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Campaigning for ASCSI Senate or Officers

If you are running for an ASCSI office and have completed the application packet, petition, and attended the mandatory meeting for all candidates, you may begin campaigning for office. Campaigning consists of the following:

Campaign Speeches

All candidates are required to give a speech unless they have made prior arrangements with the ASCSI President. Speeches should be less than 5 minutes in length.

Bios & Pictures

It is most helpful to your fellow students to see who you are before they vote. By providing a brief biography as well as a picture (that will be taken at the mandatory meeting), it gives students the chance to really know who they’re voting for. These bios & pictures will be posted on the web-site that students can read when they log-on to vote. Students who do not provide a biography have received fewer votes in the past compared to the students who did provide a bio.


Posters are a good way to campaign for a Senate position however, discretion should be used. Any poster felt to be vulgar, discriminatory, or indiscreet will be removed and the ASCSI Election Committee or Dean of Students may question the candidate. There will be a limit on the number of posters hung at 30 posters per building, per candidate (If this number is exceeded, posters will be removed by the election committee and the candidate will be notified). Posters do have a size limit of 6’ x 6’ (If the size regulation is broken then the candidate will be warned and the poster removed). No candidate will be permitted to post over another candidate’s signs, or remove another candidate’s signs. It should be noted, however, that when hanging posters, candidates should observe the amount of space on the wall and leave room enough for other candidate’s material. The Student Activities Office must approve and stamp all posters. Posters displayed in Eagle Hall may be hung in public places only and not in the private sections of the dormitory.

The following areas may be used to hang posters:

  1. The stairways within the Shields, Taylor, and Student Union Buildings.
  2. The foyer areas and vinyl walls of hallways of any building on campus.
  3. East and West vinyl walls of the Cafeteria.
  4. Vinyl walls of the bathrooms.

Please do not:

  1. Hang posters on any surface that is painted upon.
  2. Hang posters on the outside of any building.
  3. Hang posters in doorways or on any windows or mirrors.
  4. Use nails, tacks, or staples. Use only masking tape.
  5. Hang posters in or near classrooms.
  6. Use sidewalk chalk underneath any awnings.
  7. Exceed the limit of 30 posters per building.
  8. Exceed the size limit of posters.
  9. Post signs in the lawn without maintenance approval.

Do not campaign with any methods that will be destructive to the CSI campus!

To meet the guidelines of CSI’s recycling program, the ASCSI Senate strongly encourages you to use recycled or recyclable paper.

Remember that all posters must be taken down and all campaigning ceased prior to the conclusion of voting.

Other Campaigning

  1. Campaigning material may not be disseminated through the mail.
  2. Please note that the electronic reader boards, master calendars, campus marquees, and the student E-mail system cannot be used for campaigning.
  3. Absolutely NO harassing of any student to vote during election days.

Campaigning Violations

Any campaign violations should be reported to the Student Activities Office or the ASCSI President. All complaints will be submitted to the Election Committee who will recommend appropriate action(s). Violations will follow a “three strikes you’re out” policy. (1st time warning and removal of violation, 2nd time warning and removal of campaigning ability, 3rd time removal from the election).