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Mandatory Behavioral/Medical Withdrawal

It is the responsibility of the Dean of Students to order a medical examination or behavioral evaluation if he/she has reason to believe that a student has a serious medical or behavioral problem that substantially threatens or interferes with the welfare of the student, other members of the college community, or the educational process of the
college. The dean shall notify the student and appropriate agency (counselor, medical consultant, etc.) that such an evaluation is to be conducted. This process may be initiated by any member of the Student Services division for students who are under his/her care or counseling. In this case, the student must be notified and the request
submitted to the Dean of Students. The student will have 24 hours before beginning the evaluation process.

When appropriate, parents, guardians, or spouses will be notified of the process for the protection of the student. If the student refuses to consult with the evaluating agency,
the dean will, if practical, seek the help of the student's family in persuading the student to undergo the evaluation. If unsuccessful, the dean will summarize the steps taken to
secure the needed information and the reasons for withdrawal and then begin the withdrawal process. A copy of this order will be sent to the student.

Evaluation Conference- The student will be provided written notice of a time and place at which the student, the evaluating agency, and the dean will confer on the final
determination for mandatory withdrawal. The student has the option to have representation at this meeting, such as his/her own doctor, counselor, parents, or spouse. The dean will refer to recommendations, reports, and evaluations as they relate to the case being considered.

Power of Contract- If it is determined that mandatory withdrawal is not appropriate, the Dean of Students in consultation with other appropriate college personnel, doctor, or other resource person(s) will provide a contract outlining the terms by which the student may remain enrolled at CSI. This document will be signed by all parties involved, including the student. If the terms of the contract are followed, the student may continue the educational process at CSI. If the terms are not followed, the dean may then process the mandatory withdrawal.

Appeal - As with other college policies, the student may appeal mandatory withdrawal through the Student Activities Office and may have the evaluation process reopened.

Finality- Decisions made by the Dean of Students and the College of Southern Idaho are final.