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Flex Start Courses

Flex Start courses offer students the ability to complete courses face-to-face, hybrid, or online in an 8 or 12-week semester beginning after the normal semester start date. These schedules offer non-traditional start times to better meet the needs of busy students who need to complete general education coursework. Flex Start course offerings are made available the Wednesday prior to the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters. Contact the CSI Office of the Registrar for more information.

Flex Start Courses Fall 2021

Course Code Section Instructor Duration Time & Location
Institutionally Designated (GNED and WELL)
GNED 101 C21W Lynn Irons 8 week Online
WELL 100 C24W Christa Gessaman 8 week Online
WELL 255 C22W Rita Ruhter 8 week Online
WELL 101 C26W Christa Gessaman 8 week Online
Mathematical Ways of Knowing
MATH 123 C23W Steve Irons 12 week Online
MATH 143 C24W Nolan Rice 8 week Online
MATH 153 C22W Ron Cresswell 8 week Online
MATH 123 C30V Jim Dawson 8 week Telecom (all off-campus centers), MW 9:00-10:50, TR 9-9:50
MATH 144 C30V Nolan Rice 8 week Telecom (all off-campus centers), M-F 10:00-10:50
Scientific Ways of Knowing
BIOL 102 C20W Kim Morgan 12 week Online
GEOL 105 C21W Shawn Willsey 8 week Online
GEOG 100 C21W Erick Powell 8 week Online
GEOG 100L C21W Erick Powell 8 week Online
Artistic & Humanistic Ways of Knowing
ENGL 175 C20W Kimberley Jones 8 week Online
HUMA 101 C23W Susie Kapeleris 8 week Online
Social & Behavioral Ways of Knowing
ANTH 102 C21W Denyee Matthews 12 week Online
HIST 112 C40A Justin Vipperman 8 week Hybrid, MW 1-2:20 p.m.
Written Communication Integrative Skills
ENGL 101 C29W Jessica Anderson 8 week Online
ENGL 102 C40A Kimberley Jones 8 week Hybrid, Tuesday 11:00-12:20
Oral Communication Integrative Skills
COMM 101 C08 Jennifer Abouzeid 8 week Face to Face MWF 2-3:20 p.m.
Some program specific courses are also available during Flex Start and can be accessed using the CSI Course Search feature found at .  Please note that flex start general education courses are not available for search and registration until the Wednesday BEFORE classes start each semster.   Students interested in registering for Flex Start courses should contact the CSI Office of the Registrar by emailing, calling 208-732-6795, or stopping by Eagle Central in the Taylor building on the main campus in Twin Falls. Students who attend courses at the off-campus centers can visit or contact their local centers. Contact information for the off-campus centers can be found at: