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Current News & Events

Herrett Workshops for Kids 6/14/2017

The Herrett Center for Arts and Science will host fun, weekly workshops for kids this summer. The workshops will start at 1 p.m. every Wednesday from June 14 to Aug. 16 at the Herrett Center on the College of Southern Idaho campus. The cost ranges from $5 to $15 each depending upon the activity.

Sessions include Fun with Masks, Rockin’ Mandalas, Catapulting into Physics, Krazy Kaleidoscopes, Sticky Situations, Medicine Bags, Solar Pinhole Projectors, Pendulum Painting, and Origami.

Registration begins Tuesday, June 5 and since is limited so parents are urged to sign up in advance. Registrations will be taken as long as there are spaces available. For a complete description of the activities and the suggested ages, please go to or call the Herrett Center at 208-732-6655.


The Herrett Center   732-6655
The Herrett Center for Arts and Science
Charges and Fees will Apply