New Titles for December 2014

New Titles for December 2013

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Books in the Main Collection

BJ1031.G74 2013                                                                
  Greene, Joshua David.  Moral tribes : emotion, reason, and the gap between us and them.  New York : Penguin Press, 2013. 
BL312.M98 2002                                                                  
  Mythology : the illustrated anthology of world myth & storytelling. London : Duncan Baird, 2002.
CB216.H36 2013                                                                 
  Hannan, Daniel.  Inventing freedom : how the English-speaking peoples made the modern world.  First edition.  New York, NY : Broadside, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, [2013]
CT275.B57984A3 2003                                                            
  Blunt, Judy.  Breaking clean.  1st Vingage Books ed.  New York : Vintage Books, 2003.
D769.8.A6L35 2006                                                              
  Lange, Dorothea.  Impounded : Dorothea Lange and the censored images of Japanese American internment.  New York : W.W. Norton, 2006.
DS79.767.P79F56 2013                                                           
  Finkel, David.  Thank you for your service.  First edition.  New York: Sarah Crichton Books/ Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2013.
DT60.F584 2004                                                                  
  Fletcher, Joann.  Ancient Egypt : life, myth and art.  New York : Barnes & Noble Books, 2004. 
E83.86.B47 2012                                                                
  Berg, Scott W.  38 nooses : Lincoln, Little Crow, and the beginning of the frontier's end.  New York : Pantheon Books, c2012.
E183.8.K7N67  2014                                                             
  North and South Korea.  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, [2014]                   
E184.A1M858 2014                                                               
  Multiracial America.  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, [2014]                     
E302.6.F8L47 2013                                                              
  Lepore, Jill.  Book of ages : the life and opinions of Jane Franklin.  First Edition.  New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2013.                                 
E902.B35 2013                                                                  
  Baker, Peter.  Days of fire : Bush and Cheney in the White House.  First edition.  New York: Doubleday, [2013]
F642.W6E75 2011                                                                
  Erickson, J. David.  The Muddy River boys : Dakota tales.  [S.n.] : Swede Hill Publishing, LLC c2011. 
F752.I2W44 2013                                                                
  Wegars, Priscilla.  As rugged as the terrain : CCC "boys," federal convicts, and World War II alien internees wrestle with a mountain wilderness. Caldwell, Idaho : Caxton Press, 2013.                                       
F787.S24 2013                                                                  
  Sagrado : a photopoetics across the Chicano homeland.  Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, [2013]
F864.O483 2013                                                                  
  O'Hagan, John J.  Lands never trodden : the Franciscans and the California missions.  Caldwell, Idaho : Caxton Press, 2013.
F868.D2R68 2013                                                                
  Rothman, Hal.  Death Valley National Park : a history.  Reno : University of Nevada Press, [2013]
F914.M33K59 2013                                                               
  Kizzia, Tom.  Pilgrim's wilderness : a true story of faith and madness on the Alaska Frontier.  1st ed.  New York : Crown, c2013. 
GV706.55.P76 2014                                                               
  Professional athletes.  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, a part of Gale, Cengage Learning, [2014]
HC110.P6K28 2013                                                               
  Katz, Michael B.  The undeserving poor : America's enduring confrontation with poverty.  Second edition, fully updated and revised.  New York: Oxford University Press, [2013]
HF5415.1265.V39 2013                                                           
  Vaynerchuk, Gary.  Jab, jab, jab, right hook : how to tell your story in a noisy, social world.  First edition.  New York, NY : HarperBusiness, [2013]
HQ784.S56H37 2014                                                              
  Has child behavior worsened?  Detroit, Michigan : Greenhaven Press, [2014]   

HQ1090.3.K56 2013                                                              
  Kimmel, Michael S.  Angry white men : American masculinity at the end of an era.  New York : Nation Books, [2013] 
HV5809.A33 2013                                                                
  Addiction trajectories.  Durham and London : Duke University Press, 2013.    
HV5822.A5P37 2014                                                              
  Parsons, Nicholas L.  Meth mania : a history of methamphetamine.  Boulder, Colorado : Lynne Rienner Publishers, Inc., 2014.
HV5824.W6B64 2013                                                              
  Boeri, Miriam.  Women on ice : methamphetamine use among suburban women. New Brunswick, N.J. : Rutgers University Press, 2013.
HV6773.H33 2014                                                                
  Hacking and hackers.  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, [2014]                     
M126.G85 2001                                                                   
  Guitar tab white pages.  Milwaukee, WI : H. Leonard Corp., [2001?]           
N6537.S622F56 2013                                                              
  Final light : the life and art of V. Douglas Snow.  Salt Lake City : The University of Utah Press, [2013]
N7477.D43 2013                                                                 
  De Botton, Alain.  Art as therapy.  London : Phaidon Press Limited, 2013.    
NA2543.S6A73 2013                                                              
  The architecture of change : building a better world.  Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2013.
ND237.S59825K37 2013                                                           
  Kastner, Carolyn.  Jaune Quick-to-See Smith : an American modernist.  First [edition].  Albuquerque : University of New Mexico Press, 2013.
NK4210.M34A4 2013                                                              
  McHorse, Christine Nofchissey.  Dark light : the ceramics of Christine Nofchissey McHorse.  Albuquerque, NM : Fresco Fine Art Publications, c2013.
P92.5.M87F65 2013                                                               
  Folkenflik, David.  Murdoch's world : the last of the old media empires. First edition.  New York : PublicAffairs, [2013]  
P301.5.P47K76 2013                                                             
  Kroll, Barry M.  The open hand : arguing as an art of peace.  Logan : Utah State University Press, [2013]
PJ4567.3.R35 2000                                                               
  Raizen, Esther.  Modern Hebrew for beginners : a multimedia program for students at the beginning and intermediate levels.  Austin, TX: University of Texas Press, c2000. 
PQ2637.A82A2 2013                                                              
  Sartre, Jean-Paul.  We have only this life to live : selected essays of Jean-Paul Sartre, 1939-1975.  New York, NY : New York Review Books, [2013]      
PQ8180.17.A73C6813 1983                                                        
  Garcia Marquez, Gabriel.  Chronicle of a death foretold.  New York : Knopf : Distributed by Random House, 1983.                                         
PQ8180.17.A73D4513 1995                                                         
  Garcia Marquez, Gabriel.  Of love and other demons.  1st American ed.  New York : Knopf : Distributed by Random House, 1995.
PQ8180.17.A73G413 1990                                                         
  Garcia Marquez, Gabriel.  The general in his labyrinth.  1st American ed. New York : A.A. Knopf : Distributed by Random House, 1990. 
PS3503.E4488H86 1975                                                           
  Bellow, Saul.  Humboldt's gift.  New York : Viking Press, 1975.              
PS3553.O47478A73 2013                                                          
  Collins, Billy.  Aimless love : new and selected poems.  First edition.  New York : Random House, [2013]                                                 
PS3554.E4425U54 1997                                                           
  DeLillo, Don.  Underworld.  New York, NY : Scribner, c1997.                  
PS3554.O3C58 2000                                                              
  Doctorow, E. L.  City of God : a novel.  1st ed.  New York : Random House, [2000]
PS3560.E488B44 2009                                                             
  Jenkins, Louis.  Before you know it : prose poems 1970-2005.  Duluth, Minn.: Will o' the Wisp Books, c2009.                                             
PS3570.Y45L33 1995                                                             
  Tyler, Anne.  Ladder of years.  1st trade ed.  New York : Knopf, 1995.       
PS3572.O5Z52 1974                                                               
  Vonnegut, Kurt.  Wampeters, foma & granfalloons (opinions).  New York: Delacorte Press/Seymour Lawrence, 1974.

PZ7.U25J68 2005                                                                
  Uchida, Yoshiko.  Journey to Topaz : a story of the Japanese-American evacuation.  Berkeley, Calif. : Heyday Books, [2005] 
QA614.86.F35 2013                                                              
  Falconer, K. J.  Fractals : a very short introduction.  1st ed.  Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2013. 
QL676.5.R68 1998                                                               
  Roth, Sally.  Attracting birds to your backyard : 536 ways to turn your yard and garden into a haven for your favorite birds.  Emmaus, Pa. : Rodale Press, c1998.
QM25.Z994T45 2007                                                               
  Thibodeau, Gary A.  Brief atlas of the human body.  St. Louis, Mo. : Elsevier Mosby, c2007. 

RA410.53.B73 2013                                                              
  Bradley, Elizabeth H.  The American health care paradox : why spending more is getting us less.  First edition.  New York, NY : PublicAffairs, [2013] 
RA643.D6 2014                                                                  
  Do infectious diseases pose a threat?  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, a part of Gale, Cengage Learning, [2014]
RC440.W35 2013                                                                  
  Walker, Sandra.  Assessment and decision making in mental health nursing.  London SAGE/Learning Matters, 2013. 
RC568.A45O874 2008                                                             
  Owen, Frank.  No speed limit.  1st St. Martin's Griffin ed.  New York : Griffin ; Godalming : Melia [distributor], 2008.  
RG761.M67 2013                                                                 
  Morris, Theresa.  Cut it out : the C-section epidemic in America.  New York : New York University Press, [2013]
RT62.S55 2010                                                                   
  Silvestri, Linda Anne.  Saunders comprehensive review for the NCLEX-PN examination.  Ed. 4.  St. Louis, Mo. : Saunders/Elsevier, c2010.
SD421.25.M38A3 2013                                                            
  Mathes, Jerry D., II.  Ahead of the flaming front : a life on fire. Caldwell, Idaho : Caxton Press, [2013] 
TP630.D66 2014                                                                 
  Donovan, Tristan.  Fizz : how soda shook up the world.  Chicago, Illinois : Chicago Review Press, [2014]
TX371.O355 2013                                                                
  Ogle, Maureen.  In meat we trust : an unexpected history of carnivore America.  Boston : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, [2013] 
UF767.S34 1982                                                                  
  Schell, Jonathan.  The fate of the earth.  1st ed.  New York : Knopf, 1982.

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REF KF6289.3.T66 2014                                                          
  Top federal tax issues for 2014 : CPE course.  Chicago, IL : CCH, c2013.     


PER (Magazine Collection)                                                      
  The Draft horse journal [periodical].  Waverly, Iowa [etc.] M. & J. Telleen. 
PER (Magazine Collection)                                                      
  Nautilus : science connected.  New York, NY : Nautilus Ventures LLC, 2013-


CDROM 44                                                                        
  Statistical abstract of the United States, 2012.  131st ed.  Washington, DC : U.S. Census Bureau, 2011.


DVD DC707.P37 2010                                                              
  Paris [videodisc].  [Hong Kong] : Naxos Rights International, c2010.

DVD JF1525.S4W4 2013                                                           
  We steal secrets [videodisc] the story of Wikileaks.  [United States] : Universal Studios Home Entertainment, c2013.  
DVD ML419.A75S38 2000                                                           
  Satchmo [videodisc] Louis Armstrong.  New York : Columbia Music Video : Legacy, c2000.
DVD ML419.M65T484 2001                                                         
  Thelonious Monk [videodisc] straight no chaser.  Burbank, Calif. : Warner Home Video, c2001.

DVD PN1997.B5268 2001                                                           
  Bird (Motion picture).  Bird [videodisc].  Widescreen version.  Burbank, CA : Warner Home Video, c2001.  
DVD PN1997.P593 2013                                                           
  Planes (Motion picture).  Planes [videodisc].  Burbank, CA : Buena Vista Home Entertainment, 2013. 
DVD PN1997.R46 2001                                                            
  Remember the Titans (Motion picture). French & English.  Remember the Titans [videodisc].  Widescreen.  Burbank, CA : Walt Disney Home Video : Distributed by Buena Vista Home Entertainment, [2001]                      
DVD PN1997.R658 1989                                                            
  Romero [videodisc].  [Worcester, Pa.] : Vision Video, 2009.                  
DVD PN1997.T53 2000                                                             
  The tic code [videodisc].  Universal City, CA : Universal Studios/Lions Gate Films, [2000], c1998.
DVD UB251.U5D57 2013                                                           
  Dirty wars.  Widescreen.  [New York, N.Y.] : Distributed by MPI Media Group, [2013]   

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PLAYAWAY Fic. .C279D43 2013                                                    
  Castle, Richard.  Deadly heat [electronic resource].  Unabridged ed.  Solon, Ohio : Findaway World, LLC, [2013].

PLAYAWAY Fic. .C279S76 2013                                                    
  Castle, Richard.  Storm front [electronic resource] a Derrick Storm thriller. Unabridged.  Solon, Ohio : Findaway World, LLC, [2013].

PLAYAWAY  Fic. .Ev148R58 2013                                                  
  Evans, Mary Anna.  Rituals.  Unabridged.  Solon, Ohio : Findaway World, LLC, [2013] 
PLAYAWAY  Fic. .L995B76 2013                                                   
  Lyons, CJ.  Broken [electronic resource].  Unabridged.  Solon, Ohio : Findaway World, LLC, [2013] 
PLAYAWAY  Fic. .M296C495 2013                                                  
  Mallery, Susan.  Christmas on 4th Street [electronic resource].  Unabridged. Solon, Ohio : Findaway World, LLC, [2013].

PLAYAWAY Fic. .M748I254 2012                                                    
  Moning, Karen Marie.  Iced [electronic resource].  Unabridged.  Solon, Ohio : [Manufactured and distributed by] Findaway World, LLC, [2012], 2012.                                  
PLAYAWAY  Fic. .R543D37 2013                                                   
  Roberts, Nora.  Dark witch [electronic resource].  Unabridged.  Solon, Ohio : Findaway World, LLC, [2013]

PLAYAWAY  PS3570.A48V35 2013                                                   
  Tan, Amy.  The valley of amazement [electronic resource].  Unabridged. [Solon, Ohio] : Playaway, [2013]
PLAYAWAY  PS3601.L335F57 2013                                                   
  Albom, Mitch.  The first phone call from Heaven [electronic resource] a novel.  Unabridged.  Solon, Ohio : Findaway World, LLC, [2013]  
PLAYAWAY  TL553.9.S53 2013                                                      
  Shaben, Carol.  Into the abyss [electronic resource].  Unabridged.  Solon, Ohio : Playaway : [manufactured and distributed by] Findaway World, LLC, p2013. 

Audio CD

AUDIOCD PJ4567.7.B37 2006                                                      
  Basic Hebrew [sound recording].  New York : Simon & Schuster, p2006.


FIC .B439G75 2013                                                               
  Munro, Jane Bennett.  Grievous bodily harm.  North Charleston, South Carolina : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, [2013]
FIC .C529C66 2013                                                              
  Clancy, Tom.  Command authority.  New York : G.P. Putnam's Sons, [2013] 
FIC .Ev14T35 2013                                                              
  Evanovich, Janet.  Takedown twenty.  First Edition.  New York : Bantam Books, [2013]

FIC .H243F38 1992                                                              
  Harris, Robert.  Fatherland.  1st U.S. ed.  New York, NY : Random House, 1992. 
FIC .J723T43 2012                                                              
  Jones, Phillip E.  The tear of Gramal.  Las Vegas, NV : WOTCM Media, LLC, [2012]
FIC .K837M7 1993                                                               
  Koontz, Dean R.  Mr. Murder.  New York : G.P. Putnam's Sons, c1993.          
FIC .K837S65 1997                                                              
  Koontz, Dean R.  Sole survivor : a novel.  1st ed.  New York : Knopf : Distributed by Random House, 1997.
FIC .K837S73 1995                                                               
  Koontz, Dean R.  Strange highways.  New York : Warner Books, c1995. 
                                                                                                                                                                                   FIC .W832M36 1998                                                              
  Wolfe, Tom.  A man in full : a novel.  1st trade ed.  New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1998. 

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