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Children playing outside

Response to COVID

Date: 8/19/20

Listed below are the rules and procedures that we will follow to do our part in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and to keep teachers and children healthy. Our hope is that as parents and teachers work together in following these guidelines, we will be able to continue to attend school and avoid closures due to the spread of the virus.  We believe our small class sizes, extra handwashing, extra sanitizing, facial masks for adults, and time spent outdoors will aid us in these efforts.  It also comes with the understanding that if anyone is sick, they stay home.  The plan below is based on CDC recommendations and Infection Control practices.  These procedures may change based on evolving circumstances.

What you need to know

  • Children’s temperature will be taken upon arrival each day.  If they have a temperature higher than 100.4 they will have to stay home.  If parents enter the facility, they will also have their temperature taken.

  • If your child has been in contact with a known case of COVID-19 they must stay home for 14 days.

  • Your child will be asked to stay home if:

    • Your child has had direct contact with a person who is positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days 

    • Your child has been directed to be in quarantine by a healthcare professional 

    • Your child has any of the following symptoms: temperature greater than 100.4, new or worsening cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, repeated shaking with chills, new-onset or loss of taste or smell, fatigue, runny nose, congestion, headache, muscle pain, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea 

    • Your child has received COVID testing and has not received the results of the test yet

  • If your child is sick it is very important to stay home until he/she can meet the following criteria.

    • Resolution of fever for 24 hours WITHOUT the use of antipyretics (Tylenol or Motrin/Ibuprofen)

    • Resolution of Diarrhea/Vomiting for 24 hours

    • Able to “control” their respiratory secretions

      • A minimal amount of coughing and sneezing

      • Minimal need to control nose secretions through blowing or wiping noses

  • Everyone will wash their hands thoroughly when arriving at school.  We will wash our hands prior to eating a snack, after using the restroom, and as often as needed.  

  • Materials and furniture in the classroom will be washed through-out our routine, as needed

  • Teachers will wear masks as needed.  Children will not be required to wear masks, but are welcome too.  All adults entering the facility will need to wear a mask. 

  • As long as the weather permits, we will implement our entire classroom routine outside (with the exception of bathroom breaks).  As the weather gets colder, we will use our Circle Area and Small Group tables indoors.  Being outdoors naturally spreads everyone out further, and the virus has fewer surfaces to stick to.  There are also many learning advantages to being outdoors!

  • Please keep six feet apart from other families when arriving and departing.

  • It is preferred that the pick-up and drop-off person is limited to one or two people throughout the school year.  

Please know it is a high priority for your child to feel cared for and welcomed in a fun, safe, learning environment.