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Plumbing Program

About the Program

  • Plumbing Apprenticeship is a 4 year program;
  • Registration is open every year from May through August;
  • Tuition cost of the program is $300 per semester. Books are not included;
  • Classes are held in the evenings, three hours per night, and twice a week for a minimum of twelve weeks per semester;
  • A grade of 70% or higher is required to pass.
  • The state requires a minimum of 144 hours per year, plus 8,000 hours of documented work experience. Completion must be documented each year with the State of Idaho Plumbing Bureau before the journeyman exam can be taken.
  • The program teaches mathematics for plumbing, blueprint reading, drafting techniques, welding and safety; the differences between plumbing in a residential building compared to a commercial structure.

Idaho has a reciprocal journeyman license agreement with the following states: Washington / Montana / Oregon

Entrance Requirements

  • Be at least 16 years of age.
  • Apply for Apprentice Plumbing License through Idaho Division of Building Safety (208-332-7117),
  • Be employed by a licensed Plumbing Contractor. Work under the constant supervision of a licensed Journeyman Plumber or Master Plumber.
  • Be enrolled in CSI Plumbing Apprenticeship Program.


  • Twin Falls
  • Burley
  • Hailey

Journeyman Plumbers

Journeyman Plumbers can install and maintain water and sewer lines, as well as kitchen, bathroom and laundry fixtures and appliances. They may be called upon to do work in residences or businesses, and so must be capable of both small-scale and large-scale work. They must work in the employ of a master plumber or similarly licensed contractor, but can perform many jobs without direct supervision.

Apprentice Plumber

An apprentice is a training-level employee who works in the building and construction trades while also attending classes to learn industry skills and safety techniques. Wages for an apprentice increase over the course of this training, which lasts from two to five years depending on the trade. An apprentice who graduates to journey-person is recognized as a well-qualified worker who can command the best wages and benefits.

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