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JoshWall, RN

Josh Wall, RN

CSI Graduate
A.S. Registered Nursing, College of Southern Idaho

As a 2005 graduate of the College of Southern Idaho’s Registered Nursing program, many opportunities and possibilities have opened up for Josh. Since graduating, he’s moved to Salt Lake City and had some really great opportunities to learn and grow as an RN. His first job as an RN was at Intermountain Healthcare in Salt Lake City. He worked at the LDS Hospital’s Advanced Cardiovascular Care Unit taking care of many different types of patients. During orientation, Josh was asked by several people: “You’re pretty quick for a new graduate, where’d you go to school?” And proudly he would say the College of Southern Idaho!

While working in the ACCU, Josh decided to take another part-time job working in the ER at Cottonwood Hospital in Murray, Utah. Since being there, he’s been able to learn many new skills and become a board certified emergency nurse and a charge nurse...not bad for being out of school for only two years!! Working in the ER has a been an eye-opening experience that has been challenging but very rewarding for Josh.

After a year’s employment in the ACCU and while still working in the ER, Josh decided to again further his knowledge and skills by moving to the Thoracic ICU at LDS Hospital where they specialize in the care of cardiothoracic surgical patients (procedures ranging from simple lung biopsies to heart transplants and artificial hearts). Even though the work has been very challenging, coupled with a steep learning curve, Josh is very proud to be able to work in a place that helps people so much.

In his testimony Josh said: “My time at CSI greatly prepared me for the tasks I’ve undertaken here in Salt Lake. From my classmates to the wonderful professors that taught me what I know, being at CSI was a wonderful experience that has helped me become who I am today. I hope to continue to further my knowledge and become a flight nurse for IHC, or anywhere for that matter - the possibilities are endless. I’ve also recently enrolled in a nursing education master’s program in hopes of one day to be able to teach those eager minds as well as I was taught at CSI.”

Josh has successfully become a flight nurse for AirMed at the University of Utah and for Classic Lifeguard in Page, AZ.

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