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Current News & Events

CSI Celebrates Integrity Week 10/16/2017

CSI is celebrating Integrity Week, October 16th through 20th. 

Students can learn about fair use and citations, test anxiety, and defeating procrastination. Along with integrity in interactions with the police, bystander intervention, and resume and interview skills.

There will be a banner with our integrity pledge on it available for all members of the CSI community to sign throughout the week. It will be traveling around campus to make it easier for students to access. Monday (16th) and Friday (20th) it will be in the SUB, Tuesday (17th) in Health Science Human Services, Wednesday (18th) in the Evergreen Atrium, Thursday (19th), weather permitting, outside between Shields and Hepworth. Come show your support and dedication to acting with integrity by signing the banner.

Integrity Week Workshops 2017 Schedule:

Avoiding Plagiarism with Citations and Fair Use with Steve Poppino

-Wednesday, 10/18 at 2 PM – Evergreen A15

-Thursday, 10/19 at 11 AM – Hepworth 180

-Friday, 10/20 at 11 AM – Shields 105

Resume Writing with Tom Bandolin

-Monday, 10/16 at 10 AM – ATIC 123

-Monday, 10/16 at 3:30 PM - Meyerhoffer 231

Resume Editing with Tom Bandolin

-Tuesday, 10/17 at 10 AM – ATIC 123

-Tuesday, 10/17 at 3:30 PM - Meyerhoffer 231

Interview Practice and Tips with Tom Bandolin

-Tuesday, 10/17 at 11 AM – ATIC 123

-Wednesday, 10/18 at 3:30 PM - Meyerhoffer 231

Integrity in Police Interactions Q&A with the Twin Falls PD

-Monday, 10/16 at 11 AM – Shields 110

-Friday, 10/20 at 10 AM – Shields 107

Bystander Intervention with Jenn Zaccone 

-Wednesday, 10/18 at 12 PM – Shields 113

-Thursday, 10/19 at 4 PM – Shields 113

Dealing with Test Anxiety with Jenn Zaccone

-Friday, 10/20 at 12 PM Shields 113

Get R Done – Reduce Procrastination! 

-Tuesday, 10/17 at 2 PM – Meyerhoffer 218

-Wednesday, 10/18 at 1 PM – Meyerhoffer 218

To find out more, contact Megan Jacobson at 208.732.6426 or

Megan Jacobson   208-732-6426
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