New Titles for June 2005

New Titles for June 2005


United States foreign trade highlights : trends in the global market.
REF HF3001.Us1

Books in the Main Collection

By force of fantasy : how we make our lives / Ethel S. Person.
BF175.5.F36P47 1995

Is there life after death? / Rebecca K. O'Connor, book editor.
BL535.I8 2005

Women in Islam / Margaret Speaker Yuan, book editor.
BP173.4.W66 2005

Afghanistan / Jann Einfeld, book editor.
DS371.4.A36 2005

Africa : opposing viewpoints / Laura K. Egendorf, book editor.
DT30.5.A357 2005

The founding fathers on leadership : classic teamwork in changing times / Donald T. Phillips.
E210.P48 1997

The environment : opposing viewpoints / Laura K. Egendorf, book editor.
GE140.E554 2005

Sports and athletes : opposing viewpoints / James D. Torr, book editor.
GV706.3.S67 2005

Are athletes good role models? / Geoff Griffin, book editor.
GV706.5.A74 2005

Income, poverty, and health insurance coverage in the United States.

Free trade / edited by Jennifer Peloso ; editorial advisor Lynn M. Messina.
HF1713.F74 2005

Opportunities in acting careers / Dick Moore.
HF5382.A375M66 2005

Opportunities in allied health careers / Alex Kacen.
HF5382.A54K33 2005

Careers for color connoisseurs & other visual types / Jan Goldberg.
HF5382.A78G65 2005

Opportunities in nutrition careers / Carol Coles Caldwell.
HF5382.D54C35 2005

Careers for born leaders & other decisive types / Blythe Camenson.
HF5382.E94C36 2005

Careers in health care / Barbara M. Swanson.
HF5382.H43S93 2005

Careers in journalism / Jan Goldberg.
HF5382.J68G65 2005

Careers for legal eagles & other law-and-order types / Blythe Camenson.
HF5382.L39C36 2005

Opportunities in paralegal careers / Alice Fins.
HF5382.L44F56 2005

Opportunities in physician careers / Jan Sugar-Webb.
HF5382.M43S84 2005

Careers for class clowns & other engaging types / Jan Goldberg.
HF5382.P468G65 2005

Opportunities in teaching careers / Janet Fine.
HF5382.T422F56 2005

Culture, communication and conflict : readings in intercultural relations / edited by Gary R. Weaver.
HM258.C85 2000

American values : opposing viewpoints / Mary E. Williams, book editor.
HN90.M6A45 2005

Male/female roles : opposing viewpoints / Auriana Ojeda, book editor.
HQ1075.M293 2005

Teen sex / Christine Watkins, book editor.
HQ27.T44 2005

The city : a global history / Joel Kotkin.
HT111.K68 2005

Drug abuse : opposing viewpoints / Tamara L. Roleff, book editor.
HV5809.5.D78 2005

Drug legalization / Karen F. Balkin, book editor.
HV5825.D757 2005

102 minutes : the untold story of the fight to survive inside the Twin Towers / Jim Dwyer and Kevin Flynn.
HV6432.7.D89 2005

America's battle against terrorism / Andrea C. Nakaya, book editor.
HV6432.A44 2005

How should the United States treat prisoners in the war on terror? / Lauri S. Friedman, book editor.
HV6432.H69 2005

The war on terrorism : opposing viewpoints / Karen F. Balkin, book editor.
HV6432.W37 2005

Gangs : opposing viewpoints / William Dudley and Louise I. Gerdes, book editors.
HV6439.U5G364 2005

Domestic violence : opposing viewpoints / David M. Haugen, book editor.
HV6626.D668 2005

Alternatives to prisons / Jennifer Skancke, book editor.
HV9304.A48 2005

How should prisons treat inmates? / Kristen Bailey, book editor.
HV9471.H69 2005

Leadership for the public service : power and policy in action / Richard A. Loverd.
JC330.3.L68 1997

Is it unpatriotic to criticize one's country? / Mary E. Williams, book editor.
JK1759.I85 2005

The European Union / edited by Norris Smith.
JN30.E97 2005

Immigration / Louise I. Gerdes, book editor.
JV6456.I46 2005

ALWD citation manual : a professional system of citation / Association of Legal Writing Directors and Darby Dickerson.
KF245.A49 2003

Cyberlaw : text and cases / Gerald R. Ferrera ... [et al.].
KF390.5.C6C936 2004

Education : opposing viewpoints / Mary E. Williams, book editor.
LA217.2.E37 2005

Language and reading disabilities / edited by Hugh W. Catts, Alan G. Kamhi.
LB1050.5.L36 1999

Unique campus contexts : insights for research and assessment / Jason E. Lane [and] M. Christopher Brown II, editors.
LB2326.3.U55 2005

Alternative strategies for evaluating student learning / Michelle V. Achacoso, Marilla D. Svinicki, editors.
LB2822.75.A48 2005

College student retention : formula for student success / edited by Alan Seidman ; foreword by Vincent Tinto.
LC148.2.C65 2005

Building blocks for working with exceptional children and youth : a primer / Nancy Hunt, Kathleen Marshall.
LC3965.H86 1999

From distance education to e-learning : lessons along the way / Beverly L. Bower, Kimberly P. Hardy, editors.
LC5805.F76 2004

Take five : the public and private lives of Paul Desmond / by Doug Ramsey ; with a foreward by Dave and Iola Brubeck.
ML419.D47R36 2005

Essentials of human communication / Joseph A. DeVito.
P90.D48 1999

Human communication : the basic course / Joseph A. DeVito.
P90.D485 1997

An introduction to human communication : understanding and sharing / Judy C. Pearson, Paul E. Nelson.
P90.P43 2000

Communication in our lives / Julia T. Wood.
P90.W66 2000

Mass media : opposing viewpoints / William Dudley, book editor.
P92.U5 M381 2005

Communicating effectively / Saundra Hybels, Richard L. Weaver II.
P95.H93 1998

The speechmaking process / Raymond S. Ross.
P95.R675 1998

Conventions and expectations : a brief handbook and guide to writing / Barbara Fine Clouse.
PE1408.C56 2001

Adventures in writing : an introduction to the writing process with readings / Adam U. Kempler.
PE1408.K46 2003

The poetry home repair manual : practical advice for beginning poets / Ted Kooser.
PN1059.A9K66 2005

Playwriting from formula to form : a guide to writing a play / William Missouri Downs, Lou Anne Wright.
PN1661.D69 1998

Writing your first play / Stephen Sossaman.
PN1661.S67 2001

Another opening, another show : a lively introduction to the theatre / Tom Markus, Linda Sarver ; illustrations by Linda Sarver.
PN2037.M37 2001

Theater : the lively art / Edwin Wilson, Alvin Goldfarb.
PN2037.W55 1999

Experimental theatre : creating and staging texts / Judy E. Yordon.
PN2193.E86Y67 1997

Between one and many : the art and science of public speaking / Steven R. Brydon, Michael D. Scott.
PN4121.B79 1997

Mastering public speaking / George L. Grice, John F. Skinner.
PN4121.G75 1998

Confidence in public speaking / Paul E. Nelson, Judy C. Pearson.
PN4121.N45 1996

Performance in life and literature / Paul H. Gray, James VanOosting.
PN4145.G73 1996

Roles in interpretation / Judy E. Yordon.
PN4145.Y67 1999

A public betrayed : an inside look at Japanese media atrocities and their warnings to the West / Adam Gamble and Takesato Watanabe.
PN5407.O24G36 2004

The Harcourt Brace anthology of drama / [compiled by] W.B. Worthen.
PN6112.H373 2000

Medical ethics / Laura K. Egendorf, book editor.
R724.M43 2005

Speaking of women's health : the book.
RA778.S64 1999

Eating well for optimum health : the essential guide to food, diet, and nutrition / Andrew Weil.
RA784.W45 2000

How to heal depression / Harold H. Bloomfield & Peter McWilliams.
RC537.B54 1996

Anorexia / Karen F. Balkin, book editor.
RC552.A5A56 2005

Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder / William Dudley, book editor.
RJ506.H9A88 2005

Pharmacology / Suzanne S. Prevost, guest editor.
RT1.N938 v.40 no.1 2005

Information ecologies : using technology with heart / Bonnie A. Nardi and Vicki L. O'Day.
T14.5.N37 1999

Space exploration / Daniel A. Leone, book editor.
TL789.8.U5S63 2005

Crude : the story of oil / Sonia Shah.
TN870.S53 2004

Weapons of mass destruction : opposing viewpoints / James D. Torr, book editor.
U793.W43 2005

What are the most serious threats to national security? / Stuart A. Kallen, book editor.
UA23.W48 2005

Federal benefits for veterans and dependents / Department of Veterans Affairs.
UB357.F44 2004

Foundations of library and information science / Richard E. Rubin.
Z665.2.U6R83 2004

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The broker / John Grisham.
FIC .G887B76 2005

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The small business resource guide. 2005

Legislative fiscal report for fiscal year ... : a publication of Budget and Policy Analysis Legislative Services Office.

State of Idaho budget publications : FY 2006 / Governor's Office.

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Library hot topics : discussions and interviews / Satellite Network ; Multimedia Services ; College of DuPage, Library Learning Network ; producer/director, Jim Nocera ; writer, Bonnie E. Farnon.
VIDEO Z675.U5L53 2005

Library as place : where people want to be / Satellite Network ; Multimedia Services ; College of DuPage, Library Learning Network ; producer/director, Jim Nocera ; writer, Bonnie E. Farnon.
VIDEO Z679.L53 2005

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Credit jeopardy 1 & 2 / Credit Counseling Centers of America ; created by Merv Griffin.
DVD HG3756.U54C74 2004

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