Institutional Effectiveness :: Steering Committee

Institutional Effectiveness

Steering Committee


The purpose of the Steering Committee is to guide the planning process by providing vision and direction.


The Strategic Planning Steering Committee serves as the voice of the faculty, staff and students and assists in the process of creating, monitoring and revising the Strategic Plan. Progress made towards achieving the plan is monitored, documented and shared with appropriate constituents.


  1. Jan Mittleider - Board of Trustees
  2. Chris Bragg
  3. Curtis Eaton
  4. Jeff Fox
  5. Todd Schwarz
  6. Jeff Harmon
  7. Michelle Schutt
  8. John Hughes
  9. Shonna Parsons - Professional Staff
  10. Ansina Durham - Classified Staff
  11. Teri Fattig
  12. Michele McFarlane
  13. Ken Campbell
  14. Allen Scherbinske
  15. Doug Maughan
  16. Kimberlee LaPray
  17. Deb Wilson
  18. Kevin Mark
  19. Eric Nielson
  20. Joel Bate
  21. Randy Simonson - Transfer Faculty
  22. Ben Hamlett - Technical Faculty
  23. The ASCSI President