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Outstanding Student Leader

Outstanding Student Leader
Samantha Cavin

Sophomore Senator Samantha Cavin was chosen as the ASCSI Student Government's Outstanding Senator for the Fall Semester of 2015. She has a great attitude and pursuit to make our campus better for students. Thank you Samantha!

Outstanding Student Organization

Outstanding Student Organization

Spectrum is a student organization at the College of Southern Idaho. Our purpose is to promote awareness and educate our campus and community about the lesbian, gay, bisexual, alternative sex, heterosexual, and gender cultures. We encourage acceptance, tolerance, and self pride within our community through community involvement. We also provide support for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals on campus and to their families and friends.

We set our feet on these grounds of the College of Southern Idaho to help create safe and knowledgeable environment for the LGBT community. We are here to create an alliance group joining the bisexuals, homosexual, transgender, and heterosexuals on campus. We are here to make it known that the LGBT community isn't a bad community, we are just like everyone else. We are here to make known that we deserve our rights just like everyone else.

We are happy, we are proud; we are here to sing aloud, we are nice; we are kind; we have many things alike, we deserve our rights just like anybody else, so we will tell you that we are here.