Summer Dance Camp


Get ready to work hard! Students traditionally take five to seven hours of dance classes per day in a wide variety of dance forms. At CSI/IDAA Dance Camp, our dancers have the unique option of choosing their own schedule according to their tastes and abilities!

Dancers are initially placed into the Intermediate, the Intermediate/Advanced, or the Advanced level classes according to their ages. From there, the faculty can move them up or down according to their ability.

Following is a sample schedule of dance camp classes, and Click here to download the Dance Camp 2014 Schedule to give you an idea of what we have to offer. Keep watching here and on the downloads page for the 2015 schedule. (*Schedule always subject to change based on class selections and space.)

First Hour Choices

  • Advanced/Intermediate Ballet
  • Intermediate Modern
  • Advanced Lyrical
  • Intermediate Jazz

Second Hour Choices

  • Advanced Ballet
  • Advanced/Intermediate Pointe
  • Intermediate Ballet
  • Intermediate Hip Hop
  • World Dance

Third Hour Choices

  • Advanced/Intermediate Ballet
  • Advanced Pointe & Variations
  • Advanced Modern
  • Intermediate Hip Hop
  • Advanced/Intermediate Turns & Progressions
  • Dance Diversity

Fourth Hour Choices

  • Advanced Tap
  • Tap Diversity
  • Musical Theatre
  • Intermediate Ballet
  • Advanced/Intermediate Hip Hop
  • Advanced Jazz

Fifth Hour Choices

  • Intermediate Tap
  • Advanced/Intermediate Lyrical
  • Intermediate Pointe
  • Advanced Hip Hop
  • Advanced Turns and Progressions

Sixth Hour Choices

  • Intermediate Tap
  • Pilates
  • Advanced Hip Hop
  • Advanced/Intermediate Jazz