make it happen / Julie Griffin Levitt.
HF5382.7.L47 2004

Careers in advertising / S. William Pattis.
HF5382.A384P378 2004

Careers for mystery buffs & other snoops and sleuths / by Blythe Camenson.
HF5382.D48C36 2004

Careers for the stagestruck & other dramatic types / Lucia Mauro.
HF5382.P468M38 2004

Careers for plant lovers & other green thumb types / Blythe Camenson.
HF5382.P63C35 2004

Careers in science / Thomas Easton.
HF5382.S324E27 2004

Careers for sports nuts & other athletic types / Ray Heitzmann.
HF5382.S66H46 2004

Administrative assistant's & secretary's handbook / James Stroman, Kevin Wilson, Jennifer Wauson.
HF5547.5.S77 2004

Quickbooks 2004 for dummies / Stephen L. Nelson.
HF5679.N45 2004

Guide to meetings / Mary Munter, Michael Netzley.
HF5734.5.M86 2002

The Middle East:opposing viewpoints / William Dudley, book editor.
HM1121.M53 2004

Homosexuality : opposing viewpoints / Auriana Ojeda, book editor.
HQ76.3.U5H675 2004

Children in the digital age : influences of electronic media on development / edited by Sandra L. Calvert, Amy B. Jordan, and Rodney R. Cocking.
HQ784.M3C48 2002

Violent children / Hayley Mitchell Haugen, book editor.
HQ784.V55V55 2004

Racism / Mary E. Williams, book editor.
HT1521.R33 2004

Another day in paradise : international humanitarian workers tell their stories / compiled and edited by Carol Bergman.
HV40.3.A56 2003

Rights of animals / Auriana Ojeda, book editor.
HV4711.R54 2004

Animal experimentation / Cindy Mur, book editor.
HV4915.A635 2004

Substance use, safety, and school climate in Idaho.

Alcohol : opposing viewpoints / Karen F. Balkin, book editor.
HV5035.A458 2004

Teen smoking / Hayley Mitchell Haugen, book editor.
HV5745.T43 2004

Violence against women / Karen F. Balkin, book editor.
HV6250.4.W65V55 2004

Fighting bioterrorism / Lisa Yount, book editor.
HV6432.F54 2004

Homeland security / edited by Norris Smith and Lynn M. Messina.
HV6432.H657 2004

Homeland security / James D. Torr, book editor.
HV6432.H66 2004

Hate groups : opposing viewpoints / Mary E. Williams, editor.
HV6773.52.H37 2004

Debating the death penalty : should America have capital punishment? : the experts on both sides make their best case / edited by Hugo Adam Bedau and Paul G. Cassell.
HV8699.U5D437 2004

Issues in adoption / William Dudley, book editor.
HV875.55.I87 2004

Criminal justice : opposing viewpoints / Tamara L. Roleff, book editor.
HV9950.C747 2003

Steal this book / Abbie Hoffman ; co-conspirator, Izak Haber ; accessory after the fact, Bert Cohen ; with a new foreword by Lisa Fithian ; and a new introduction by Al Giordano.
HX843.7.H64A3 1996

Database nation : the death of privacy in the 21st century / Simson Garfinkel.
JC596.2.U5G37 2001

Common courage : Bill Wassmuth, human rights, and small-town activism / Andrea Vogt ; foreword by Morris Dees.
JC599.U52W478 2003

Espionage and intelligence gathering / Louise I. Gerdes, book editor.
JK468.I6E87 2004

Immigration : opposing viewpoints / Mary E. Williams, book editor.
JV6483.I45 2004

Inside a U.S.embassy : how the foreign service works for America> / editor and project director, Shawn Dorman.
JZ1405.I56 2003

U.S.policy toward rogue nations / James D. Torr, book editor.
JZ1480.U15 2004

U.S. national debate topic, 2004-2005 : the United Nations / edited by Cullen Thomas.
JZ4984.5.U5 2004

An insider's guide to the UN / Linda Fasulo.
JZ4984.6.F37 2004

The legal research manual : a game plan for legal research and analysis / Christopher G. Wren, Jill Robinson Wren.
KF240.W74 1986

Employees' rights : your practical handbook to workplace law / by Richard C. Busse.
KF3319.6.B87 2004

Employer's rights : your legal handbook from hiring to termination and everything in between / Charles H. Fleischer.
KF3319.8.B84F58 2003

Using geographic information systems in institutional research / Daniel Teodorescu, editor.
LB2326.3.U85 2003

Planning for the 21st century : a guide for community colleges / William A. Wojciechowski and Dedra Manes.
LB2328.W65 2003

Online student ratings of instruction / D. Lynn Sorenson, Trav D. Johnson, editors.
LB2333.O54 2003

Successful approaches to fundraising and development / Mark David Milliron, Gerardo E. de los Santos, Boo Browning, editors.
LB2342.S88 2004

Understanding and reducing college student departure / [by] John M. Braxton, Amy S. Hirschy, and Shederick A. McClendon.
LC148.2.B73 2004

Teaching community : a pedagogy of hope / Bell Hooks.
LC196.5.U6H66 2003

Teaching to transgress : education as the practice of freedom / Bell Hooks.
LC196.H66 1994

Retaining minority students in higher education : a framework for success / Watson Scott Swail with Kenneth E. Redd and Laura W. Perna.
LC3727.S93 2003

How to be a successful online student / Sara Dulaney Gilbert.
LC5803.C65G55 2001

Stage presence from head to toe : a manual for musicians / Karen A. Hagberg.
ML457.H33 2003

The Renaissance : 1401-1610 : the splendor of European art / Stefano Zuffi.
N6370.Z8413 2003

Treasures of the French Renaissance / Ivan Cloulrial' ele Bimbenet-Privat ; photographs by Serge Chirol ; translated from the French by John Goodman.
N6845.C5913 1998

Early Netherlandish carved altarpieces, 1380-1550 : medieval tastes and mass marketing / Lynn F. Jacobs.
NB669.F5J33 1998

Gustave Courbet; his life and art.
ND553.C9L56 1973

Rembrandt's eyes / Simon Schama.
ND653.R4S33 1999

Great masters of Mexican folk art : from the collection of Fomento Cultural Banamex.
NK844.G7313 1998

Guide to interpersonal communication / Joann Baney.
P94.7.B36 2004

Media violence : opposing viewpoints / Louise I. Gerdes, book editor.
P96.V5M43 2004

Guide to report writing / Michael Netzley, Craig Snow.
PE1479.B87N48 2002

Bird by bird : some instructions on writing and life / Anne Lamott.
PN147.L36 1995

Buffy the vampire slayer and philosophy : fear and trembling in Sunnydale / edited by James B. South.
PN1992.77.B84B835 2003

Seinfeld and philosophy : a book about everything and nothing / edited by William Irwin.
PN1992.77.S45S455 2000

The Simpsons and philosophy : the d'oh! of Homer / edited by William Irwin, Mark T. Conard, and Aeon J. Skoble.
PN1992.77.S56S565 2001

Reality TV / Karen Balkin, book editor.
PN1992.8.R43R44 2004

The matrix and philosophy : welcome to the desert of the real / edited by William Irwin.
PN1997.M395M38 2002

Shakespeare / Michael Wood.
PR2894.W66 2003

The age of Shakespeare / Frank Kermode.
PR3095.K47 2004

The island of the innocent; a novel of Greek and Jew in the time of the Maccabees.
PS3511.I744I8 1952

Animal dreams : a novel / by Barbara Kingsolver.
PS3561.I496A86 1991

The theater of Tony Kushner : living past hope / James Fisher.
PS3561.U778Z64 2002

Open shutters : poems / by Mary Jo Salter.
PS3569.A46224O6 2003

Text--sound texts / edited by Richard Kostelanetz.
PS593.S67T49 1980

Strong measures : contemporary American poetry in traditional forms / edited by Philip Dacey and David Jauss ; foreword by Richard Wilbur.
PS613.S87 1986

The cathedral and the bazaar : musings on Linux and Open Source by an accidental revolutionary / Eric S. Raymond ; with a foreword by Bob Young.
QA76.76.O62L56R39 2001

Paleomagnetism of basaltic lava flows in coreholes, ICPP-213, ICPP-214, ICPP-215, and USGS 128 : near the Vadose Zone Research Park, Idaho Nuclear Technology and Engineering Center, Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory, Idaho / by Duane E. Champion and Theodore C. Herman.
QE501.4.P35C48 2003

A field guide to the North American prairie / Stephen R. Jones and Ruth Carol Cushman.
QH102.J66 2004

Evolution : the remarkable history of a scientific theory / Edward J. Larson.
QH361.L37 2004

Enough : staying human in an engineered age / Bill McKibben.
QH438.7.M38 2003

Endangered oceans : opposing viewpoints / Louise I. Gerdes, book editor.
QH541.5.S3E535 2004

Wolves : behavior, ecology, and conservation / edited by L. David Mech and Luigi Boitani.
QL737.C22W65 2003

Health : opposing viewpoints / Auriana Ojeda, book editor.
RA776.H43 2004

Food-borne illnesses / Karen F. Balkin, book editor.
RC143.F66 2004

New hope for people with borderline personality disorder / Neil R. Bockian, with Valerie Porr and Nora Elizabeth Villagran ; foreword by Theodore Millon.
RC569.5.B67B63 2002

Asperger syndrome and adolescence : helping preteens and teens get ready for the real world / Teresa Bolick.
RJ506.A88B65 2001

Emergence : labeled autistic / Temple Grandin and Margaret M. Scariano.
RJ506.A9G73 1996

Autism-Asperger's & sexuality : puberty and beyond / by Jerry and Mary Newport ; foreword by Teresa Bolick.
RJ506.A9N49 2002

Your life is not a label : a guide to living fully with autism and Asperger's syndrome for parents, professionals, and you! / by Jerry Newport ; [foreword by Ron Bass].
RJ506.A9N499 2001 Women's health / guest editors, Nancy Fugate Woods, Margaret Heitkemper. RT1.N938 v. 39 no. 1 2004

Asthma management across the life span / Anne Meng, guest editor.
RT1.N938 v.38 no. 4 2003

Concept mapping : a critical-thinking approach to care planning / Pamela McHugh Schuster.
RT42.S38 2002

Teaching nursing in an associate degree program / Rita G. Mertig.
RT74.5.M47 2003

Homeopathy : how it really works / Jay W. Shelton.
RX71.S485 2004

The information revolution : opposing viewpoints / Laura K. Egendorf, book editor.
T58.5.I526 2004

Cisco networking simplified / Paul L. Della Maggiora, Jim Doherty ; illustrations by Nathan Clement.
TK5105.8.C57D45 2003

American photography / Miles Orvell.
TR23.O78 2003

School of assassins : the case for closing the School of the Americas and for fundamentally changing U.S. foreign policy / Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer.
U428.A75N45 1997

National security : opposing viewpoints / Helen Cothran, book editor.
UA23.N386 2004

Foxholes & color lines : desegregating the U.S. Armed Forces / Sherie Mershon and Steven Schlossman.
UB418.A47M47 1998

Biological warfare : opposing viewpoints / William Dudley, book editor.
UG447.8.B566 2004

Sears list of subject headings.
Z695.Se17 2004

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The world's great religions.
LARGE BL80.L54 1957

Cities of destiny [by] Arnold Toynbee [and others] Edited by Arnold Toynbee.
LARGE G140.T69 1967

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Before I say good-bye / Mary Higgins Clark.
FIC .C548B44 2000

Over his dead body / Leslie Glass.
FIC .G463O94 2003

Ghosts : a treasury of chilling tales old and new / selected by Marvin Kays ; with Saralee Kaye.
FIC .K184G47 1981

The green-eyed monster / Patrick Quentin.
FIC .Q34G74 1960

Simply the best mysteries : Edgar award winners and front runners / edited by Janet Hutchings.
FIC .Si57H88 1998

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