New Titles for May2012

New Titles for May 2012

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Books in the Main Collection

BF173.K42 2011                                                                 
  Kerr, John.  A most dangerous method : the story of Jung, Freud, and Sabina Spielrein.  1st Vintage Books ed.  New York : Vintage Books, [2011], c1993.
BF315.K36 2012                                                                  
  Kandel, Eric R.  The age of insight : the quest to understand the unconscious in art, mind, and brain : from Vienna 1900 to the present. 1st ed.  New York : Random House, c2012.
BF575.H6A36 2011                                                               
  Aho, James Alfred.  Sociological trespasses : interrogating sin and flesh. Lanham, Md. : Lexington Books, c2011.
BF637.C6C67 2005                                                               
  Corey, Gerald.  Theory and practice of counseling and psychotherapy.  7th ed. Australia ; Belmont, CA : Thomson/Brooks/Cole, c2005. 
BF698.M66 2003                                                                  
  Monte, Christopher F.  Beneath the mask : an introduction to theories of personality.  7th ed.  Hoboken, NJ : J. Wiley & Sons, c2003. 
BF721.P37 2011                                                                 
  The parents' guide to psychological first aid : helping children and adolescents cope with predictable life crises.  New York : Oxford University Press, 2011.
BP605.S2R45 2011                                                                
  Reitman, Janet.  Inside scientology : the story of America's most secretive religion.  Boston : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2011. 
BP605.S2U73 2011                                                               
  Urban, Hugh B.  The church of scientology : a history of a new religion. Princeton : Princeton University Press, c2011. 
 D767.95.Z83 2011                                                               
  Zuckoff, Mitchell.  Lost in Shangri-la : a true story of survival, adventure, and the most incredible rescue mission of World War II.  1st ed.  New York : HarperCollins, c2011. 
DS63.2.U5M53 2012                                                               
  The Middle East.  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2012. 
DT30.5.A357 2012                                                                
  Africa.  Detroit, MI : Greenhaven Press, c2012.  
DT551.4.S38 2012                                                                
  Schulz, Dorothea Elisabeth.  Culture and customs of Mali.  Santa Barbara, Calif. : Greenwood, c2012. 
DU813.M43 1973                                                                 
  Mead, Margaret.  Coming of age in Samoa : a psychological study of primitive youth for Western civilisation.  [1973 ed.].  New York, N.Y. : Morrow, [1973], 1961.     
E97.P67 2012                                                                    
  Postsecondary education for American Indian and Alaska Natives : higher education for nation building and self-determination.  San Francisco, Calif. : Wiley Subscription Services, c2012.
E185.625.B55 2012                                                              
  Black cool : one thousand streams of Blackness.  Berkeley, CA : Soft Skull Press : Distributed by Publishers Group West, c2012. 
GB1227.E58C73 2011                                                             
  Crane, Jeff.  Finding the river : an environmental history of the Elwha. Corvallis : Oregon State University Press, c2011.  
GE199.I7I73 2012                                                               
  The Iranian green movement.  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2012.
HB501.C374 2012                                                                
  Capitalism.  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2012.  
HC59.7.D48 2012                                                                
  Developing nations.  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2012.                      
HC60.D35 2010                                                                  
  Delivering aid differently : lessons from the field.  Washington, D.C. : Brookings Institution Press, c2010. 
HD38.2.A74 2012                                                                
  Are executives paid too much?  Detroit, MI : Greenhaven Press, c2012.        
HD2350.8.R68 2012                                                              
  Rothkopf, David J.  Power, Inc. : the epic rivalry between big business and government--and the reckoning that lies ahead.  1st ed.  New York : Farrar,Straus and Giroux, 2012.  
HD4918.M56 2012                                                                 
  The minimum wage.  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2012.                        
HD9744.P584G563 2012                                                            
  Barrett, Paul.  Glock : the rise of America's gun.  1st ed.  New York : Crown Publishers, c2012.
HE2771.I2W35 2012                                                              
  Waite, Thornton.  The railroad at Pocatello.  Charleston, S.C. : Arcadia Pub., c2012. 
HE5614.2.D57 2012                                                              
  Distracted driving.  Detroit, MI : Greenhaven Press, c2012.                   
HF5382.A57L46 2012                                                             
  Lenburg, Jeff.  Career opportunities in animation.  1st ed.  New York : Ferguson's, c2012.
HF5382.V48F54 2012                                                             
  Field, Shelly.  Career opportunities working with animals.  New York : Ferguson's, c2012.
HF5415.5.K38 2012                                                               
  Kaufman, Ron, author.  Uplifting service : the proven path to delighting your customers, colleagues, and everyone else you meet.  [New York, NY] : Evolve Publishing, [2012], 2012.
HM851.M67 2011                                                                 
  Morozov, Evgeny.  The net delusion : the dark side of Internet freedom.  1st ed.  New York, NY : PublicAffairs, c2011. 
HM1033.B366 2006                                                                
  Baron, Robert A.  Social psychology.  11th ed.  Boston : Pearson/Allyn & Bacon, c2006. 
HM1206.G563 2012                                                               
  The global impact of social media.  Detroit, MI : Greenhaven Press, c2012. 
HM1236.T67 2011                                                                 
  Torrenzano, Richard.  Digital assassination : protecting your reputation, brand, or business against online attacks.  1st ed.  New York : St. Martin's Press, 2011.
HM1246.P74 2012                                                                
  Press, Eyal.  Beautiful souls : saying no, breaking ranks, and heeding the voice of conscience in dark times.  1st ed.  New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, c2012.
HN90.R3M55 2012                                                                
  Militias.  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2012.                                
HQ27.T442 2012                                                                 
  Teenage sexuality.  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2012.                       
HQ281.H86 2012                                                                 
  Human trafficking.  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2012.                       
HQ755.8.R36 2010                                                                
  Ranson, Gillian.  Against the grain : couples, gender, and the reframing of parenting.  Toronto : University of Toronto Press, c2010. 
HQ767.5.U5H64 2012                                                             
  Hoffman, Merle.  Intimate wars : the life and times of the woman who brought abortion from the back alley to the board room.  New York City : Feminist Press at the City University of New York, 2012.
HV6275.C663 2012                                                                
  Conspiracy theories.  Ipswich, Mass. : H.W. Wilson, c2012.                   
HV6432.4.A363 2012                                                             
  Aid, Matthew M.  Intel wars : the secret history of the fight against terror. 1st U.S. ed.  New York : Bloomsbury Press, 2012. 
HV6626.D668 2012                                                                
  Domestic violence.  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2012.                       
HV6773.15.C92C93 2012                                                           
  Cyberbullying.  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2012.                           
HV9304.A48 2012                                                                 
  Alternatives to prisons.  Detroit [Mich.] : Greenhaven Press, c2012.         
KF224.G76K56 2012                                                               
  King, Gilbert.  Devil in the grove : Thurgood Marshall, the Groveland Boys, and the dawn of a new America.  1st ed.  New York : Harper, c2012. 
KF547.D67 2011                                                                 
  Doskow, Emily.  Nolo's essential guide to child custody & support.  Berkeley, CA : Nolo, 2011.
KF9666.5.D63 2012                                                              
  DNA databases.  Detroit : Greenhaven Press/Gale, Cengage Learning, 2012.     
LB1025.3.E95 2011                                                              
  Evidence-based teaching.  San Francisco, Calif. : Jossey-Bass, Inc., c2011.  
LB1027.23.I57 2012                                                             
  Inquiry-guided learning.  San Francisco, Calif. : Jossey-Bass ; Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons, c2012. 
LB1027.42.A76 2006                                                             
  Amador, Jose A.  The practice of problem-based learning : a guide to implementing PBL in the college classroom.  Bolton, Mass. : Anker Pub. Co., c2006.
LB1027.42.N49 2011                                                             
  New approaches to problem-based learning : revitalising your practice in higher education.  New York : Routledge, 2011. 
LB1027.42.P69 2001                                                             
  The power of problem-based learning : a practical "how to" for teaching undergraduate courses in any discipline.  1st ed.  Sterling, Va. : Stylus Pub., 2001.
LB1775.S87 2011                                                                 
  Supporting and supervising mid-level professionals.  San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, 2011. 
LB2328.A38 2012                                                                
  Advancing the regional role of two-year colleges.  San Francisco, Calif. :   
    Jossey-Bass Inc., c2012.                                                    
LB2328.15.U6P74 2011                                                           
  Presidents and analysts discuss contemporary challenges.  San Francisco,     
    Calif. : Jossey-Bass Inc., c2011.                                          
LB2331.66.E93 2012                                                             
  Evans, Alvin.  Creating a tipping point : strategic human resources in       
    higher education.  Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley Periodicals, Inc., San Francisco, CA. : Jossey-Bass, c2012.   
LB2340.2.S78 2012                                                              
  Student loans.  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2012.                           
LB2806.36.C483 2012                                                            
  Charter schools.  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2012.                         
LC1568.A87 2011                                                                
  Attracting and retaining women in STEM.  San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, c2011. 
ML3780.L96 2011                                                                
  Lynskey, Dorian.  33 revolutions per minute : a history of protest songs, from Billie Holiday to Green Day.  1st ed.  New York : Ecco, c2011.
N6545.5 S4S55 2011                                                             
  Silcox, David P.  The Group of Seven and Tom Thomson.  Richmond Hill, Ont. ; Buffalo, N.Y. : Firefly Books, 2011, c2003.                                
NX280.M87 2012                                                                 
  The muses go to school : inspiring stories about the importance of arts in education.  New York : New Press : Distributed by Perseus Distribution, 2012. 
NX512.3.A35Y68 2012                                                            
  Young, Kevin.  The grey album ; on the blackness of blackness.  Minneapolis, Minn. : Graywolf Press, c2012.                                              
P95.8.P65 2012                                                                 
  Politics and the media.  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2012.                  
PA6484.G74 2011                                                                
  Greenblatt, Stephen.  The swerve : how the world became modern.  1st ed. New York : W.W. Norton, c2011.
                                                                                                                                                             PN6165.K35I8 2011                                                               
  Kaling, Mindy.  Is everyone hanging out without me? (and other concerns). 1st ed.  New York : Crown Archetype, c2011. 

PQ2674.O27R4713 2011                                                            
  Noel, Bernard.  The rest of the voyage : poems.  Minneapolis, MN : Graywolf Press, c2011.  
PR6015.S5G6 1977                                                               
  Isherwood, Christopher.  Goodbye to Berlin.  Frogmore, St. Albans [Eng.] : Triad Panther, 1977.
PR6043.A4I13 1983                                                              
  Van Druten, John.  I am a camera.  New York : Dramatists Play Service, c1983.
PS648.S5P75 2012                                                               
  The PEN/O. Henry prize stories. 2012.  New York : Anchor Books, 2012.        
PS3551.B2Z463 1994                                                             
  Abbey, Edward.  Desert solitaire.  [New ed.].  Tucson : University of Arizona Press, [1994], c1988. 
PS3557.O354E94 2012                                                            
  Goldbarth, Albert.  Everyday people.  Minneapolis, Minn. : Graywolf Press, c2012.
PS3557.O4695B63 2011                                                            
  Gonzalez, Rigoberto.  Black blossoms.  New York : Four Way Books, 2011.      
PS3563.O8749H66 2012                                                            
  Morrison, Toni.  Home.  1st ed.  New York : Alfred A. Knopf ; Toronto : Alfred A. Knopf Canada, 2012. 
QA76.76.O63W65J69 2010                                                         
  Joyce, Jerry.  Windows 7 plain & simple.  Redmond, Wash. : Microsoft Press, c2010. 
QA76.9.D3W36 2010                                                              
  Wempen, Faithe.  Teach yourself visually Access 2010.  Indianapolis, IN : Wiley Publishing, c2010.
QA76.9.D3W66 2010                                                              
  Wood, William.  Teach yourself visually PowerPoint 2010.  Indianapolis, IN : Wiley, c2010. 
QE621.5.A6S78 2011                                                              
  Stump, Edmund.  The roof at the bottom of the world : discovering the Transantarctic Mountains.  New Haven : Yale University Press, c2011. 
QH588.S83S7429 2012                                                            
  Stem cells.  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2012.                              
QL698.9.C69 2010                                                               
  Cox, George W.  Bird migration and global change.  1st ed.  Washington, DC : Island Press, c2010.
R154.C566A3 2012                                                               
  Cooley, Denton A.  100,000 hearts : a surgeon's memoir.  1st ed.  Austin, Tex. : Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin, 2012. 
R724.E84 2012                                                                   
  The ethics of medical testing.  Farmington Hills, MI : Greenhaven Press, c2012. 
R898.I58 2011                                                                  
  Introduction to radiologic technology.  7th ed.  Maryland Heights, MO : Elsevier/Mosby, c2011.
RA643.8.A43 2012                                                               
  AIDS.  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2012.                                    
RA653.5.P36 2012                                                               
  Pandemics.  Farmington Hills, MI : Greenhaven Press, c2012.                  
RA785.G57 2005                                                                 
  Girdano, Daniel A.  Controlling stress and tension.  7th ed.  San Francisco : Pearson/Benjamin Cummings, c2005. 
RA1063.T47 2012                                                                
  Teresi, Dick.  The undead : organ harvesting, the ice-water test, beating-heart cadavers : how medicine is blurring the line between life and death. New York : Pantheon Books, c2012. 
RB113.B78 2009                                                                 
  Bruyere, Harold Joseph.  100 case studies in pathophysiology. Philadelphia : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, c2009.
RB113.G68 2011                                                                 
  Gould, Barbara E.  Pathophysiology for the health professions.  4th ed.  St. Louis, Mo. : Saunders/Elsevier, c2011.                                     
RB113.P38 2010                                                                 
  Pathophysiology : the biologic basis for disease in adults and children. 6th ed.  Maryland Heights, Mo. : Mosby Elsevier, c2010.
RC78.F67 2012                                                                   
  Fosbinder, Robert.  Essentials of radiologic science.  Philadelphia : Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, c2012.
RC78.M375 2011                                                                 
  McQuillen-Martensen, Kathy.  Radiographic image analysis.  3rd ed.  St. Louis, Mo. : Saunders/Elsevier, c2011. 
RC78.17.C35 2013                                                               
  Callaway, William J.  Mosby's comprehensive review of radiography : the complete study guide and career planner.  6th ed.  St. Louis, Mo. : Elsevier/Mosby, c2013.
RC78.4.M47 2012                                                                
  Frank, Eugene D.  Merrill's pocket guide to radiography.  12th ed.  St. Louis, Mo. : Elsevier Mosby, c2012.
RC78.4.Z994F73 2012                                                            
  Frank, Eugene D.  Merrill's atlas of radiographic positioning & procedures. 12th ed.  St. Louis, Mo. : Elsevier/Mosby, c2012.
RC78.7.D53J64 2012                                                             
  Johnston, James N.  Essentials of radiographic physics and imaging.  St. Louis, Mo. : Elsevier/Mosby, c2012.
RC78.7.D53P53 2012                                                              
  Pianykh, Oleg S.  Digital imaging and communications in medicine (DICOM)  : a practical introduction and survival guide.  2nd ed.  Heidelberg ; New York : Springer, c2012.
RC78.7.T6D46 2011                                                              
  DeMaio, Daniel N.  Mosby's exam review for computed tomography.  2nd ed.  St. Louis, Mo. : Mosby Elsevier, c2011. 
RC275.M85 2011                                                                 
  Mukherjee, Siddhartha.  The emperor of all maladies : a biography of cancer. 1st Scribner trade pbk. ed.  New York : Scribner, 2011, c2010.  
RC281.C4B73 2010                                                                
  Bracken, Jeanne Munn.  Children with cancer : a reference guide for parents. Rev. and updated ed.  New York : Oxford University Press, 2010. 
RC435.2.K36 2005                                                               
  Kandel, Eric R.  Psychiatry, psychoanalysis, and the new biology of mind. 1st ed.  Washington, DC : American Psychiatric Pub., c2005.
RC454.B37 2005                                                                 
  Barlow, David H.  Abnormal psychology : an integrative approach.  4th ed.  Australia ; Belmont, CA : Wadsworth, c2005.
RC488.C67 2006                                                                 
  Corey, Marianne Schneider.  Groups : process and practice.  7th.  Belmont, CA : Thomson/Brooks/Cole, c2006.
RC488.5.G65 2008                                                                
  Goldenberg, Irene.  Family therapy : an overview.  7th ed.  Belmont, CA : Thomson Brooks/Cole, c2008.
RC523.2.A49 2011                                                               
  Alzheimer's in America : the Shriver report on women and Alzheimer's : a study.  1st Free Press trade pbk. ed.  New York : Free Press, 2011. 
RD563.B69 2011                                                                 
  Bowman, Katy.  Every woman's guide to foot pain relief : the new science of healthy feet.  Dallas, Tex. : BenBella Books, 2011.
RG493.5.R33A53 2011                                                            
  Andolina, Valerie.  Mammographic imaging : a practical guide.  3rd ed. Philadelphia : Wolters Kluwer /Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Health, c2011.
RM234.5.J37 2012                                                                
  Jardine, Denise.  The dairy-free & gluten-free kitchen : 150 delicious dishes for every meal, every day.  Rev. ed.  Berkeley : Ten Speed Press, c2012. 
RT1.N938 v. 47 no. 1 2012                                                      
  Tobacco control.  Philadelphia : Saunders, 2012.                             
TD730.H86 2012                                                                 
  Human waste.  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2012.                              
TL272.D46 2012                                                                 
  Denton, Tom.  Automobile electrical and electronic systems : automotive technology : vehicle maintenance and repair.  4th ed.  London ; New York : Routledge, 2012.  
UB418.G38G383 2012                                                             
  Gays in the military.  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, 2012.
Z52.5.M52M386 2010                                                              
  Marmel, Elaine J.  Teach yourself visually Word 2010.  Indianapolis, IN : Wiley, c2010.

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FIC .C867A53 1993                                                              
  Crichton, Michael.  The Andromeda strain.  London : Arrow, 1993, c1969.  
FIC .Ev16R63 2012                                                              
  Evans, Richard Paul.  The road to grace : the third journal of the walk  series.  1st Simon & Schuster hardcover ed.  New York : Simon & Schuster, 2012.
FIC .H375D47 2011                                                              
  Hemmings, Kaui Hart.  The descendants : a novel.  2011 Random House Trade Paperback ed.  New York : Random House, 2011, c2007. 

FIC .L881R43 2011                                                              
  Lopez, Lorraine.  The realm of hungry spirits.  1st ed.  New York : Grand Central Pub., 2011. 
FIC .P588L66 2012                                                               
  Picoult, Jodi.  Lone wolf : a novel.  1st Emily Bestler Books/Atria Books hardcover ed.  New York : Atria Books, 2012.

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PER (Magazine Collection)                                                      
  Poetry northwest [periodical].  Seattle, Wash. : Patrician Press, [1959]-

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DVD BF636.7.G76G765 2005                                                        
  Groups in action [videodisc] evolution and challenges.  Belmont, Calif. : Brooks/Cole, c2005.
DVD E161.3.A44 2012                                                            
  America revealed [videodisc].  [United States] : PBS Home Video, c2012.

DVD PA4415.7.A7A56 2001                                                         
  Antigone [videodisc].  [S.l.] : Educational Broadcasting ; Chatsworth, CA :  Image Entertainment, c2001.

DVD PN1997.C1812 2003                                                          
  Cabaret (Motion picture : 1972).  Cabaret [videodisc].  Widescreen version. Burbank, CA : Warner Home Video, 2003. 

DVD PN1997.S28 2008                                                             
  Le scaphandre et le papillon [videodisc] = The diving bell and the butterfly.  Widescreen.  Burbank, CA : Miramax Films : Distributed by Buena Vista Home Entertainment, 2008.  
DVD PN1997.U62 2010                                                            
  Up in the air (Motion picture).  Up in the air [videodisc].  Hollywood, Calif. : Paramount Home Entertainment, [2010] 
DVD PN1997.V54 2007                                                            
  Mome (Motion picture).  La vie en rose [videodisc].  Extended version.  [New York] : HBO Video, c2007. 
DVD PN1997.W486 2010                                                            
  Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf? [videodisc].  Burbank, CA : Warner Home Video, [2010] 

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CD JAZZ WELLSTONE CONSPIRACY 02                                                
  Wellstone Conspiracy (Musical group).  Humble origins [sound recording]. [Seattle, Wash.] : Origin Records, p2011. 
CD JAZZ WELLSTONE CONSPIRACY 01                                                
  Wellstone Conspiracy (Musical group).  Motives [sound recording].  [Seattle, Wash.] : Origin Records, p2010. 
CD POPULAR BROUSSARD 01                                                        
  Broussard, Jeffery.  Keeping the tradition alive! [sound recording].  Ville Platte, La. : Maison de Soul, p2007.
CD POPULAR BROUSSARD 02                                                         
  Broussard, Jeffery.  Return of the Creole [sound recording] = Le retour du Creole.  Ville Platte, La. : Maison de Soul Records, p2011.

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CDROM 267                                                                       
  International directory of little magazines & small presses.  Paradise, CA : Dustbooks,  2011-

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