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To login use the same username and password that you use to log on the CSI network, MyCSI, and EagleMail (if you are a student) or CSI e-mail (if you are a member of the faculty or staff). If you have changed your password, the password listed in the following examples should be replaced with the password you set.

Instructions for Students:

  • username: Student ID Number
  • password: Student Birthdate - mmddyyyy
    • No spaces anywhere. If you did not register a birthdate with CSI, your birthday will be 01011970.
  • Example 1: John Q. Public, born September 15, 1991. ID#: 201111
    • username: 201111
    • password: 09151991
  • Example 2: Mary Hernandez-Garcia, born May 1, 1950. ID# 8372
    • username: 8372
    • password: 05011950
  • Example 3: Paul McCartney, no birth date. ID#: 93829
    • username: 93829
    • password: 01011970

If you have difficulties logging in, please contact our webmaster at helpdesk@csi.edu or call (208) 732-6897.