Site Credits

The CSI web site is the result of the hard work of many dedicated individuals. Many faculty, staff, and students have been involved with the design and development of the site. The College site is constantly changing, and it is our intent to keep it as updated as possible.

We would like to acknowledge the efforts of:

  •  The members of the CSI Web Committee
  •  The following individuals:
    • Chika Daggett (Instructional Technology Support Technician)
    • Ed Ditlefsen (Web Content Developer)
    • Dr. Edit Szanto  (Vice President of Student Services/Planning and Grant Development; Former Website Project Manager 1997-2012)
    • Richard Van Noy  (Web Programmer and Developer, Web Committee Chair)
    • Izabella Badgasarova (Instructional Technology Specialist)
    • Scott Henscheid (Former Web Programmer and Developer)
    • Alex Mitchell (Former Web Programmer and Developer)
    • Cory Stone (Former Web Programmer and Developer)
    • Carlos Bittencourt  (Former Webmaster)
    • Dan Daggett  (Former Webmaster)
    • Derek "GUI" Thomas (Former Web Designer/Graphic Artist/Programmer)
    • Laurie MacKay  (Former Web Designer)
    • Brian Bennett  (Former Webmaster)
    • Robert Lyon  (Former Web Designer/Programmer)
    • Anita (NeNe) Parrott  (Former Webmaster)
    • Doug Maughan (Public Information Director)
    • Judy Thom  (HR Specialist, Human Resources Department)
    • Dr. Todd Schwarz  (Former Instructional Dean, original CSI website design)
    • Ken Bingham  (Faculty member; English)
    • Dannette Starr (Human Resources Department)