Summer Dance Camp


Get ready to work hard! Students traditionally take five to seven hours of dance classes per day in a wide variety of dance forms. At CSI/IDAA Dance Camp, our dancers have the unique option of choosing their own schedule according to their tastes and abilities!

Dancers are initially placed into the Intermediate, the Intermediate/Advanced, or the Advanced level classes according to their ages. From there, the faculty can move them up or down according to their ability.

Following is a sample schedule of dance camp classes. Click here to download the Dance Camp 2014 Schedule. (*Schedule always subject to change based on class selections and space.)

First Hour Choices

  • Advanced/Intermediate Ballet
  • Intermediate Modern
  • Advanced Lyrical
  • Intermediate Jazz

Second Hour Choices

  • Advanced Ballet
  • Advanced/Intermediate Pointe
  • Intermediate Ballet
  • Intermediate Hip Hop
  • World Dance

Third Hour Choices

  • Advanced/Intermediate Ballet
  • Advanced Pointe & Variations
  • Advanced Modern
  • Intermediate Hip Hop
  • Advanced/Intermediate Turns & Progressions
  • Dance Diversity

Fourth Hour Choices

  • Advanced Tap
  • Tap Diversity
  • Musical Theatre
  • Intermediate Ballet
  • Advanced/Intermediate Hip Hop
  • Advanced Jazz

Fifth Hour Choices

  • Intermediate Tap
  • Advanced/Intermediate Lyrical
  • Intermediate Pointe
  • Advanced Hip Hop
  • Advanced Turns and Progressions

Sixth Hour Choices

  • Intermediate Tap
  • Pilates
  • Advanced Hip Hop
  • Advanced/Intermediate Jazz