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Login Instructions

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Current Students

Who are current CSI students? Current CSI students are students who have been registered for at least one credit course at CSI over the last year (the end date of the last credit course enrolled in was less than a year ago). Current CSI students receive EagleOne accounts. With their EagleOne accounts, current students will be able to access a variety of resources and systems, including: the CSI network, MyCSI, EagleMail, Blackboard (see important note below), online library services, online course evaluations, online voting, etc. EagleOne accounts are automatically created within 24 hours of registration in a credit course.  How long do EagleOne accounts remain active?  EagleOne accounts become inactive one full year after the end date of the last credit course in which the student was enrolled.  Access to the CSI network is disabled sooner: 120 days after completing the last credit course.      

  • Your username is your student ID number (Where can you find your ID number? On your CSI picture ID or in the acceptance letter you received from the Office of the Registrar upon applying to CSI.)
  • Your default password is your eight digit date of birth (until you change it)
    • Example 1: John Q. Public, born April 30, 1990. ID#: 654321
      • username: 654321
      • password: 04301990
    • Example 2: Sylvia T. Broccoli, born February 8, 1985, ID#: 987654
      • username: 987654
      • password: 02081985
      • We strongly encourage you to change your default password as soon as possible to a secret password that you only know and can remember but others cannot guess (generally a combination of upper and lower case letters and numbers). Keep your password secret. Treat your password with as much care as the information it protects. Never share your password with others or write it down and store it in places where others can access it. Although we encourage you to do it as early as possible, you can change your EagleOne password online at any time.
  • For security and privacy reasons it is very important that you always log out after using any of our systems.
  • If you changed your password and forgot it, you will need to contact the CSI HelpDesk and they will re-set your password.  The HelpDesk will not re-set your password unless they can successfully verify your identity.

Important Note on Blackboard Logins:

  • Blackboard logins are based on EagleOne logins. 
  • When can students access Blackboard?  Students who do not yet have an EagleOne account do not have a Blackboard account either.  EagleOne and Blackboard accounts are not created simultaneously.  Students will be able to login to Blackboard as soon as at least one of their instructors have setup a course within Blackboard for them.
  • The Blackboard login is the same as your EagleOne login (username and password).