Faculty Staff Connections Committee :: Purpose/Mission

Faculty Staff Connections Committee


The Faculty Staff Connections Committee is a CSI Standing Committee whose mission is to provide increased opportunities for social interaction and networking between faculty and staff at the College of Southern Idaho. The Committee will:

  • Partner with CSI committees or other organizations to organize recognition/appreciation events to acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of CSI employees.
  • Encourage communication between departments to nurture a sense of community among all CSI employees, and
  • Foster collegiality to promote a positive workplace climate.


  • Ben Lustig (Co-Chair)
  • Tracey Meyerhoeffer (Co-Chair)
  • Milica Popovic (Secretary)
  • Laura Erickson
  • Jennifer Patterson (Treasurer)
  • Larisa Alexander (PACE Liaision)
  • Judy Hansen
  • Shelly Wright
  • Eric Ness
  • Chance Munns
  • Ansina Durham
  • Eric Nielsen