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Current News & Events

CSI to remain open during Great American Eclipse 8/21/2017
Time: 1:00 PM to 1:00 PM

More and more buzz is developing around the total solar eclipse on August 21, CSI’s first day of fall semester classes. According to news reports, hundreds of thousands of visitors are expected in eastern and central Idaho to experience the totality zone. 

Several months ago, we communicated that although a closure was considered and discussed, the decision has been made that classes will be in session and the College will be fully operational on August 21. Faculty will be delivering their scheduled classes with very few exceptions, for which arrangements were made months ago. It is important to reinforce that while it might be acceptable during the event to alter classes (in order to view the eclipse experience outside, for example), all classes at all campus centers will go on as scheduled. 

Also, all CSI offices will remain open with the exception of units with little or no student impact. For example all Off Campus Centers, Student Services, Library, Business Office, Academic Affairs, and instructional department offices will be open and staffed, but the Herrett Center (which is normally closed on Mondays) will be closed due to their many external activities relating to the eclipse. A few scheduled field trips for students were approved several months ago within appropriate departments.

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