CSI Public Information Office

Public Records Requests

We receive and facilitate the fulfillment of Public Records Requests. We require that everyone seeking public information download and submit their request on the following forms.

Download the form in Word format.

The CSI Public Information Office acts as a media liaison for CSI programs, events, achievements, and other newsworthy items. Using traditional and social media as well as strategically placed marketing, we publicize and enhance the image of the college by informing the public of our events and our value to students of all ages and objectives. We maintain contact with reporters and editors in order to be responsive to their needs as well as with other public relations specialists to stay current with best practices on sharing information.

The Public Information Office photographs or arranges for photographs to be taken of campus organizations, construction, events, celebrations, campus scenery, program activities and individuals who win awards, excel in their endeavors, or who are chosen for various honors. As needed, we act as spokespersons for the college. In situations that need specialized information, we arrange for the appropriate person or persons. We arrange and facilitate campus events that require coordination with media, ensuring that their needs and ours are met.


Doug Maughan, Public Information Officer Doug Maughan
Public Information Officer

E-mail: dmaughan@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6262
Office Location: Taylor 251A
Kimberlee LaPray, Public Information Specialist Kimberlee Lapray
Public Information Specialist

E-mail: klapray@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6475