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Student Employment Opportunities at the College of Southern Idaho

Fall Openings

Location: Mini-Cassia Center Department: Off Campus Center
How to Apply: Email Contact/Supervisor: Amy Christopherson (208-678-1400)
Hours:  Salary:  $8.00
Description: Office and student support needed. Work study needs to be able to navigate the CSI website when helping students with tasks, including application, registration, financial aid, and Blackboard. It is important to have good people skills and the ability to follow instructions. Office experience is preferred. We will be hiring 2 eligible students to work up to 10 hours a week on the Burley Campus, including Fridays. Interested students need to send a cover letter and a copy of their Fall Schedule to Interviews will take place by August 27. The position will start on September 31.
Location: Hepworth 149 Department: Education
How to Apply: In person or phone Contact/Supervisor: Sandra Bosteder (208-732-6850)
Hours:  Salary:  $8.00
Description: Typing, making copies, answering phones, assisting students, running errands and assisting faculty. Applicants should possess willingness to learn new skills, adaptability, professional attitude, promptness and ability to see task through from start to finish. Needed to work mainly from 1-4:00 p.m.
Location: Meyerhoeffer/SSC 219 Department: Student Success Center-Learning Assistance Center
How to Apply: In person or phone Contact/Supervisor: Kat Powell (732-6685)
Hours:  Salary:  $8.00
Description: Peer Tutoring positions in the areas of Math, Writing, and Sciences. Peer tutors will generally provide assistance in one subject area (i.e. Math) and all tutors will support the learning of basic college study methods. Applicants will need to complete training and meet GPA requirements. Please refer to to review peer tutor qualifications.
Location: Shields 119 Department: English Department
How to Apply: In person or phone Contact/Supervisor: Kimberly Madsen (732-6523)
Hours:  Salary:  $7.50
Description: Position available for a Work Study in the English Department to work for Professor Kimberly Madsen in Shields 119. The position is for 10 hours per week based upon eligibility. The student will also occasionally work as needed for the Shields Building Office Specialists in Shields 111. Duties will include typing, data entry, filing, copying, scheduling, and errands. The best candidate for this position will have strong organizational skills, will be able to manage projects and deadlines, and will have excellent verbal, written, and oral communication skills. This position requires excellent word processing skills in Microsoft Word and Excel spreadsheets. Interested candidates should apply to Kimberly Madsen at
Location: Taylor Matrix 142 Department: Records
How to Apply: In person or phone Contact/Supervisor: Zetell Nelson (732-6264)
Hours:  Salary:  $8.00
Description: Data entry, phone coverage, front desk coverage, and assistance with record keeping. The position requires detailed tedious work. A minimum of 3 semesters left at CSI. Call for an interview after July 17th for openings starting July 28th-Aug. 22, and Fall semester starting Aug. 25th.
Location: CSI Dorms Department: Student Affairs
How to Apply: In person Contact/Supervisor: Angela Ursenbach (732-6575)
Hours:  Salary:  $8.00
Description: Work at the front desk in the residence hall. Major duties include answering the phone and taking messages when needed and assisting residents, as needed. Must provide a pleasant atmosphere. This position requires basic computer skills, good communication skills, and a willingness to complete tasks as assigned. Excel and Word experience desirable. Mornings from 9-11am, M-F preferred.
Location: Evergreen A16 or Evergreen A28 Department: Physical Science
How to Apply: In person, by phone or by e-mail Contact/Supervisor: Steven Korecki ( 732-6423)
Hours:  Salary:  $8.00
Description: Beginning Lab Assistant - Wash dishes; maintain countertops and general cleanliness of the lab, and any other jobs as needed. This is a position that does not require any previous knowledge of chemistry, but one semester of chemistry is a plus. Training is provided.
Location: Office on Aging Department: Office on Aging
How to Apply: In person or phone Contact/Supervisor: Georgia Dimick (736-2390)
Hours:  Salary:  $8.00
Description: Familiar with MS Word & Excel. Filing, shredding & other office duties. Position must be an Idaho resident.
Location: CSI Fish Hatchery Department: Agriculture - Aquaculture
How to Apply: In person or phone Contact/Supervisor: Matt Wilson (733-3972)
Hours:  Salary:  $8.00
Description: Daily maintenance of fish, feeding, cleaning, grading, sorting and handling fish. Data collection on scientific projects.
Location: Canyon 133 Department: Trade & Industry - Cabinetmaking/Woodworking
How to Apply: In person or phone Contact/Supervisor: Ken Triplett (732-6335)
Hours:  Salary:  $8.00
Description: Cleaning labs, equipment & trucks. Equipment maintenance. Minimum computer/copies/mail pickup, errands. Putting away materials. Refueling truck at Maintenance.
Location: Evergreen ISBDC C-77 Department: Idaho Small Business Development Center
How to Apply: Email Contact/Supervisor: Bryan Matsuoka (208-732-6451)
Hours:  Salary:  $8.00
Description: This position provides certification as an Idaho Small Business Development Center professional. The certification is issued through our state office at Boise State University and would be a positive addition to any resume. Certification topics includes confidentiality, communication skills on a 1 to 1 basis, services of the Idaho SBDC, and services of other State programs as well. As a representative of the Business Development Center, you will have access to business seminars and networking opportunities with the business community. Email resume and excel attatchment showing possible work schedule to with subject line work-study. Prefer that student has experience using Microsoft Outlook and Word. Availability to work over spring and winter breaks.
Location: Copy Center/Library 121A Department: Copy Center
How to Apply:  E-mail Contact/Supervisor: Erin Conley (208-732-6320)
Hours:  Salary:  $8.00
Description: The CSI Copy Center is looking for a dependable worker with people skills and a “Can do!” attitude. Computer skills are necessary while previous experience with copy machines is beneficial. You must be detail oriented, able to lift 50 pounds/case of paper repeatedly, work on your feet for a few hours at a time, and able to work 10-12 hours each week. Customer service, phone skills, and graphic design experience are a plus. Job duties include: making copies, printing, shrink wrapping, spiral binding, keeping paper stock organized, helping patrons, assisting supervisor as needed, and may sometimes be needed to help sort and process mail. If you are interested in the position, please contact Erin Conley at
Location: Canyon 124-I Department: Business
How to Apply: In person or phone Contact/Supervisor: Cindy Harmon (732-6319 or 732-6859)
Hours:  Salary:  $8.00
Description: Duties include correcting papers, entering grades on computer, and general office work. Applicants that are not pursuing a degree in either business or accounting.
Location: Gym 220 Department: Athletics
How to Apply: In person or phone Contact/Supervisor: Ginger Nukaya (732-6486)
Hours:  Salary:  $8.00
Description: Job duties include answering phones, filing, copying, data entry, typing letters, covering office, etc... Position may also require working during athletic events. Must have some computer skills & get along well with people.
Location: Student Recreation Center Department: Student Recreation Center
How to Apply: In person or phone Contact/Supervisor: John Twiss (732-6470)
Hours:  Salary:  $8.00
Description: Customer Service Manager is responsible for the Welcome Desk. Answers phones, greets patrons as they enter the facility, directs them to the appropiate staff member, sells memberships, types, answers question, works with cash register, works with camera equipment & various other service duties.
Location: Taylor, Matrix Department: Advising Center
How to Apply: In person Contact/Supervisor: Erin Nunnelley (208-732-6250)
Hours:  Salary:  $8.00
Description: Provide assistance to students utilizing CSI online services such as application, registration, FAFSA, payment, Eaglemail, and Blackboard. Work-study student will also help with other duties as assigned by the Matrix office, such as customer service at front desk, filing, copying, faxing, processing mail and answering the telephone.
Location: Taylor Department: Admissions
How to Apply: By phone or In Person Contact/Supervisor: Heather Barns (732-6230)
Hours:  Salary:  $8.00
Description: This position will be responsible for conducting campus tours throughout the summer. This position will also be responsible for general customer service and clerical duties, such as answering telephone calls and escorting prospective students around campus. This position will assist with marketing mailings, data entry on student visits to campus, as well as follow-up emails and calls to prospective students. Finally, this position will help with S.O.A.R preparation by calling and reminding students, as well as checking placement scores. This student will attend and help at SOAR events on campus. Campus Tours for the summer Customer Service/Answering phones Helping with S.O.A.R. Mail Processing
Location: Evergreen A16 or Evergreen A28 Department: Physical Science
How to Apply: In person, by phone or by e-mail Contact/Supervisor: Steven Korecki ( 732-6423)
Hours:  Salary:  $8.00
Description: Senior Lab Assistant – Will assist with lab class setup. They are expected to know how to make solutions, dilutions and any other jobs needed. This position requires at least two semesters of chemistry and one semester working as a general lab assistant. If requirements are not met, than general lab assistant position will be filled.
Location: Meyerhoeffer Department: Student Success Center-Learning Assistance Center
How to Apply: Email Resume & Employment Application Contact/Supervisor: Jennifer Hall (208-732-6567)
Hours:  Salary:  $8.00
Description: Work as a receptionist to direct students as needed. Assist ELA students to find the appropriate class and/or testing. Assist potential students, who have COMPASS tested, regarding the student's next steps. Assist with instructors clerical needs. Act as a point of contact representing the Student Success Center for the public, during evening hours.
Location: Taylor Department: Human Resources
How to Apply: In person Contact/Supervisor: Anita Tatge (732-6271)
Hours:  Salary:  $8.00
Description: This position requires tedious, detailed work including filing, scanning and other various HR activity support. Occasionally, this position will cover a front desk and help answer phone calls. Additionally, applicants considered for this position will need to have at least one year left as a full-time student.