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About Us

CSI Foundation Background

The College of Southern Idaho Foundation celebrated its 30th birthday in March of 2014.  Through the years, the Foundation has been the recipient of generous donations from community members who are interested in making college opportunities more affordable for CSI students.  The CSI Foundation has made those donations available csi-sign.jpgto students primarily in the form of scholarships.
Please spend a few minutes looking at our 2013 Annual Report on this website.  You’ll see stories that are representative of students who are able to access education because of Foundation scholarships.   You’ll also see stories about benefactors of scholarships and their private support for the opportunities offered by CSI.

Statement of Need

Even though the CSI Foundation is able to reach over 1000 students with scholarships each year, there is still a need for additional funding.  The number of worthy students needing scholarship assistance is increasing substantially.  Tuition, fees, and textbook expenses are rising and State funding for the institution is decreasing.  This leaves a significant financial gap for CSI students due to decreased financial resources available and increased college expenses.

Many CSI students are employed while they are attending classes.  It is clear that a college education is critically important to an individual’s income. A student with a two year degree will earn 1/3 more than a high school graduate and a student with a baccalaureate degree will earn double that of a high school graduate.

Foundation for the Community's College

The Board of Directors of the CSI Foundation is working diligently on behalf of the students at CSI. They are actively soliciting additional support for scholarships as exemplified by the 2010 "Building our Futures Together" campaign. They are also actively involved in careful and responsible management of CSI Foundation resources including the investment of liquid assets.

Foundation Board Members encourage support of CSI students through volunteer efforts and/or funding support. As the Past President of the Foundation, Adrian Boer, says, "The future for students at the College of Southern Idaho will be filled with endless possibilities with our communities' continued support."