CSI Success Stories

Linda Roberts

CSI Graduate
A.A.S. Computer Applications, College of Southern Idaho

Currently Linda works at CSI as Information Systems Technician.

Linda wrote in her testimony: "I was one of 15 students accepted into the first class of CSI’s Computer Applications program. We had the honor of being the 'first graduating class' from this cutting-edge Associates Degree program in 1993. CSI has continued this program, while growing and adding new technology and courses as the industry has changed and evolved. CSI graduates from this program, as well as all CSI programs, are prepared to go any direction they choose and are prepared to grow with technology and their industry.

This program gave all graduating students/designers a solid base to build careers on as we learned about computers, troubleshooting, networks, databases, spreadsheets, word processing, and graphic design. I am so grateful to College of Southern Idaho’s insight on how they structured this program as, after graduation, I made my living by working with computers, technical support, and training other people on various programs from basic Windows, Office applications, to Medical and Dental management software while working for a local computer company. My preparation at CSI enabled me to learn and stay up-to-date as the industry changes, literally, on a daily basis. The education from CSI enabled me to stay employed and thus supporting myself and my family. My experience from CSI was life-changing.

CSI's program not only taught me how to design and illustrate on a computer, but also provided the skills necessary to change and grow as the job market and technology change."

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