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Books in the Main Collection

B99.P652K6513 2007                                                             
  Koakowski, Leszek.  Why is there something rather than nothing? : 23         
    questions from great philosophers.  New York : Basic Books, 2007.          
BL624.T65 2006                                                                 
  Tolle, Eckhart.  A new earth : awakening to your life's purpose.  New York : 
    Plume, 2006.                                                               
BL624.T656 2004                                                                 
  Tolle, Eckhart.  The power of now : a guide to spiritual enlightenment.      
    Vancouver, B.C. : Namaste Pub. ; Novato, Calif. : New World Library, c2004.
CT9971.M38K73 1997                                                             
  Krakauer, Jon.  Into the wild.  1st Anchor Books ed.  New York : Anchor      
    Books, 1997.                                                               
D863.K473 2008                                                                 
  Khanna, Parag.  The second world : empires and influence in the new global   
    order.  1st ed.  New York : Random House, c2008.                           
DS110.W47W56 2007                                                              
  Winslow, Philip C.  Victory for us is to see you suffer : in the West Bank   
    with the Palestinians and the Israelis.  Boston : Beacon Press, c2007.     
DS119.7.B46 2007                                                                
  Bennis, Phyllis.  Understanding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict : a primer. 
    Northampton, Mass. : Olive Branch Press, 2007.                             
DS119.76.H3913 2007                                                            
  Hazan, Eric.  Notes on the occupation : Palestinian lives.  New York : New   
    Press : Distributed by W.W. Norton & Co., 2007.                            
DU20.B49 2003                                                                  
  Bligh, William.  The mutiny on board H.M.S. Bounty : the captain's account   
    of the mutiny and his 3,600 mile voyage in an open boat.  Santa Barbara,   
    Calif. : Narrative Press, c2003.                                           
E169.12.S57 1998                                                                
  Slotkin, Richard.  Gunfighter nation : the myth of the frontier in twentieth-
    century America.  Oklahoma paperbacks ed.  Norman : University of Oklahoma 
    Press, 1998.                                                                
E179.5.S58 1998                                                                
  Slotkin, Richard.  The fatal environment : the myth of the frontier in the   
    age of industrialization, 1800-1890.  Norman : University of Oklahoma      
    Press, 1998.                                                               
E185.93.S8V36 2008                                                             
  VanEpps-Taylor, Betti Carol.  Forgotten lives : African Americans in South   
    Dakota.  Pierre : South Dakota State Historical Society Press, 2008.       
E311.C47 2008                                                                  
  Cerami, Charles A.  Dinner at Mr. Jefferson's : three men, five great wines, 
    and the evening that changed America.  Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, c2008.       
E457.2.F74 2008                                                                
  Fredrickson, George M.  Big enough to be inconsistent : Abraham Lincoln      
    confronts slavery and race.  Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press,  
E457.4.G84 2008                                                                
  Guelzo, Allen C.  Lincoln and Douglas : the debates that defined America.    
    1st Simon & Schuster harcover ed.  New York : Simon & Schuster, 2008.      
F1232.S232F69 2007                                                             
  Fowler, Will.  Santa Anna of Mexico.  Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press,
G154.5.G55A3 2007                                                              
  Gilbert, Elizabeth.  Eat, pray, love : one woman's search for everything     
    across Italy, India, and Indonesia.  New York : Penguin, 2007, c2006.      
GE149.L3613 2007                                                               
  Lambin, Eric F.  The middle path : avoiding environmental catastrophe.       
    Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2007.                               
GT2845.A84 2007                                                                
  Ashenburg, Katherine.  The dirt on clean : an unsanitized history.  1st      
    American ed.  New York : North Point Press, 2007.                          
GV1469.25.S425A9 2008                                                           
  Au, Wagner James.  The making of Second Life : notes from the new world.     
    1st ed.  New York : Collins, c2008.                                        
HC79.E5E39 2005                                                                
  Edwards, Andres R.  The sustainability revolution : portrait of a paradigm   
    shift.  Gabriola, BC : New Society Publishers, c2005.                       
HD30.255.H58 2006                                                              
  Hitchcock, Darcy E.  The business guide to sustainability : practical        
    strategies and tools for organizations.  London ; Sterling, VA : Earthscan,
HD7287.92.U6B38 2007                                                            
  Baum, Daniel Jay.  Assisted living for our parents : a son's journey.        
    Ithaca : ILR Press, 2007.                                                  
HD7287.92.U6S56 2004                                                           
  Shomer, Molly.  Insider's guide to assisted living : what you really need to 
    know before you sign a contract.  Dallas, Tex. : Aeltern Press, c2004.     
HD9000.6.M36 2007                                                              
  Manifestos on the future of food & seed.  Cambridge, Mass. : South End Press,
HF5415.335.D46 2006                                                             
  Denove, Chris.  Satisfaction : how every great company listens to the voice  
    of the customer.  New York : Portfolio, 2006.                              
HG181.O76 2007                                                                 
  Orman, Suze.  Women & money : owning the power to control your destiny.  1st 
    ed.  New York : Spiegel & Grau, c2007.                                     
HJ4652.B66 2008                                                                
  Boortz, Neal.  FairTax, the truth : answering the critics.  1st ed.  New     
    York : Harper, c2008.                                                       
HQ799.2.I5R67 2007                                                             
  Rosen, Larry D.  Me, MySpace, and I : parenting the net generation.  1st ed. 
    New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2007.                                       
HQ1061.A43 2004                                                                 
  Ageism : stereotyping and prejudice against older persons.  1st MIT Press    
    pbk. ed.  Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, 2004, c2002.                       
HQ1064.U5S665 2004                                                             
  Solie, David.  How to say it to seniors : closing the communication gap with 
    our elders.  Prentice Hall Press ed.  New York : Prentice Hall Press, 2004.
HV5805.S52A3 2007                                                              
  Sheff, Nic.  Tweak : (growing up on methamphetamines).  1st ed.  New York :  
    Atheneum Books for Young Readers, c2007.                                   
HV5831.C2S54 2008                                                              
  Sheff, David.  Beautiful boy : a father's journey through his son's          
    addiction.  Boston : Houghton Mifflin, 2008.                               
KFV2987.G68 2008                                                                
  Gould, Jon B.  The Innocence Commission : preventing wrongful convictions    
    and restoring the criminal justice system.  New York : New York University 
    Press, c2008.                                                               
ML197.R67 2007                                                                 
  Ross, Alex.  The rest is noise : listening to the twentieth century.  1st ed.
    New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2007.                                
PE1408.S55 2007                                                                
  Silvia, Paul  J.  How to write a lot : a practical guide to productive       
    academic writing.  1st ed.  Washington, DC : American Psychological        
    Association, c2007.                                                        
PN4874.C683A3 2007                                                             
  Cooper, Anderson.  Dispatches from the edge : a memoir of war, disasters,    
    and survival.  1st Harper pbk. [ed.].  New York : Harper, 2007, c2006.     
PS169.F7S66 2000                                                                
  Slotkin, Richard.  Regeneration through violence : the mythology of the      
    American frontier, 1600-1860.  Norman : University of Oklahoma Press, 2000.
PS3537.I85O5 2007                                                              
  Sinclair, Upton.  Oil! : a novel.  New York : Penguin Books, 2007.           
QL677.5.G88 2008                                                                
  Guttman, Burton S.  Finding your wings : a workbook for beginning bird       
    watchers.  Boston : Houghton Mifflin Co., 2008.                            
QP363.3.D65 2007                                                               
  Doidge, Norman.  The brain that changes itself : stories of personal triumph 
    from the frontiers of brain science.  New York : Viking Penguin, 2007.     
QP801.C27I94 2008                                                              
  Iversen, Leslie L.  The science of marijuana.  2nd ed.  New York : Oxford    
    University Press, 2008.                                                    
R858.E25 2005                                                                   
  E-health care information systems : an introduction for students and         
    professionals.  San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, c2005.                        
R858.S77 2004                                                                  
  Strategic information management in hospitals : an introduction to hospital  
    information systems.  New York : Springer, c2004.                          
RA784.Z56 2008                                                                 
  Zinczenko, David.  Eat this, not that : thousands of simple food swaps that  
    can save you 10,20, 30 pounds--or more!  New York, NY : Rodale :           
    Distributed to the trade by Macmillan, c2008.                              
RC265.6.S29A3 2008                                                              
  Schimmel, Robert.  Cancer on five dollars a day (chemo not included) : how   
    humor got me through the toughest journey of my life.  Cambridge, MA : Da  
    Capo Lifelong Books, c2008.                                                 
RC523.2.M38 2006                                                               
  Mayo Clinic guide to Alzheimer's disease.  1st ed.  Rochester, Minn. : Mayo  
    Clinic, c2006.                                                             
RT1 .N77 March 2008                                                             
  Biology, psychology, and behavior in cardiovascular and pulmonary disease.   
    Philadelphia : Saunders, 2008.                                             
RT62.A45 2007                                                                  
  Aliperti, Lorna.  Master the NCLEX-PN.  3rd ed.  Lawrenceville, NJ :         
    Peterson's, c2007.                                                         
RT62.L656 2006                                                                 
  LPN (licensed practical nurse) exam review.  2nd ed.  New York : McGraw-Hill,
    Medical Pub. Division, c2006.                                               
TR267.K45 2007                                                                 
  Kelby, Scott.  The digital photography book : the step-by-step secrets for   
    how to make your photos look like the pros'!  1st ed.  [Berkeley, CA] :    
    Peachpit Press, c2007-2008.                                                
Z693.K36 2006                                                                  
  Kaplan, Allison G.  Catalog it! : a guide to cataloging school library       
    materials.  2nd ed.  Worthington, Ohio : Linworth Pub., c2006.              
Z711.2.S59 2006                                                                
  Smith, Susan Sharpless.  Web-based instruction : a guide for libraries.  2nd ed.  Chicago : American Library Association, c2006.     

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LARGE  HC79.E5N49 2005                                                         
  The new atlas of planet management.  Berkeley : University of California Press, c2005.



FIC  .B736S57 2004                                                             
  Brashares, Ann.  The sisterhood of the traveling pants.  Readers circle ed.  
    New York : Delacorte Press, 2004. c2001.                                    
FIC  .G862O84 2003                                                             
  Gregory, Philippa.  The other Boleyn girl : a novel.  1st Touchstone ed.     
    New York : Simon & Schuster, 2003, c2001.                                  
FIC  .G887A67 2008                                                             
  Grisham, John.  The appeal.  1st ed.  New York : Doubleday, c2008.

FIC .P588N56 2008                                                               
  Picoult, Jodi.  Nineteen minutes : a novel.  1st Washington Square Press     
    trade pbk. ed.  New York : Washington Square Press, c2008.

FIC .Se31S66 2006                                                              
  See, Lisa.  Snow flower and the secret fan : a novel.  Random House Trade    
    pbk. ed.  New York : Random House, 2006.                                   

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PER  (Magazine Collection)                                                     
  The writer's chronicle [periodical].  Fairfax, VA : Associated Writing Programs, George Mason University, c1998-                                  



CD CLASSICAL BOZZA 01                                                          
  North Texas Wind Symphony.  Rendezvous [sound recording].  Boca Raton, Fl :  
    Klavier Music Productions, [2000]                                          
CD JAZZ JONES 01                                                                
  Jones, Norah.  Not too late [sound recording].  New York, N.Y. : Blue Note,  
CD JAZZ JONES 02                                                               
  Jones, Norah.  Come away with me [sound recording].  Los Angeles : Blue Note,
CD POPULAR ENYA 01                                                             
  Enya.  A day without rain [sound recording].  Burbank, CA : Reprise Records, 
CD POPULAR FOGERTY 01                                                          
  Fogerty, John.  Revival [sound recording].  [S.l.] : Fantasy, p2007.         
CD POPULAR GRAMMY 01                                                           
  Grammy nominees. 2008 [sound recording].  Santa Monica, CA : Grammy          
    Recordings : Distributed by Universal Music, p2008.                        
CD POPULAR GRAMMY 03                                                           
  Ultimate Grammy collection. Contemporary pop [sound recording].  Los Angeles,
    CA : Shout Entertainment, p2007.                                           
Ultimate Grammy collection. Contemporary R&B [sound recording].  Los         
    Angeles : Shout! Factory, p2007.                                           
Ultimate Grammy collection. Contemporary rock [sound recording].  Los        
    Angeles : Shout Factory, p2008.                                            
CD POPULAR PLANT 01                                                            
  Plant, Robert.  Raising sand [sound recording].  Burlington, MA : Rounder, p2007.                                                                     


CD RELAXATION HALPERN 01                                                          
  Halpern, Steven.  Inner peace : soothing music for body, mind & soul [sound  
  recording].  [San Anselmo, CA] : Halpern Inner Peace Music, p2002, 2005.   


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CDROM 191                                                                       
  JFAC session record [electronic resource] 2007 session record.  [Boise : Joint Finance and Appropriations Committee, 2007].


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DVD  T174.M63 2005                                                             
  Modern marvels. Future tech [videodisc].  [United States] : A & E Television 
    Networks ; New York, NY : Distributed by New Video, c2005.                 
DVD  BF639.S43 2006                                                            
  The secret [videodisc].  Extended ed.  [Australia?] : TS Production, LLC,    
DVD  GV958.B65B657 2007                                                         
  Boise State football 2006 [videodisc] "Perfection" : official commemorative  
    DVD.  [Boise, Idaho] : Boise State University, c2007.                      
DVD  TP1180.V48B58 2005                                                        
  Blue vinyl [videodisc].  [New York] : Distributed by New Video, c2005.       
DVD  F1788.2.W35 2001                                                          
  Waiting for Fidel [videodisc].  Chicago : Facets Video, [2004]               
DVD  PN1997.B453 2003                                                          
  Bend it like Beckham (Motion picture).  Bend it like Beckham [videodisc].    
    Widescreen ed.  Beverly Hills, Calif. : 20th Century Fox Home              
    Entertainment, [2003]                                                       
DVD  PN1997.P525 2003                                                          
  The pianist [videodisc].  Widescreen ed.  Universal City, Calif. : Universal,
DVD PN1997.R645 1999                                                            
  Rogue trader [videodisc].  Widescreen ed.  [S.l.] : Miramax Home             
    Entertainment ; Burbank, Calif. : Distributed by Buena Vista Home          
    Entertainment, [1999]                                                       
DVD  LC2330.M67 2008                                                           
  Greg Mortenson [videorecording].  2008.                                      
DVD ML3188.A93 2007 
Awake, my soul [videorecording] the story of the Sacred Harp.  Two-disc      
    special ed.  Atlanta, GA : Awake Productions, c2007.                        
DVD  PR5774.W3 2005                                                            
  War of the worlds [videorecording].  [Universal City, CA] : DreamWorks Pictures : Distributed by Universal Studios Home Video, [2005]


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