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Spring 2014
Add   Start Date End Date Course Title Location Price
4/26/2014 4/26/2014 Bosnian Pita CSI Campus $35.00
5/7/2014 5/7/2014 Building Your Financial Portfolio CSI Campus $40.00
4/28/2014 4/30/2014 Finally Homebuyers Education CSI Campus $20.00
5/8/2014 5/8/2014 Fly Fishing for Fun CSI Campus $40.00
5/1/2014 5/1/2014 From Your Camera to Your Computer CSI Campus $15.00
5/12/2014 5/12/2014 Glassapalooza! Off-Campus $20.00
4/26/2014 4/26/2014 Hiking Series:Black Canyon Off-Campus $12.00
5/15/2014 5/15/2014 Introduction to Hydrotherapy CSI Campus $20.00
5/7/2014 5/7/2014 Introduction to Instagram CSI Campus $19.00
5/13/2014 5/13/2014 Managing Blood Pressure Naturally CSI Campus $20.00
5/8/2014 5/8/2014 Publishing Your First Book CSI Campus $20.00
4/26/2014 4/26/2014 Reiki Level 2 CSI Campus $272.00
4/28/2014 4/29/2014 Whole Grain Nutrition Wk 2 CSI Campus $30.00
5/5/2014 5/6/2014 Whole Grain Nutrition Wk 3 CSI Campus $30.00
5/8/2014 5/8/2014 Writing Your First Book CSI Campus $20.00
5/8/2014 5/8/2014 Writing/Publishing Your First Book CSI Campus $35.00

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