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Links to Outside Sources — Search Engines, Databases, and Indexes

Listed below are a few of the many search engines, databases, and indexes that you can use to find information on the Web. Each search engine has different features, and indexes a different selection of web sites. There is not one site that covers them all. However, you can find more information on “how search engines work” from Daniel Amor at

Note: the products and services on these websites are not endorsed by the ISBDC; our links to these sites are only here to serve as a reference for individuals desiring more information from search engines, databases, and indexes.


- All-in-One Search Page:

- Alta Vista:

- Ask:

- Big Yellow:

- Bigbook:

- Bigfoot:

- Bing:

- CMC:

- Clearinghouse:

- Copernic Agent:

- Deja News:

- DirectHit:

- DOE Information Bridge:

- Dogpile:

- Essential Links:

- Excite:

- Galaxy:


- GoTo:

- Google:

- HotBot:

- InfoHiway Surf-N-Search:

- Infoseek.Go:

- Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory:

- Look Smart:

- Lycos:

- Mamma:

- MetaCrawler:

- Net Guide:

- Northern Light:

- Open Text Index:

- PhoneNumbers:

- ProFusion:

- SBDC Research Network:

- SmallBiz Search Engine:

- Snap:

- Switchboard:

- The Big Hub:

- TradeWave Galaxy:

- WebCrawler:

- Where2go:

- Yahoo!:

- Yahoo People Search:

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