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Mari ChristinaHouse

Mari Christina House

Technical Certificate, Addiction Studies, College of Southern Idaho
A.A. Criminal Justice, College of Southern Idaho

Mariís story is truly an inspirational one. She managed to overcome many obstacles in her life. Many people face challenges every day, but Mariís story seems unique because of her ability to beat the odds.

Mari arrived at CSI in 2003 and began her journey to recovery and success.

The road to success was long and trying. Mari had to deal with a very difficult past.

At the age of thirteen Mariís parents divorced. This came as a huge shock to Mari. Her parents were married for twenty-two years. Her father moved out. Her mother went into a deep depression and retreated in seclusion. Mari was thirteen and alone. She started making some very poor choices which eventually led to drug addiction, being arrested and convicted, two failed marriages, homelessness, and having her kids taken away from her.

After seventeen years of self-destructive behavior, Mari was able, with great determination and help from many people around her, to turn her life around. She confronted her addiction and started attending college full-time and working part-time. Mariís efforts paid off. Her oldest daughter moved back with her, and she graduated from CSI with a technical certificate in alcohol and drug counseling and an A.A. in Criminal Justice.

Mari in her testimony wrote: ďI have the College of Southern Idaho to thank for my success. The individuals at CSI gave me chances when no one else would. My boss Shonna was not only my boss but she has become my teacher and friend. I have learned to be a member of society, a friend, a mother, and a co-worker. I have been on the Deanís List every semester since spring of 2004, except for one semester. That semester I made the Presidentís list. I am a success story because I came from the gates of hell and today I am standing at heavenís door. I would like to thank the College of Southern Idaho and Shonna for this honor.Ē

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