New Titles for June 2004

New Titles for June 2004


Britannica concise encyclopedia.
REF AG5.B78 2002

Webster's new world encyclopedia.
REF AG5.W436 1994

The Doubleday Roget's thesaurus in dictionary form / Sidney I. Landau, editor in chief ;Ronald J. Bogus, managing editor.
REF PE1591.D743 1987

Literary map of Idaho.
REF PS283.I2L58 1976


AAA France road atlas.
ATLAS Ref. G5831.P2A22

Books in the Main Collection

The Barnes & Noble encyclopedia :based on the Cambridge encyclopedia / editor, David Crystal.
AG5.B37 1993

The Concise Columbia encyclopedia / edited by Judith S. Levey and Agnes Greenhall, with the staff of the Columbia encyclopedia.
AG5.C784 1983

Hare Krishna / by Federico Squarcini, Eugenio Fizzotti.
BL1285.835.U6S68 2004

Bible in pocket, gun in hand; the story of frontier religion.
BR517.P58 1971

Out of the whirlwind / Mark A. Tabb.
BV4909.T33 2003

A brief history of western civilization :the unfinished legacy / Mark Kishlansky, Patrick Geary, Patricia O'Brien.
CB245.K57 2002

A history of Western society / John P. McKay, Bennett D. Hill, John Buckler.
CB245.M38 1999

It's a long way to Camas Meadows : the flying log, letters, and diary of Lieutenant Edgar Taylor / edited by William E. "Bud" Davis & Albert E. Taylor.
D570.9.T39 1976

Sorties into hell : the hidden war on Chichi Jima / Chester Hearn. D804.J3H43 2003saint / Stephen W. Richey.
DC103.R53 2003

True saga of the American Indian.
E78.W5T78 1963

Annual report of Indian education in Idaho.

Reagan : a life in letters / edited, with an introduction and commentary by Kiron K. Skinner, Annelise Anderson, Martin Anderson ; with a foreword by George P. Shultz.
E877.A4 2003

Dear Americans : letters from the desk of President Ronald Reagan / edited, with introduction and commentary, by Ralph E. Weber, editor, Ralph A. Weber, associate editor.
E877.A4 2003b

I remember Idaho: my childhood on Boulton Farm / Ellen Boulton Herndon ; pen drawings by Betty Boulton Herndon.
F752.C2H47 1972

The homesteaders / by Evelyn L. McLeod.
F754.L8M35 1977

The founding of Utah / by Levi Edgar Young.
F826.Y68 1924

Hydrogeological aspects of the selection of refuse disposal sites in Idaho / Roy E. Williams, Alfred T. Wallace.
GB1002.5.W55 1970

Geothermal potential of Idaho.
GB1199.7.I2R67 1971

The cultural imperative : global trends in the 21st century / Richard D. Lewis.
GN357.L49 2003

101 key ideas, economics / Keith Brunskill.
HB171.B78 2001

The truth about stepfamilies : real American stepfamilies speak out about what works and what doesn't when it comes to creating a family together / Anne O'Connor.
HQ759.92.O24 2003

Triumph of the spirit :the DPN chronicle / Dr. Angel M. Ramos.
HV2561.W18G3573 2003

Origins of terrorism : psychologies, ideologies, theologies, states of mind / edited by Walter Reich.
HV6431.O74 1998

Against all enemies : inside America's war on terror / Richard A. Clarke.
HV6432.C53 2004

Advising and learning : academic advising from the perspective of small colleges and universities / Martha K. Hemwall and Kent C. Trachte, editors.
LB2343.A38 2003

Advisor training : exemplary practices in the development of advisor skills / National Academic Advising Association.
LB2343.A385 2003

Fishing for a major.
LB2361.5.F57 2002

Majors exploration : a search and find guide for college and career direction / Diane Lindsey Reeves, Mary Jane Bradbury.
LB2361.5.R44 1999

The perfect wrong note : learning to trust your musical self / William Westney.
ML457.W47 2003

Horses and horse-drawn vehicles : a pictorial archive / selected and arranged by Carol Belanger Grafton.
NC783.8.H65G73 1994

Very simple Arabic script / written and illustrated by James Peters.
PJ6321.P48 2003

Animal husbandry and other social graces / [Suzanne Huxhold and Steve Crump].
PN6162.H89 1997

Salmon river :prose and poetry / by John Carrey.
PS3505.A7S35 1970

Camp notes and other writings / Mitsuye Yamada.
PS3575.A4C3 1998

Stratified rocks in south-central Idaho / by Clyde P. Ross.
QE103.R677 1962

Geology and geochemical exploration of the Vienna district, Blaine and Camas Counties, Idaho, by Spencer S. Shannon, Jr.
QE104.B5S53 1971

The geologic history of Pend Oreille Lake Region in North Idaho / by C.N. Savage.
QE104.P46S38 1965

Geology and mineral resources of the Lakeview mining district, Idaho / by Peter Kun.
QE375.5.I239K86 1974

Geology and mineral resources of Bonner County, by C.N. Savage.
QE375.5.I239S38 1967

Geology and mineral resources of Gem and Payette Counties / By C.N. Savage.
QE375.5.I256S28 1961

Guidebook to the geology of the Coeur D'Alene Mining District / by Arthur B. Campbell ... [et al.] ; R.R. Reid, editor.
QE375.5.I265G85 1961

Geology and mineral resources of the Lemhi quadrangle, Lemhi County / by Alfred L. Anderson.
QE375.5.I267A53 1961

Reconnaissance geology of the Sawtooth Range / Rolland R. Reid.
QE375.5.I2847R45 1963

Volcanic construction materials in Idaho / R.R. Asher.
QE461.A84 1965

Glacial geology of Stanley Basin / by Paul L. Williams.
QE697.W55 1961

Fares, please! : Those Portland trolley years / by John T. Labbe.
TF725.P67L33 1980

The Internet under the hood : an introduction to network technologies for information professionals / Robert E. Molyneux.
TK5105.5.M65 2003

Google in 30 pages or less.
TK5105.885.G66G664 2003

How to do everything with Google / Fritz Schneider, Nancy Blachman, Eric Fredricksen.
TK5105.885.G66S34 2004

Mining history of south-central Idaho / Clyde P. Ross.
TN24.I2R67 1963

Prospecting and developing a small mine / by W.W. Staley.
TN270.S73 1961

Study of two Idaho thorite deposits / by Joseph Newton ...[]
TN271.T37N49 1960

Economic geology of central Idaho blacksand placers / by C.N. Savage.
TN939.S38 1961

Potpourri, incense, and other fragrant concoctions / Ann Tucker Fettner.
TP983.F48 1977

Microsoft Word 2000 simplified.
Z52.5.M523M37 1999

An action plan for outcomes assessment in your library / Peter Hernon, Robert E. Dugan.
Z675.U5H47 2002

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NACADA journal / National Academic Advising Association.
PER (Magazine Collection)

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That's not what I meant! : language, culture, & meaning / Deborah Tannen.
VIDEO 2576

1 on 1 :a companion video presentation to Deborah Tannen : That's not what I meant! / Deborah Tannen.
VIDEO 2577

Kate Chopin :a re-awakening / a production of Louisiana Public Broadcasting.
VIDEO 2578

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The invisible hand : economics of daily life / Learning Seed ; writer, Jeffrey Schrank ; video, Stage Fright Productions.
DVD 18

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