CSI Success Stories

Sylvia Jensen

CSI Graduate
A.A. Liberal Arts, College of Southern Idaho
B.S. Corporate Training, Idaho State University
M.S. Training and Development, Idaho State University

Sylvia is the Director of the Community Education Center at CSI where she oversees enrichment classes, youth programs, special events, as well as training and development for business and industry. Sylvia and both her children graduated from CSI on the same day. It was a very exciting day for the whole family. In her testimony, Sylvia said: I can say without a doubt, that the opportunities provided to me, both through my work and education at CSI, have truly changed my life, as well as the lives of my children.

Sylvia started working at CSI in 1979 in a clerical and data entry position. She worked in the Business Office, the physical education/athletic department,; and the Financial Aid Office as first an office manager, then an advisor, and finally an Associate Director of Financial Aid. She was able to advance in her career because of the education she received at CSI while working in the Financial Aid Office (with the exceptional support of the director of Financial Aid at that time, Dave Perkins) and then going on to ISU to further her education.

Sylvia also worked at the University of Idaho for a period of two years as an Associate Director of Financial Aid. When she wanted to move back to Twin Falls, she applied for the Community Education Director position and has since held that position.

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