Jette Morache
Jette Morache
Professor, English 

Office: Shields 112-E
Phone: 208-732-6802
Jette Morache

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Education lights the way for living an informed and thoughtful life.  Thinking is the most difficult and challenging work we do.  Yet, with curious minds and the courage to persevere, we can realize more than seemed possible, making significant contributions as citizens of the world.  Through education we recognize our personal freedoms and responsibilities both within contemporary life and for the well being of future generations.  Education is a life-long process: we never stop learning. Through literature we have the tremendous opportunity to transcend the limitations of our individual lives by traveling throughout other times and places while experiencing perceptions beyond the realm of our personal experience.  Writing is the essential means for deepening and clarifying our thinking—for expressing our ideas personally, professionally, and artistically.  By reading what others have written and struggling to organize our thoughts on paper, we learn in profound ways.  Writing well allows us to participate significantly in the discussions that define our lives.  Education both strengthens our abilities to achieve personal success and our understanding that a diversity of views and ways of living can co-exist in mutual respect and for mutual benefit.

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