New Titles for September - December 2004

New Titles for September - December 2004

Books in the Main Collection

Opening Skinner's box : great psychological experiments of the twentieth century / Lauren Slater.
BF198.7.S63 2004

The Iraq War and its consequences : thoughts of Nobel Peace Laureates and Eminent Scholars / editors, Irwin Abrams, Wang Gungwu.
DS79.76.I736 2003

Why Lincoln matters : today more than ever / Mario M. Cuomo ; Harold Holzer, historical consultant.
E457.2.C86 2004

Multicultural folktales for all ages / by Vincent Muli Wa Kituku & Felisa Galang Tyler.
GR356.42.K36K58 1998

Wasya wa Mukamba = The voice of Mukamba : African motivational folktales for all ages / by Vincent Muli Wa Kituku ; [illustrations by Kelly Matthews].
GR356.42.K36K589 1996

The international dictionary of event management / Joe Goldblatt, Kathleen S. Nelson, editors.
GT3404.I58 2001

World of risk : a new approach to global strategy and leadership / Mark Haynes Daniell.
HD30.28.D36 2004

Managing the non-profit organization : practices and principles / Peter F. Drucker.
HD62.6.D84 1992

Meeting the needs of employees with disabilities.
HD7256.U5M44 2004

The HP way : how Bill Hewlett and I built our company / by David Packard ; edited by David Kirby with Karen Lewis.
HD9696.A3U5757 1996

Who says elephants can't dance? : leading a great enterprise through dramatic change / Louis V. Gerstner, Jr.
HD9696.U64I2545 2003

How good people make tough choices : resolving the dilemmas of ethical living / Rushworth M. Kidder.
HF5387.K52 2003

Communication land mines! ; 18 communication catastrophes and how to avoid them / Marty Clarke.
HF5718.C48 2003

Obedience to authority : current perspectives on the Milgram paradigm / edited by Thomas Blass.
HM1251.O24 2000

Families can bounce back / compiled by Diana L. James.
HQ734.F225 2001

The 9/11 Commission report : final report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States.
HV6432.7.N38 2004

In defense of internment : the case for "racial profiling" in World War II and the war on terror / Michelle Malkin.
HV8141.M35 2004

Complete copyright : an everyday guide for librarians / Carrie Russell, [editor].
KF2995.C66 2004

Legal issues in the community college / Robert C. Cloud, editor.
KF4225.L44 2004

The criminal law handbook : know your rights, survive the system / by Paul Bergman & Sara J. Berman-Barrett.
KF9619.6.B47 1997

Effective teaching : a guide for community college instructors.
LB1025.3.E44 2004

Practical magic : on the front lines of teaching excellence / John E. Roueche, Mark D. Milliron and Suanne D. Roueche.
LB2331.R68 2003

How colleges work : the cybernetics of academic organization and leadership / Robert Birnbaum.
LB2341.B56 1988

Leadership strategies for community college executives / Gunder Myran ... [et al.].
LB2341.L423 2003

Assessment clear and simple : a practical guide for institutions, departments, and general education / Barbara E. Walvoord ; foreword by Trudy W. Banta.
LB2822.75.W35 2004

Linking training to performance : a guide for workforce development professionals / edited by William J. Rothwell, Patrick E. Gerity, and Elaine A. Gaertner ; foreword by George R. Boggs and James McKenney.
LC1085.2.L56 2004

Teaching online / William A. Draves.
LC5803.C65D73 2002

Excellence in singing : multilevel learning and multilevel teaching / [Robert Caldwell ; Joan Wall].
MT825.C35 2001

LearningPlus : an innovative instructional handbook for building writing skills : self-paced learning of skills and strategies.
PE1068.U5L43 1994

Collected stories : One night in Brazil to The death of Methuselah / Isaac Bashevis Singer.
PJ5129.S49A2 2004

Collected stories : A friend of Kafka to Passions / Isaac Bashevis Singer.
PJ5129.S49A2 2004b

Collected stories : Gimpel the fool to The letter writer / Isaac Bashevis Singer.
PJ5129.S49A2 2004c

The essential Rumi / translated by Coleman Barks, with Reynold Nicholson, A.J. Arberry, John Moyne.
PK6480.E5B37 2004

Sukulu Ite Nguta : the school with no walls : where lifelong lessons begin / [Vincent Muli Wa Kituku ; foreword Rex M. Ellis].
PN6519.K24K58 1997

An introduction to English poetry / James Fenton.
PR502.F46 2004

From totems to hip-hop / edited by Ishmael Reed.
PS613.F76 2003

For Caroline Kasiva (sweet 16!) : and all girls 16, younger or older, you are special / Vincent Muli Wa Kituku.
PS648.F36K58 2001

Life & death / Robert Creeley.
PS3505.R43L54 1998

Living is what I wanted : last poems / David Ignatow.
PS3517.G53L58 1999

The beauty of the husband : a fictional essay in 29 tangos / Anne Carson.
PS3553.A7667B43 2002

Blessing the boats : new and selected poems, 1988-2000 / by Lucille Clifton.
PS3553.L45B58 2000

Contradictions : poems / by Alfred Corn.
PS3553.O655C67 2002

The seven ages / Louise Glück.
PS3557.L8S4 2002

Animal soul : poems / by Bob Hicok.
PS3558.I28A8 2001

Thieves of paradise / Yusef Komunyakaa.
PS3561.O455T45 1998

Delights & shadows : poems / by Ted Kooser.
PS3561.O6D45 2004

The mystery of meteors : poems / Eleanor Lerman.
PS3562.E67M9 2001

After all : last poems / William Matthews.
PS3563.A855A69 2000

The unswept room / Sharon Olds.
PS3565.L34U57 2002

Masks : poems / by Ruthann Robson, with an introduction by Marge Piercy.
PS3568.O3187M3 1999

Dress your family in corduroy and denim / David Sedaris.
PS3569.E314D74 2004

The singing / C.K. Williams.
PS3573.I4483S56 2003

No-no boy / by John Okada.
PS3565.K33N6 1981

The best American science writing 2004 / editor, Dava Sobel ; series editor, Jesse Cohen.
Q158.5.B47 2004

LearningPlus : an innovative instructional handbook for building mathematics skills : self-paced learning of skills and strategies.
QA13.L43 1996

C# essentials / Ben Albahari, Peter Drayton, and Brad Merrill.
QA76.73.C154A43 2002

Essentials of outcome assessment / Benjamin M. Ogles, Michael J. Lambert, Scott A. Fields.
RC480.75.O35 2002

Dr. Susan Love's breast book / Susan M. Love, with Karen Lindsey ; illustrations by Marcia Williams.
RG491.L68 1995

War and peace in the 20th century and beyond : proceedings of the Nobel Centennial Symposium / editors, Geir Lundestad and Olav Njølstad.
U21.2.W367 2002

Duty first : a year in the life of West Point and the making of American leaders / Ed Ruggero.
U410.L1R84 2002

Home front : the government's war on soldiers : a report on how America's weapons, medicines, and bureaucracies of mass destruction harm our troops and veterans / by Rick Anderson.
UH603.A53 2004 : get big fast / Robert Spector.
Z473.A485S64 2002

Building an emergency plan : a guide for museums and other cultural institutions / compiled by Valerie Dorge and Sharon L. Jones.
Z679.7.B85 1999

Disaster response and planning for libraries / Miriam B. Kahn.
Z679.7.K34 2003

Library disaster planning and recovery handbook / edited by Camila Alire.
Z679.7.L53 2000

Information literacy : essential skills for the information age / Michael B. Eisenberg, Carrie A. Lowe, Kathleen L. Spitzer ; foreword by Patricia Senn Breivik.
ZA3075.E385 2004

Information literacy : search strategies, tools, & resources for high school students / Zorana Ercegovac.
ZA3075.E73 2001

Information literacy and information skills instruction : applying research to practice in the school library media center / Nancy Pickering Thomas.
ZA3075.T48 2004

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The plot against America / Philip Roth.
FIC .R742P58 2004

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Conservation biology : the journal of the Society for Conservation Biology.
PER (Magazine Collection)

Colonial Williamsburg : the journal of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.
PER (Magazine Collection)

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Audio Cassettes

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight / translated by J.R.R Tolkien.

A tale of two cities / Charles Dickens.

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Audio CDs

The adventures of Huckleberry Finn / by Mark Twain.

Beowulf / translated and read by Seamus Heaney.

The complete Arkangel Shakespeare preview CD.
AUDIOCD PR2768 2003

William Shakespeare's All's well that ends well.
AUDIOCD PR2801.A234 2003

William Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra.
AUDIOCD PR2802.A234 2003

William Shakespeare's As you like it.
AUDIOCD PR2803.A234 2003

William Shakespeare's The comedy of errors.
AUDIOCD PR2804.A234 2003

William Shakespeare's Coriolanus.
AUDIOCD PR2805.A234 2003

William Shakespeare's Cymbeline.
AUDIOCD PR2806.A234 2003

William Shakespeare's Hamlet.
AUDIOCD PR2807.A234 2003

William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.
AUDIOCD PR2808.A234 2003

William Shakespeare's Henry IV, part one.
AUDIOCD PR2810.A234 2003

William Shakespeare's Henry IV, part two.
AUDIOCD PR2811.A234 2003

William Shakespeare's Henry V.
AUDIOCD PR2812.A234 2003

William Shakespeare's Henry VI. Part one.
AUDIOCD PR2814.A234 2003

William Shakespeare's Henry VI. Part two.
AUDIOCD PR2815.A234 2003

William Shakespeare's Henry VI. Part three.
AUDIOCD PR2816.A234 2003

William Shakespeare's Henry VIII.
AUDIOCD PR2817.A234 2003

William Shakespeare's King John.
AUDIOCD PR2818.A234 2003

William Shakespeare's King Lear.
AUDIOCD PR2819.A234 2003

William Shakespeare's Richard II.
AUDIOCD PR2820.A234 2003

William Shakespeare's Richard III.
AUDIOCD PR2821.A234 2003

William Shakespeare's Love's labor's lost.
AUDIOCD PR2822.A234 2003

William Shakespeare's Macbeth.
AUDIOCD PR2823.A234 2003

William Shakespeare's Measure for measure.
AUDIOCD PR2824.A234 2003

William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice.
AUDIOCD PR2825.A234 2003

William Shakespeare's The Merry wives of Windsor.
AUDIOCD PR2826.A234 2003

William Shakespeare's A Midsummer night's dream.
AUDIOCD PR2827.A234 2003

William Shakespeare's Much ado about nothing.
AUDIOCD PR2828.A234 2003

William Shakespeare's Othello.
AUDIOCD PR2829.A234 2003

William Shakespeare's Pericles.
AUDIOCD PR2830.A234 2003

William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet.
AUDIOCD PR2831.A234 2003

William Shakespeare's The taming of the shrew.
AUDIOCD PR2832.A234 2003

William Shakespeare's The tempest.
AUDIOCD PR2833.A234 2003

William Shakespeare's Timon of Athens.
AUDIOCD PR2834.A234 2003

William Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus.
AUDIOCD PR2835.A234 2003

William Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida.
AUDIOCD PR2836.A234 2003

William Shakespeare's Twelfth night.
AUDIOCD PR2837.A234 2003

William Shakespeare's The two gentlemen of Verona.
AUDIOCD PR2838.A234 2003

William Shakespeare's The winter's tale.
AUDIOCD PR2839.A234 2003

William Shakespeare's The two noble kinsmen.
AUDIOCD PR2870.A234 2003

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Compact Discs

King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band : the complete set.
CD 825

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Wild and scenic rivers / Idaho Public Television.
VIDEO F752.A17W54 1995

Deadly force / writer/producers, Daria Valensise, Ted Schillinger ; produced by Kurtis Productions, Ltd. & Towers Productions, Inc. in association with A&E Television Networks.
VIDEO HV6529.D43 1996

Cops or criminals / produced by Nicholas Claxton Productions Ltd. for A&E Television Network ; Kurtis Productions.
VIDEO HV7936.C85C66 2001

Punishment / the History Channel ; A & E Television Networks.
VIDEO HV8497.P86 2002

Keepers : the other inmates / Produced by 44 Blue Productions, Inc. for A&E Network ; Kurtis Productions.
VIDEO HV8763.K44 1998

On parole : prisoners of freedom / produced by Broadcast News Networks, Inc. for A&E Network.
VIDEO HV9278.O6 1996

Copyright issues online / produced by DALLAS TeleLearning, Dallas Teleconferences, LeCroy Center for Educational Telecommunications, Dallas County Community College District ; presented by PBS Adult Learning Service.
VIDEO KF2994.C66 2003

Making copyright work for your library / College of DuPage Library Learning Network ; presented by the American Library Association, [Office for Information Technology Policy] and NILRC (Network of Illinois Learning Resources in Community Colleges).
VIDEO KF2994.M35 2004

Russian opera at the Bolshoi : the vintage years / produced and directed by Robin Scott.
VIDEO M1505.R87 1999

Odyssey of life. The unknown world / photographed by Lennart Nilsson ; written by Thomas Friedman
VIDEO QL463.O39 1996

Glands and hormones / produced by Pioneer Productions for The Learning Channel ; producer, Nigel Henbest ; writers, Nigel Henbest, Thelma Rumsey ; director, Thelma Rumsey.
VIDEO QM368.G55 1994

The human pump / Produced by Pioneer Productions ; producer, Nigel Henbest ; director, Thelma Rumsey.
VIDEO QP101.H86 1994

Breath of life / Produced by Pioneer Productions ; producer, Nigel Henbest ; director, Peter MacPherson.
VIDEO QP121.B74 1994

The food machine / Produced by Pioneer Productions ; producer, Nigel Henbest ; director, Peter MacPherson.
VIDEO QP146.F66 1994

Sex / Produced by Pioneer Productions ; producer, Nigel Henbest ; writer, Nigel Henbest ; director, Vivienne King.
VIDEO QP251.S49 1994

Muscle and bone / Produced by Pioneer Productions ; producer, Nigel Henbest ; director, Peter MacPherson.
VIDEO QP321.M87 1994

The brain / Produced by Pioneer Productions ; producer, Nigel Henbest ; director, Thelma Rumsey.
VIDEO QP370.B73 1994

Taste & smell / Produced by Pioneer Productions ; producer, Nigel Henbest ; director, Vivienne King.
VIDEO QP456.T37 1994

Now hear this / Produced by Pioneer Productions ; producer, Nigel Henbest ; director, Thelma Rumsey.
VIDEO QP461.N69 1994

Visual reality / Produced by Pioneer Productions ; producer, Nigel Henbest ; director, Alec Nisbett.
VIDEO QP475.V57 1994

Skin / Produced by Pioneer Productions ; producer, Nigel Henbest ; writer, Nigel Henbest ; director, Vivienne King.
VIDEO QP88.5.S55 1994

Defend & repair / Produced by Pioneer Productions ; producer, Nigel Henbest ; director, Vivienne King.
VIDEO QR181.D44 1994

In the womb / Produced by Pioneer Productions ; producer, Nigel Henbest ; director, Thelma Rumsey.
VIDEO RG613.I5 1994

Odyssey of life. The photographer's secrets / photographed by Lennart Nilsson ; written by Thomas Friedman
VIDEO TR147.O39 1996

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On hostile ground / Aubin Pictures and Indirect Productions ; produced and directed by Liz Mermin and Jenny Raskin
DVD 28

Repentance / "Georgia-Film" Studio ; written by Nana Djanelidze, Tengiz Abuladze, Rezo Kveselava ; directed by Tengiz Abuladze.
DVD 29

Idi i smotri = Come and see / Byelorusfilm ; Mosfilm ; director, Elem Klimov
DVD 30

Tough guise : violence, media, and the crisis in masculinity / directed by Sut Jhally ; produced by Susan Ericsson, Sanjay Talreja ;
DVD 32

Memento / Newmarket presents in association with Summit Entertainment a Team Todd production, a film by Christopher Nolan ;
DVD 33

Citizen Kane / an RKO Radio Picture ; a Mercury production by Orson Welles
DVD 34

The Shawshank redemption / directed by Frank Darabont.
DVD 35

Fahrenheit 9/11 / written, produced and directed by Michael Moore.
DVD 36

Ever after : a Cinderella story / Twentieth Century Fox presents a Mireille Soria production ; an Andy Tennant film
DVD 37

Whale rider / South Pacific Pictures, Apollomedia, Pandora Film present in association The New Zealand Film Production Fund,
DVD 38

The player / produced by David Brown, Michael Tolkin, Nick Wechsler ; directed by Robert Altman.
DVD 39

The handmaid's tale / screenplay by Harold Pinter ; produced by Daniel Wilson ; directed by Volker Schlondorff.
DVD 40

The Maltese falcon / a Warner Bros.-First National Picture ; screen play by John Huston ; directed by John Huston.
DVD 41

The big sleep / Warner Bros. ; director, Howard Hawks.
DVD 42

Casablanca / Warner Brothers Pictures presents a Hal B. Wallis production ; directed by Michael Curtiz
DVD 43

Key Largo / Warner Bros. Pictures ; screen play by Richard Brooks and John Huston
DVD 44

Angels in America / HBO Films presents an Avenue Pictures production, a Mike Nichols film
DVD 45

The sixth sense / written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan.
DVD 46

Signs / written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan.
DVD 47

In America / Fox Searchlight presents a Hell's Kitchen production, a Jim Sheridan film.
DVD 48

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