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Meet the CSI Ambassadors

CSI AmbassadorsThe Ambassador Council is an energetic, passionate group of students that are committed to hosting visitors on campus, and serve as a liaison between the college and the community. They assist with giving tours of the campus, and share their experiences as a CSI student at college and career fairs. The Ambassadors are also actively involved in various on- campus activities, as well as, off-campus activities. Overall, they are the welcoming faces of CSI!


Chori SaboChori Sabo

I'm Chori Sabo, I'm from all of the United States and my major is Hospitality Management. I absolutely LOVE CSI. I just love the whole environment on campus it is like home. I enjoy the class room sizes and how easy it is to communicate with your teachers. I hope you find your home away from home here at the College of Southern Idaho. If you need a tour, I'm your girl!


James WathenJames Wathen

I'm James Wathen, I am from Kimberly, Idaho and my major is Exercise science . I love CSI and its close-to-home feel. The people and programs as CSI make the college experience great. The fun never ends.


Beatriz GuevaraBeatriz Guevara

My name is Beatriz Guevara. I’m from Kuna, Idaho and my major is Criminal Justice. I chose the College of Southern Idaho because of the small community and active student life. It was not extremely far from home, but far enough to be independent. CSI is also the most affordable community college in Idaho and the classroom sizes were small which makes it better to communicate with my professors.


Kenny SeegolamKenny Seegolam

My name is Kenny Seegolam. I’m from Guyana, South America and my major is General Agriculture. I chose CSI because it is a relatively small campus and I am really enjoying my time here.


Rachael ReiberRachael Reiber

 My name is Rachael Reiber. I am from Nampa, Idaho and my major is Biology- Health Care Emphasis. I chose CSI because it is the most affordable college in the state, and because of the very active student life.



Marah JohnsonMarah Johnson

My name is Marah Johnson. I’m from Kuna, ID and my major is Biology with a Health Care Emphasis. I decided to attend CSI because of the affordable cost, friendly professors, and beautiful campus! As a Biology major, I have a lot of opportunities to work hands on with my professors, which I wouldn't get as an undergrad at a bigger school.


Mikaela J. BledsoeMikaela J. Bledsoe

My name is Mikaela J. Bledsoe, I'm from Horseshoe Bend, Idaho and my major is Civil Engineering. I chose C.S.I. because I love how there is always people ready to play ball in the rec center and somebody is generally willing to go fishing on a lazy afternoon, and even the chance of hooking a 3-11 foot sturgeon! 


Houda AbdulrahmanHouda Abdulrahman

My name is Houda Abdulrahman, I'm from Twin Falls, ID and my major is Pre-Pharmacy. The reason I chose CSI was mainly because it seemed to be the perfect school to help prepare me before heading off to a four year college or University. Plus, you can't beat the free food offered on our Wacky Wednesdays!


Adrian QuirozAdrian Quiroz

My name is Adrian Quiroz, I'm from Burley, Idaho and my major is Criminal Justice. I chose CSI because it is a great place to start your education it is very affordable and it is a great campus. Hope to see you guys here on campus soon!


MiKayla Del BosqueMiKayla Del Bosque

My name is MiKayla Del Bosque. I'm from Burley, Idaho and my major is Vet-Tech. I chose to come to CSI because it was close to home and very affordable. The campus is great and the teachers care so much about your education. Coming to CSI is the best decision I have made, I have met so many people and hope to see you around here at CSI.


Beau BossBeau Boss

My name is Beau Boss. I'm from Hailey, Idaho and my major is Elementary Education. I chose to go to the college of Southern Idaho because it is close to family is a great college for a solid education at an inexpensive price.


Beatris CalderonBeatris Calderon

My name is Beatris Calderon I am from Blackfoot, Id and my major is Radiology. I decided to come to CSI because it is a lot closer to home. Also, CSI offers great degree programs, into what I am majoring in. I also enjoy being in a club where I could meet and socialize with other students.


Hanadi ZahrounHanadi Zahroun

My name is Hanadi Zahroun. I'm from Irag and my major is psychology. I chose CSI because it's close to home and I love the friendly campus we have here at CSI. I love being an ambassador and I look forward meeting you guys.


Chantell GiereChantell Giere

My name is Chantell Giere. I’m from Spring Creek, NV and my major is Sociology, Political. I chose the College of Southern Idaho because I felt at home in the tight knit community that CSI provides. Incredible instructors and mentors along with vibrant student life has made me appreciate the opportunities that the College of Southern Idaho has provided for me.