New Titles for July 2005

New Titles for July 2005


The Islamic world : past and present / John L. Esposito, editor in chief ... [et al.].
REF DS35.53.I85 2004

Atlas of the world's deserts / Nathaniel Harris.
REF GB611.Z994H37 2003

The Advertising age encyclopedia of advertising / editors, John McDonough and the Museum of Broadcast Communications, Karen Egolf ; illustration editor, Jacqueline V. Reid.
REF HF5803.A38 2003

A financial history of the United States / Jerry W. Markham.
REF HG181.M37 2002

Science, technology, and society : an encyclopedia / Sal Restivo, editor in chief.
REF HM846.S36 2005

The American dictionary of criminal justice : key terms and major court cases / Dean John Champion.
REF HV7411.C48 2005

Handbook of early childhood literacy / edited by Nigel Hall, Joanne Larson, and Jackie Marsh.
REF LB1139.5.L35H36 2003

The encyclopedia of sculpture / Antonia Boström, editor.
REF NB198.E53 2004

Van Nostrand's scientific encyclopedia / Glenn D. Considine, editor ; Peter H. Kulik, associate editor.
REF Q121.V36 2002

The American Heritage Stedman's medical dictionary.
REF R121.A53 2004

Encyclopedia of health & behavior / editor in chief, Norman B. Anderson.
REF R726.5.E53 2004

It came from outer space : everyday products and ideas from the space program / Marjolijn Bijlefeld and Robert Burke.
REF TL865.B55 2003


Atlas of North America / H.J. de Blij, editor ; [cartography by Philip's].
ATLAS Ref. G1105.A855 2005

Books in the Main Collection

The humanities : a selective guide to information sources / Ron Blazek and Elizabeth Aversa.
AZ231.Z996B55 2000

Constructing a life philosophy : opposing viewpoints / Mary E. Williams, book editor.
BD421.C665 2005

Creationism vs. evolution / Eric Braun, book editor.
BS652.C74 2005

Israel : opposing viewpoints / John Woodward, book editor.
DS126.5.I876 2005

Anti-Semitism / Mark McKain, book editor.
DS145.A58 2005

Race relations : opposing viewpoints / James D. Torr, book editor.
E184.A1R115 2005

The world by the tail on a downhill pull : (growing up on a cattle & sheep ranch) / Roberta H. Green.
F754.C493G74 2003

Who calls the shots? : sports and university leadership, culture, and decision making / Suzanne E. Estler with Laurie J. Nelson.
GV351.E88 2005

War : opposing viewpoints / Louise Gerdes, book editor.
HM1121.W37 2005

The future of the internet / Tom Head, book editor.
HM851.F88 2005

The Internet : opposing viewpoints / James D. Torr, book editor.
HM851.I583 2005

Extremist groups : opposing viewpoints / Karen F. Balkin, book editor.
HN49.R33E98 2005

Social justice : opposing viewpoints / William Dudley, book editor.
HN90.S6S63 2005

Urban America : opposing viewpoints / Laura K. Egendorf, book editor.
HT123.U73 2005

How should society address the needs of the elderly? / Tamara Thompson, book editor.
HV1461.H693 2005

What causes addiction? / Mercedes Munoz, book editor.
HV5801.W47 2005

Child sexual abuse / Angela Lewis, book editor.
HV6570.2.C55 2005

Juvenile crime : opposing viewpoints / Andrea C. Nakaya, book editor.
HV9104.J833 2005

Students' rights : opposing viewpoints / Jamuna Carroll, book editor.
KF4150.S78 2005

Copyright law and the distance education classroom / Tomas A. Lipinski.
KF4209.E38L57 2005

U.S. national debate topic, 2005-2006 : U.S. civil liberties / edited by Lara Weibgen.
KF4749.A2U14 2005

The Patriot Act : opposing viewpoints / Louise I. Gerdes, book editor.
KF9430.P38 2005

Enhancing learning with laptops in the classroom / Linda B. Nilson, Barbara E. Weaver, editors.
LB1028.5.E54 2005

Proceedings of the eighty-second Representative Assembly : New Orleans, Louisiana July 3-6, 2003 / National Education Association of the United States.
LB1555.N48 2003

Responding to the challenges of developmental education / Carol A. Kozeracki, editor.
LB2331.2.R47 2005

The uses of institutional culture : strengthening identification and building brand equity in higher education / J. Douglas Toma, Greg Dubrow, and Matthew Hartley.
LB2342.8.T66 2005

Beyond grade inflation : grading problems in higher education / Shouping Hu.
LB2368.H8 2005

Religion and education / Tom Head, book editor.
LC111.R454 2005

The challenge of diversity : involvement or alienation in the academy? / Daryl G. Smith and Lisa E. Wolf-Wendel.
LC208.8.S65 2005

Minority retention : what works? / Gerald H. Gaither, editor.
LC3727.M56 2005

The Low countries : arts and society in Flanders and the Netherlands
NX28.B425L69 2005

The age of Shakespeare / Frank Kermode.
PR3095.K47 2005

Pigs in heaven : a novel / by Barbara Kingsolver.
PS3561.I496P54 2003

Rocks and potholes of the Big Wood River, south-central Idaho / Terry S. Maley and Peter Oberlindacher.
QE445.I2M35 1994

Tectonic and magmatic evolution of the Snake River Plain volcanic province / edited by Bill Bonnichsen, Craig M. White, Michael McCurry.
QE601.T39 2002

Mosquitoes of Idaho : an introductory guide to understanding them, their importance, and the control process / by Donald R. Brothers.
QL536.B76 2003

Terminal illness : opposing viewpoints / Andrea C. Nakaya, book editor.
R726.8.T4646 2005

Epidemics : opposing viewpoints / Mary E. Williams, book editor.
RA652.E65 2005

The parent's guide to childhood eating disorders / Marcia Herrin and Nancy Matsumoto.
RJ506.E18H47 2002

Wound care / Barbara Pieper, guest editor.
RT1.N938 v.40 no.3 2005

Managing America's forests / Stuart A. Kallen, book editor.
SD143.M36 2005

Nuclear and toxic waste / Stuart A. Kallen, book editor.
TD1040.N83 2005

Wastewater collection system modeling and design / Haestad Methods ; authors, Thomas M. Walski ... [et al.] ; managing editor, Thomas E. Barnard.
TD746.W37 2004

Does the Internet benefit society? / Cindy Mur, book editor.
TK5105.875.I57D64 2005

Censorship : opposing viewpoints / Andrea C. Nakaya, book editor.
Z659.C332 2005

The virtual reference experience : integrating theory into practice / edited by R. David Lankes ... [et al.].
Z711.45.V573 2004

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Approaches to onsite management : community perspectives / produced by Wayne Boyer Studio ; directed by Wayne Boyer ; written & edited by Eleanor Boyer.
VIDEO TD741.A67 2002

Community onsite options : wastewater management in the new millennium / produced by Wayne Boyer Studio ; directed by Wayne Boyer ; written & edited by Eleanor Boyer.
VIDEO TD741.C66 2002

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