Philosophy and Purposes


Philosophy and Purposes


The College of Southern Idaho recognizes all individuals as having value in a democratic society. CSI believes that education is for everyone and at all stages of life meeting students where they are, helping them with where they want to be, and instilling the importance of lifelong learning. CSI strives to foster intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, informed engagement, social and civic responsibility, and productive global citizenship.


  • To provide a program of general education that assists our students in developing the understanding, knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes necessary for effective living in a global society.
  • To provide university-parallel curriculum - the first two years of a baccalaureate degree program in preparation for entrance into the junior year of a four-year college or university.
  • To provide a program of professional-technical education that prepares students for employment upon successful completion.
  • To provide a program of community education for lifelong learning.
  • To support the social, cultural, and economic development of the region.
  • To serve the community by making the college’s human and physical resources available – including facilities and the expertise of faculty and staff.
  • To provide personalized support services to promote the successful achievement of all other institutional purposes.

Educational Services

The College of Southern Idaho provides the following educational services:

  • Majors oriented towards transfer to four-year schools
  • Programs/courses designed to improve the student's marketability in the workforce
  • Short-term and custom training programs
  • Courses for personal enrichment
  • Opportunities for high-achieving students
  • Developmental courses to assist students who need to raise existing skills to college-level competency
  • Opportunities for high school students to earn college credit (dual credit and Tech Prep)
  • Online and distance learning opportunities

The College of Southern Idaho, in addition to the Twin Falls campus, offers services through off-campus centers.

Blaine County Center
Hailey, 788-2038

CSI Jerome Center
Jerome, 324-5101

Mini-Cassia Center
Burley, 678-1400

North Side Center
Gooding, 934-8678