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Heather Sayler

Current CSI Student
Majoring in Equine Studies

As a young girl I dreamed of becoming a horse trainer and wanted always to have horses in my life but I thought that's all it would be...a dream. I never imagined that you could actually go to school for horses! When I came to CSI my dreams and passions were all layed out in front of me again and doors were opened for me that I never thought would be.

I graduated high school with the goal to get a degree in Marine Biology to become a whale trainer but then I came to CSI and was introduced to the Equine Program and immediately changed majors to Equine Studies and became involved in the CSI Equine Club. The Equine Advisor/Professor, Jim Knight, connects to his students on a personal level and once he knows their goals and dreams, he does all he can to help you make them come true. I have learned so much information in all my horse classes that will stay with me to better my life with horses and allow me to be a better horse trainer. Being active in the CSI Equine Club has allowed me to become more active in the Horse Industry by meeting horse trainers, attending Idaho Horse Council Meetings, helping out at Horse Expos, etc.

I will be graduating this spring with my associates degree and can't wait to see what lies ahead. Whether it's transferring to a university or apprenticing with a top horse trainer, I know I will be more than ready thanks to the CSI Equine Program.

After my first year at CSI I was given the opportunity to intern at the Slate River Cutting Horse Ranch in Richmond Virginia for the summer of 2006. It was a dream come true! I learned so much about the horse industry and how to properly train cutting horses. I have heard for many years that training horses is very hard yet rewarding, and if you're not willing to work hard you won't make a good horse trainer. In Virginia I learned that I was more than willing to work hard and do what it takes by starting at the bottom to work your way to the top and being, sometimes, only rewarded with the bond between you and the horse, and the success of the horse. At this point in my career that is more than enough for me.

Without coming to school at CSI and getting involved in their Equine Program I would not have been able to do my internship or what I'm doing now. I would have not even tried to be a horse trainer and went on to be a whale trainer (which I still want to do some day). Instead, now, I can focus on becoming a better trainer and horse person in general due to all the knowledge I have gained from CSI. I am so thankful and blessed to have been able to attend this school.

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