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Please use the form below to nominate someone to be included in our CSI Success Stories campaign. You can nominate yourself, a family member or a friend. Persons that are nominated by someone other than themselves will have the chance to review and update any information that was entered at the time of nomination. Thank you for your participation!

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Information provided here can range from: what specific degree or certificate the nominee earned at CSI (if applicable); which four-year university the student transferred to and his/her new major (if applicable); specific advanced degrees earned; what is the nominee's current job/profession; current employer; what skills the nominee learned at CSI; special awards or leadership roles; what personal challenges the nominee has overcome; etc. We are also looking for inspiring stories that perhaps share more than just the type of degree(s) the nominee earned. Stories that hopefully provide us with a glimpse into the nominee’s personal challenges and triumphs, and the way CSI helped the nominee overcome those challenges. Although we are hoping to see some personal stories that help inspire and move our readers, only share information that you would not mind seeing published online or in print.
Only applicable if one is nominating himself/herself.
How did CSI help this nominee achieve his/her goals?
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If nominating yourself, photo is required; otherwise we can contact the nominee for one. The photo must be high enough resolution to print. Only upload photos you have taken or to which you own the rights. JPEG IMAGES ONLY PLEASE.

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In order to be included in our CSI Success Stories campaign, all nominees must agree to the following Agreement. If you are nominating yourself, please read the agreement carefully and click I Agree. If you are nominating someone else, we will be contacting the nominee to secure the release.

CSI Waiver and Consent Release Agreement

I certify that I am the above named nominee or parent/legal guardian of the above named nominee who is a minor, and provide permission for the College of Southern Idaho (CSI) to use the information and photograph submitted as part of this success story. This consent also extends to any persons or agencies employed by the College of Southern Idaho to use, re-use, publish or re-publish the photo and the story.

I certify that: the information provided in my story is factual and accurate, it is me who is depicted on the photograph that was uploaded and that I own the rights to the photo provided to CSI for this story.

I understand that my photo and my story may be used in whole, in part, or in composite, as part of CSI promotional, advertising, and marketing campaigns.

I understand that CSI reserves the right to edit stories for brevity, clarity, grammar, factual errors, profanity, and libel.

I understand that my photo and story may be used in printed and online marketing materials including, but not limited to, the CSI website, posters, brochures, flyers, banners or other CSI advertising and Public Service Announcements.

I waive any right to inspect or approve the finished product that may be used in conjunction with my photo and story. I release the College of Southern Idaho, its Board of Trustees, its employees, and the State of Idaho from any liability in the use of my photo and story, including claims of libel, invasion of privacy and copyright infringement.

I understand and agree that no financial compensation is offered or expected now or in the future for the use of my photo and story.