CSI Success Stories

Yelena Bagdasarova

Former CSI Student
B.S. Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Currently attending grad program in Nuclear Physics at University of Washington

Yelena earned a B.S. in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and She worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory in Lost Alamos, New Mexico for a year. She is currently attending grad program in Nuclear Physics at University of Washington.

CSI concurrent enrollment and summer classes helped Yelena’s admission to several top level universities. CSI played an enormous role in helping Yelena attain her academic goals. In her testimony, she wrote: “I can say with certainty that had I not taken this opportunity, I would most likely not be attending MIT today.” She described CSI classes as rich and stimulating, with an emphasis on in-depth reasoning and creative problem solving. CSI classes afforded Yelena an opportunity to acquaint herself with the structure of a college schedule, as well as provided a solid base to build upon before plunging into the intellectual racetrack of MIT. As she said it: “Thanks to already taking a number of college classes, I had already jumped the hurdles of time management, organization, and study habits that most commonly plague students in the first semester.” CSI was also an ideal avenue for Yelena to explore non-academic interests. In addition to core classes, she took voice lessons, art history classes, and physical education at CSI. Today, she continues her vocal training at the institute, joins in on casual conversation about art aesthetics, and reminisces of those CSI PE classes that kept her in shape.

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