Constitution Day and Citizenship Day

Constitution Day and Citizenship Day Home

Almost every hour of every day, we Americans are doing or enjoying something that would be impossible without the Constitution. It can be something as profound as voting or worshipping as we wish or exercising our free speech.  Or, it can be one of the many things we take for granted, such as the protection and freedom we enjoy even when we’re not aware that we are enjoying them.

The College of Southern Idaho is proud to mark Constitution Day.  While it is true that so doing is a federal requirement, it is one in which I am proud that we take part.  I salute the members of CSI’s Social Sciences Department for their diligence in sharing their expertise in the U.S. Constitution with our students and our community each year.

We must understand our freedoms and the historic document that guarantees them if we are to perpetuate the American ideal for ourselves and the generations that follow us.

I welcome and invite you to observe this important day with us, take some time and study the information available to you on our Constitution Day website to help you learn about this very important document, and attend educational programs offered on this topic.

Have a great semester and my best wishes to each of you.

Dr. Jeff Fox