Clubs and Organizations


Clubs and Organizations

CSI is home to many clubs and organizations - there's something for everyone! But if you can't find one you're looking for, you can always start a new one!

Contact Person:Barry Pate
Office Location:Evergreen A-36

The CSI Agriculture Club was put together by students in the Ag. Dept. to serve the community and promote Agriculture Industries and awareness, not only in the classroom but in the community. In the Ag club we are open to any CSI student that is in any way interested in the Agriculture field.The Ag club is active in anything related to Agriculture. We promote participation in all of the agriculture related activities in the school and surrounding communities.
Meet: Ag Library 2nd & 4th Wednday

   Alpha and Omega Club
Club Photo Contact Person:Raquel Arenz
Office Location:Canyon 106B

The club is going to meet every second and third Tuesday of each month. We are meeting at 1:30pm outside the chapel that is upstairs in the Taylor building. Some plans for Alpha and Omega are to do something for the community, get more active members, help students with their struggles, and we want to help students grow in their faith.

Club Photo Contact Person:Rosa Lopez
Office Location:Taylor 235

The Ambassador Council is an energetic, passionate group of students that are committed to hosting visitors on campus, and serve as a liaison between the college and the community. They assist with giving tours of the campus, and share their experiences as a CSI student at college and career fairs. The Ambassadors are also actively involved in various on- campus activities, as well as, off-campus activities. Overall, they are the welcoming faces of CSI!

   ASEP 1
Club Photo Contact Person:Robyn Swainston
Office Location:Canyon 130

The purpose of ASEP 1 is to enrich the learning experience of the students, and to instill leadership in our organization.
Meet: Thursdays at noon in the Auto shop.

Contact Person:Dick Frey
Office Location:Canyon 133

The GMBSEP Club is based upon our school work in the Auto Body Collision Repair Program sponsored by General Motors. We participate in as many events as possible each year, but we are sent to our co-operative education job sites each year. Thus, we are limited to meetings we can attend and events we can participate in. We help with the Early Iron Car Show each spring to earn the majority of our club's funds. This event requires many hours of dedication and participation.

   Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship
Club Photo Contact Person:Timothy Bingman
Office Location:Bookstore

What is Chi Alpha?
We are a movement of diverse college students venturing to follow Jesus.

What is Chi Alpha like?
We meet Tuesday nights in the SUB at 8pm on the campus of the College of Southern Idaho. Our gatherings are informal, charged with music, given to humor, multicultural and deal with everything from relationships to the nature of truth. The goal of these meetings is to meet with the God of the Bible, meet among friends, and meet real needs.

Club Photo Contact Person:Serena Jenkins Clark
Office Location:Fine Arts

The CSI Choir Club is an organization that supports music, students, musical programs, and the music productions done by the Music Department. The Choir Club also supports the choral music at CSI including Chamber Choir, Madrigals, Magic Valley Chorale and other performing groups made up of CSI aides and encourages music education and music performances.

   Community Service Council
Contact Person:Mary Christy-Feis
Office Location:HSHS Building 132

Mission Statement
The goal of the Community Service Council goal is to inspire Clubs on campus to create and engage in events that serve to benefit the larger community. Through a competitive, fun, and rewarding application process, clubs will be encouraged to draw from their strengths and interests to create service projects. The Council will serve as a tool to provide financial support as well as help clubs brainstorm ideas, and network to find resources to meet their goals. The CSC also works with the Student Senate to create community service projects.

   CSI SocialGeeks
Club Photo Contact Person:Richard VanNoy
Office Location:GRM 116

CSI SocialGeeks Mission Statement
The CSI Social Geeks seeks to provide the College of Southern Idaho students, faculty, potential students, and surrounding community with an environment to explore, learn, and share a wide range of technologically related topics, trade-skills, and artwork via lectures, projects, events, and in-person/online engaging collaboration.

   Dental Assistants
Club Photo Contact Person:Tonja Bowcut
Office Location:Aspen 159

Fall Semester: Tuesdays and Thursdays during the last 15 minutes of DENA 103.

Spring Semester: Tuesday during the last 15 minutes of DENA 104.

Purpose: The purpose of the CSI Dental Assistant’s Association is to promote the dental assisting profession in matters of education and to advance the careers of dental assistants through credentialing and professional activities which enhance the delivery of quality dental health care to public.

What we do: The CSIDAA is concerned with community service projects that involve oral health care. We do oral health care presentations to various groups including but not limited to elementary schools, Head Start programs, Boys & Girls Club, and scouting groups. We also host an annual free sealant clinic every spring. In promoting continuing education when the opportunity arises we attend educational dental conferences.

   Diesel Club
Club Photo Contact Person:Levi Perkins
Office Location:Desert 104

Our club is organized in the hopes of learning the concepts of the diesel engine. With the knowledge we receive we will go to a state competition and compete for CSI. We will also go to expos both in and out of state. At these expos we will learn about the new technology coming out to help us in our future careers.
Meeting Place and Time: 8:00 am room 104B

   Diversity Council
Contact Person:Perri Gardner
Office Location:Taylor 120D

“We the Diversity Council of the College of Southern Idaho, work as a team with heart, honor, and enthusiasm, to embrace various cultures by learning from each other, implementing projects, and increasing awareness to CSI and the Community with the mission of bringing together a global family.”

Join us! We meet Tuesdays from 2:00-3:00 in Taylor 233.

Club Photo Contact Person:Pat Ferrell
Office Location:Canyon 115-B

What is Drafting Club? It means something different to every person. To some, the Drafting Club is a stepping stone towards learning to associate our knowledge to our fellow peers as well as potential employers. Others believe the club is about like minds gathering to experience real world work, experiences, and environments. Still others view Drafting Club as a place to learn and practice all the skills that will be needed out in the workforce. All in all, the Drafting Club comes down to three main things. First, the club is about learning and honing our skills. Whether they be measuring, reading blueprints and drawings, communication, or drawing clearly and accurately. Second, the Drafting Club is a way of meeting potential employers, co-workers, and freelance drafters. A way of expanding our knowledge by seeing how a fellow drafter would do it. The third, and possibly most important, part of the Drafting Club, is self-improvement. Be it personal or academic. Improving character and academic growth by doing something we all love to do. This is what the Drafting Club is all about.

Meeting Place and Time: 11:00 Fridays in Canyon 115

   Eagle Hall Council
Contact Person:Angela Ursenbach
Office Location:Dorm

Eagle Hall council promotes a fun, safe and educational atmosphere at Eagle Hall dorms where we plan social and educational events for the residents to foster civility, encourage the residents to socialize and get to know one another and offer a break from studying and hectic college life.

   Eagles United
Club Photo Contact Person:Sara Tate
Office Location:Mini Cassia Center


   Early Childhood Education Club
Club Photo Contact Person:Jamie Bridges
Office Location:Pre-School Lab

The Early Childhood Education Club will give ECE students an opportunity to become involved in a professional/student organization. This club will be a student chapter of SRAEYC, our local chapter of the Association for the Education of Young Children. NAEYC is an organization that promotes professionalism in the field, which includes accreditation. We will meet once a month and focus on early childhood topics and community events for families and children. Students will have the opportunity to participate in fundraisers, which will be used to attend conferences and other professional events. The club will also be directed by the needs of its members.

Meeting Place and Time: 3rd Tuesday of the month at 1:00 at CSI Preschool Lab (246 Falls Ave.)

   Engineering Klub
Club Photo Contact Person:Bill Eberlein
Office Location:Shields 206-c

It shall be the purpose of this organization to provide educational information, activities, and opportunities supplemental to the engineering curriculum.

   Highland Culture Club
Club Photo Contact Person:Joseph Lemoine
Office Location:Maintenance

Meet in the Fine Arts building 5pm every other Thursday.

Club Photo Contact Person:Chance Munns
Office Location:Evergreen A-32

Meet: In the Ag Library every first Tuesday of every month.

Our goal as responsible stewards of planet earth is to foster integrity and excellence in ourselves-and by our example, the same in others. As members of the CSI Horticulture Club, we have committed ourselves to this process through service to our fellow students, institution, and our community. We believe through fostering cooperation between students and organizations, creating opportunity for ourselves as well as others, and striving to always exceed requirements and expectations we can all successfully achieve our goals.

   Hospitality Tourism Events
Club Photo Contact Person:Dianne Jolovich
Office Location:Desert 107-A

This club involves active membership and participation in the CSI management Education Association. Activities include business-oriented community and campus projects, professional development projects, field trips, guest speakers from Management, state and national competition, business-oriented workshops and seminars, and leadership development activities. This club (course) may be repeated up to four times for a total of four (4) credits.

Contact Person:Sheri Hawley
Office Location:Aspen 165

Meet: Aspen 195; Every 3rd Tuesday at 1:00 p.m.

The Idaho Alliance Leaders of Nursing is the professional organization for students in the PN nursing program, advised by member and the faculty. The purpose of IALN at CSI are 1. To enhance nursing education to provide higher quality health care; 2. To provide programs representative of fundamental and current professional interests and concerns; 3. To aid the students in the development of their professional roles; and 4. To provide support and communication among students in nursing education. The functions of IALN at CSI are as follows: 1. To provide support to campus clubs and activities, 2. To provide input into the nursing education process, 3. To promote and encourage participation in community affairs and activities related to improve health care and the resolution of social issues surrounding health care, 4. To promote and encourage recruitment efforts, participation in student activities and educational opportunities regardless of the person's race, color, creed, sex, lifestyle, national origin, age, or economic status.

Contact Person:Dennis Heiner
Office Location:Evergreen C-92

The International Business Club will devote one hour a week to learning about other countries and their business procedures. Each student is required to give a presentation on the country of his/her choice.

Club Photo Contact Person:Linda 'Susan' Narasimhan
Office Location:HSHS 222

The Idaho Student Nurses Association (ISNA) is a professional organization for PRE and Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) students at the College of Southern Idaho (CSI).The purpose and function of this association is to exemplify nursing leadership by interacting and contributing to campus, community, educational, and professional nursing endeavors.

Please review ISNA @ and the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) @ for benefits. You must register through at

Upon registration, please contact the person listed above for details on Blackboard registration and becoming part of the CSI/ISNA team.

Contact Person:Brent Jensen
Office Location:Fine Arts 126

The object of this organization shall be to further, promote, and explore the world of jazz music, both on and off-campus, and wherever possible to assist students who so desire to develop jazz performing skills.

Contact Person:Bryan Matsuoka
Office Location:Evergreen/ISBDC C-77

Purpose and Objectives:
1. To stimulate interest in the sport of Judo.
2. To promote and encourage Judo Competiotion.
3. To work in cooperation with the United State Judo Federation.
4. To develop the sport for the College of Southern Idaho.

   Latinos Unidos
Club Photo Contact Person:Adam Crofts
Office Location:Canyon 106D

Latinos Unidos Club provides educational, social, and cultural opportunities. Latinos Unidos Club encourages students to continue hogher education, involvement in the community, and cultural enrichment. Latinos Unidos Cllub also participates in several special events at CSI. Among those are: Cinco de Mayo, Multicultural Day, and Abriendo Caminos. We invite new members to come to our meetings.

   Law Enforcement
Club Photo Contact Person:Don Hall
Office Location:Canyon 206

We believe in the values and foundations of the criminal justice system. We pledge to honor and obey the laws that we will enforce and to ethically protect our communities. We also will honor the Interclub rules and guidelines as outlined. In working together as a team we will promote the college mission as well as other Interclub organizations.

   Longboarders Club
Club Photo Contact Person:John Twiss
Office Location:Recreation Center 227

The Longboarders’ Club’s goal is to further spread the sport of longboarding, to teach those who wish to be taught, and provide a place for those who can appreciate the sport of longboarding and would like to interact with or join the longboarding community here at CSI! The Longboarders’ Club will provide a friendly community where all fellow Longboarders can get to know each other, learn more about the sport, how to ride safely, and lastly the club is full of those who regularly ride, are well educated in the sport and know of all the best local places to cruise!

   Math Club
Club Photo Contact Person:Cindy Dickson
Office Location:Shields 207C

Meeting place and Time: Tuesday 1p.m., Shields 203

The Math Club purpose is to increase interest in Math among the student body.
Our goals are to participate in Math conferences and contests throughout the year. Also, of course we are glad to participate and help in college social activities.

Club Photo Contact Person:Kory Lloyd
Office Location:Shields 112

The mission of MechTech is to provide multi-department projects to help students understand the context of their education as it applies to the real world. This involves funding, designing, building, and operating exciting projects like full-sized functioning BattleMechs. The organization meets monthly on the 2nd Thursday at 1:00 p.m. in the ATIC Building, room 123.

Contact Person: Kory Lloyd or Andy Cluff
Office Location: Shields 112 or Shields 206-C
Phone: 208-732-6811 or 208-732-6829
E-mail: or

   Medical Assistant
Club Photo Contact Person:Kara Mahannah
Office Location:HSHS 133

Meet: HSHS rm. 182, monthly or as needed.

The Medical Assistant Club is dedicated to education and service. The club does projects annually to help the members attend state medical assisting seminars. The club will also participate in public activities, attend Interclub meetings. The club plans to donate money to organizations such as the American Red Cross and the Idaho Meth Project.

Club Photo Contact Person:Gene Conley
Office Location:Fine Arts 80

NAfME is the world's largest arts education organization and the only association that addresses all aspects of music education. More than 142,000 members and supporters represent all levels of teaching from preschool to graduate school. Since 1907, NAfME has worked to ensure that every student has access to a well-balanced, comprehensive, and high-quality program of music instructions taught by qualified teachers.

   Phi Theta Kappa- PTK
Club Photo Contact Person:Shilo Smith
Office Location:Aspen 118

Phi Theta Kappa is an International Two Year College Honors Society. People in Phi Theta Kappa are all around campus, from the arts all the way to the physical sciences. We meet every Wednesday from 2:30 until 3:30 in Hepworth 182, and our advisor is Shilo Smith (Hepworth 118). The requirements are that the student has a 3.5 GPA and a one-time $85 fee. You also get a free T-Shirt and Pin!

   Radiologic Technology Club
Contact Person:Gary Lauer
Office Location:Aspen 156

We meet as needed to provide the guidance needed to put on a Rad. Tech. Seminar each year. These meetings are conducted typically in the Rad. Tech. classroom, as the entire active club is already in attendance.

The Rad. Tech. Seminar is a public service to the medical staff in the area as we provide needed continuing educational credits through a JCERT approved class. As part of this we gather gifts to give out at the seminar, raise money from local business that support the medical industry, and charge a small class fee to the participants.

   Renewable Energy Club
Club Photo Contact Person:Kip Morris
Office Location:ATIC Building

To promote knowledge of and appreciation for emerging renewable energy sources at College of Southern Idaho and throughout our community.

Contact Person(s) Advisor(s):
Kip Morris 732-6377
Kyle Brown 732-6404

Meeting Place and Time:
Applied Technology and Innovation Center (ATIC)
Club holds regular meetings on Mondays at 11:00 am during Fall and Spring Semesters.

   Running Club
Club Photo Contact Person:Jaime Tigue
Office Location:Gym 226

The running club helps to put on the fun runs. We also try to help out at all the events that Interclub puts on.

   Science Club
Club Photo Contact Person:Shawn Willsey
Office Location:Evergreen A-18

Meet: 2nd Tuesday at 4pm, 4th Thursday at 5pm in Shields Rm. 201.

The purpose of Science Club is to have a club so those that like science or are interested in science can join. The science club wants to offer opportunities for students to have knowledge about job opportunities that deal with science. We also want to inform the community about the different disciplines of science that all help people understand how science affects people's lives. We are also here to help out the community and help provide science supplies to surrounding schools that are in need.

   SMILES Club
Club Photo Contact Person:Cynthia Harding
Office Location:HSHS124

It shall be the purpose of SMILES CLUB to stimulate interest, awareness and provide educational information.
Membership shall be open to any student attending and enrolled in the Dental Hygiene Program at the College of Southern Idaho, CSI.

   Teacher Education Club
Contact Person:Evin Fox
Office Location:Hepworth Higher Education Center 121

The CSI Education Club is a diverse group of future educators. We acknowledge that we are lifetime learners. CSI Education Club will address the changing issues in education and help all education majors by fully utilizing all resources and Faculty that the College of Southern Idaho has to offer.

Core Staff Mission: Our mission is to engage student members by promoting high quality professional educators through confidence, support, information, and mentorship. We (Leadership Officers) have the responsibility to develop a worthwhile and informative program for the year. Our priorities are set around a predetermined agenda in conjunction with the CSI yearly activity schedule.

Requirements for membership: The NEA charge is $23.00 for members seeking NEA involvement. All core members must pay these due in order to attend the IEA/NEA

Being a member of the TEA club requires active involvement in the public schools and with public education students. Fundraisers are provided to earn money for activities. The clubs biggest Fundraiser is selling programs at all CSI home basketball games. Pizza parties are a favorite as well as celebrating Dr. Seuss's Birthday. Some other activities include Halloween Carnival, Lane of Trees, Easter Egg Hunt Carnival, Renaissance Fair, Delegates Assembly, Stake Holders meetings, Student leadership meetings, and other student program activities.

   United Signers Club
Club Photo Contact Person:Dawnette Reis
Office Location:Canyon 106E

The United Signers club meets every third Tuesday of the month at 1pm in the Fine Arts Lounge. During our meetings we discuss different events that are going on the community. We also will plan our silent socials and other events. We also will discuss fundraising and anything else that needs to be discussed. If anything else comes up during the month we will communicate via e-mail or phone calls.

   Veterinary Technology Club
Club Photo Contact Person:Jody Rockett
Office Location:Evergreen A-33

Metting Place and Time: Evergreen Room A-20 Every Wednesday during VET Technology Organizational and leadership Class From 12-1pm.

Veterinary Technology club main purpose it to help develop traits and attributes that are important to the Veterinary Profession. As well as participating in various community development and awareness activities. The club also serves as a way for all the Veterinary Technology students to get together and have a chance to build friendships. We also enrich educational experience through service to the profession as well as the community.
Our club is about learning, building friendship, meeting new people, and having fun.

Club Photo Contact Person:Clay Wilkie
Office Location:Desert 100-A

Meeting times: Weekly Monday Mornings approx 8:00-9:00 am

The Welding Club is concerned with uniting students currently enrolled in the welding program with each other and the community. We have fund raising auctions that demonstrate our skills and knowledge learned in the trade of Welding to the general public.

As a club, members participate in multiple events throughout the semester on and off campus to promote unity between the members and raise money for club activities and a needy family (Christmas). Some of the events include our semi-annual Auction, Feel Good Fridays, Halloween Carnival, Lane of trees (Christmas), Easter egg hunt, Fund Raisers, Raffles, and Weekly Club Meetings. As well as BAR-B-Q ‘s, and pizza days to promote unity, organization between the club members, all while having fun while we learn.



Contact Information:
Location: 2nd floor of Taylor Administrative Building, in the Student Union
Phone: 208-732-6221
Fax: 208-736-4705