2014 Annual Campaign

2013-2014 Annual Campaign

Presidents' Message

Scot McNeley, CSI Foundation President

Scot McNeley, CSI Foundation PresidentAs the sun begins to set on the College of Southern Idaho Foundation's 30 year anniversary, we all collectively say "thank you." Thank you for 30 years of kindness, philanthropy, and continued giving. Thank you for your continued support in providing young minds an opportunity to grow and realize their dream of a better life through a college degree.

While we celebrate one milestone, we ready for another. The College of Southern Idaho will celebrate its 50th anniversary during the coming year. In the Fall of 1965, Dr. James ‘Doc' Taylor opened the College of Southern Idaho, home to the Golden Eagles, on the campus of Twin Falls High School. The rest, as many of you have seen, witnessed, and been a part of, is history. During these 50 years, the College of Southern Idaho has grown to meet the educational demands of our ever changing world. Our institution continues to offer scholastic programs to over 7,000 students from our main campus in Twin Falls, to our outreach centers in Burley, Jerome, Hailey, and Gooding. In 50 years the College of Southern Idaho has become the envy of community colleges across the country.

30 years ago our Foundation was formed on the pretense that we would help make college an affordable opportunity for those choosing to attend CSI. I stand before you and say we are accomplishing this goal. In 30 years we have grown our assets to well over $36 million, provided $17 million in scholarships, including this year, our best year of gifting, $1.7 million in total scholarships and grants awarded. Without you, our donors, these opportunities would not exist. Your help continues to provide good fortune for those who have goals and dreams of graduating from college. On behalf of the College of Southern Idaho Foundation Board of Directors, I say "thank you."

Our plan for the future is to continue to protect the assets for which we are trusted and provide opportunities and dreams for those who seek an education at the best junior college in the country.

Scot McNeley, CSI Foundation President

Jeff Fox, CSI President

Jeff Fox, CSI PresidentThis year, I opened the College of Southern Idaho’s Convocation to new students and their parents and friends with words from Walt Whitman’s Song of the Open Road, and I encouraged them to believe in the choice they had made to come to CSI as a first and important step in their journey to that larger place they will inhabit in the future.

Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road,
Healthy, free, the world before me,
The long brown path before me leading where-ever I choose.

Donors like you have traveled your own open road, and you are now guides and mentors; your commitment to students is proof that their hopes can be realized. Foundation donors are the catalyst for so many of our new and returning students, for your contributions provide scholarships, practical and tangible support for our students. As important, though, is the fact that our students know beyond a shadow of a doubt they are valued, supported, and encouraged by people they may never have met, people who believe in the value of education and who understand how much philanthropy changes lives. In many cases, students would not be in college if not for your support. The CSI Foundation celebrates 30 wonderful years, and CSI Foundation’s success comes from prudent and diligent stewardship of your gifts. We help donors connect with our students. I thank you for your trust in the CSI Foundation and your tangible commitment to education.

Jeff Fox, CSI President