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University Programs in Twin Falls

Boise State University

Adriana Martinez-Saldana
Hepworth Building Room 144D
Phone: (208) 933-2305
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Boise State Flex at CSI:

  • Experienced working with adult students with families, including transfer and military students
  • Prepared to advise you on applying, registering and adapting to changing circumstances
  • Dedicated to helping simplify your student experience so you can focus on what matters to you

Transfer students from CSI or CWI:

  • Guaranteed admission to Boise State, upon successful completion of an A.A., A.S., or AAS degree from the College of Western Idaho or the College of Southern Idaho (Limited and selective access programs may require additional admissions requirements/processes.)
  • Seamless transfer, with all College of Western Idaho and College of Southern Idaho academic credits transferring to Boise State
  • Reserved seats at the first transfer student orientation
  • Dedicated Boise State transfer admissions counselor at College of Western Idaho and College of Southern Idaho to facilitate the application process
  • Coordinated academic advising between Boise State and College of Western Idaho and College of Southern Idaho
  • The choice of any edition of the Boise State catalog, provided that the catalog was published and was in force while you were enrolled at Boise State and/or College of Western Idaho or College of Southern Idaho, and provided that the catalog is no older than six (6) academic years at the time of your graduation from Boise State University.
  • Access to Boise State's Career Center Services
  • Free admission to select Bronco athletic events

Undergraduate Programs with courses available at CSI campus:

• BSW, Social Work

Boise State Online Programs

Undergraduate Programs

  • BBA, Accountancy
  • BS, Criminal Justice
  • BAS, Bachelor of Applied Science
  • BA, Multidisciplinary Studies
  • BA, Public Health
  • BA, Public Relations
  • BBA, Management
  • BA, Integrated Strategic Communications
  • BS, Cyber Operations and Resilience (uCORe)
  • BA, Digital Innovation + Design
  • BS, Imaging Sciences
  • BS, Nursing - RN to BSN
  • BS, Respiratory Care

Graduate Programs

  • MBA, Master of Business Administration
  • ME, Early and Special Education
  • MS, Educational Technology
  • MN, Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner (AGNP)
  • MS, Accountancy
  • MS, Genetic Counseling
  • MA, in Education, Literacy
  • MS, Cyber Operations and Resilience
  • MS, Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning
  • MPHSM, Master of Population and Health Systems Management
  • MS, Respiratory Care
  • MSN, Master of Social Work
  • MET, Early Childhood Intervention
  • MET, Special Education
  • Ed.S, Educational Technology

Doctorate Programs

  • Ed.D, Educational Technology
  • DNP, Nursing Practice in Leadership

Undergraduate Certificates

  • Applied Leadership
  • +Business
  • Business Creation
  • Conflict Management
  • Communication Management
  • Cyber Operations
  • Cyber-Physical Systems Security for All
  • Cryptography and Cryptanalysis
  • ID:EA
  • Media Content Management
  • Public Health
  • User Experience Research: UX Professional Certificate (UXPRO)
  • Harvard Business School Online at Boise State: Credential of Readiness (CORe)

Graduate Certificates

  • Accounting Foundations
  • Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner
  • Applied Public Administration
  • Behavioral Interventions and Supports
  • Conflict Management
  • Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL)
  • Analyst and Threat Intelligence
  • Resilience Engineering
  • Governance and Policy Administration
  • Cryptology Security Analyst
  • Early Childhood Intervention Services and Supports
  • Early Childhood Special Education
  • Educational Games and Simulation
  • English Language Development Pre-K-12
  • Instructional Interventions and Supports
  • Instructional Technology Coaching
  • Literacy Instruction
  • Literacy Partnership
  • Online Teaching
  • School Technology Coordination
  • Special Education Services and Supports
  • Technology Integration
  • User Research
  • Workplace E-Learning Design and Development
  • Workplace Instructional Design
  • Workplace Performance Improvement


  • Idaho ENL/Bilingual Endorsement
  • Idaho K-12 Online Teaching Endorsement
Idaho State University

Christy Bowman-Lantz
Hepworth Building 144A
Phone: (208) 933-2302
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Located in the Hepworth Building at CSI, the center's professional staff members serve students in and around the Magic Valley, as well as those transferring or commuting to Pocatello.

Bengal Bound

Undergraduate Programs

  • AS, Emergency Management
  • AS, Fire Services Administration
  • BA, Anthropology
  • BA, Early Childhood Education Blended
  • BA/BS, Elementary Education
  • BA/BS, Secondary Education, Methodology Courses
  • BS, Secondary Education, Endorsements in Art or Family & Consumer Science
  • BA/BS, Secondary Education, Endorsement in Business Technology
  • BS, Workplace Training and Leadership
  • BA, General Studies
  • BA, Global Studies
  • BA, History
  • BA, Finance
  • BBA, Management
  • BBA, Marketing
  • BA/BS, Psychology
  • BS, Emergency Management
  • BS, Emergency Medical Services
  • BS, Fire Services Administration
  • BSN, Nursing – RN to BSN Completion
  • BA, Sociology
  • BA, Spanish
  • BA, Spanish for Health Professions
  • BS, Surveying and Geomatics Engineering Technology
  • HCAP, Healthcare Administration

Graduate Programs

  • MA/MS, Anthropology
  • MA, Education
  • MA, History
  • MA, Sociology
  • MA, Spanish
  • MA, Teaching
  • MBA, Master of Business Administration
  • MA, Communication
  • M.Ed, Instructional Design and Technology
  • M.Ed, Master of Elementary Education
  • M.Ed, Master of Secondary Education
  • MHE, Master of Health Education
  • MHA, Master of Health Administration
  • M.Ed, Master of Education of School Psychological Examiner
  • Ed.S, Education Administration
  • Ed.S, School Psychology
  • MPH, Master of Public Health
  • M.Ed, K-12 Education Administration
  • M.Ed, Education Administration with Athletic Administration Emphasis
  • MS, Dental Hygiene
  • MS, Nursing Education
  • MS, Speech Language Pathology
  • MS, Athletic Training
  • MS, Health Informatics
  • MS, Workplace Training and Leadership

Doctorate Programs

  • Ed.D, Educational Leadership
    • Concentrations in K-12, Higher Education, or Instructional Design
  • DNP, Doctor of Nursing Practice
  • Ph.D, Doctor of Nursing
  • Ph.D, Doctor of Rehabilitation and Communication Science

Undergraduate Certificates

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Elementary Education
  • Secondary Education, Methodology Courses
  • Career & Technical Education
  • Speech Language Pathology
University of Idaho

Eduardo Reyes
Hepworth Building, 144
Phone: (208) 933-2308

The University of Idaho, in partnership with the College of Southern Idaho, offers a 2+2 degree program in Twin Falls. The major is Agricultural Science, Communication, and Leadership and builds on an associate of arts degree in agriculture.

For more information about this program contact Amanda Moore-Kriwox, located in the Evergreen Building B56, 208-736-3624, or email

Undergraduate Programs

  • BS, Agricultural Science, Communication and Leadership
  • B.S.Ed, Career & Technical Education
  • BS, Civil Engineering
  • BA/BS, Communication
  • BS, Computer Engineering
  • BS, Computer Science
  • BS, Criminology
  • BS, Electrical Engineering
  • BS, Environmental Science
  • BGS, General Studies
  • BA/BS, History
  • BS, Human Development and Family Studies
  • BA/BS, Interdisciplinary Studies
  • BS, Mechanical Engineering
  • BS, Organizational Sciences
  • BA/BS, Psychology
  • BS, Statistics
  • BA/BS/BFA, Theatre Arts

Graduate Programs

  • MS, Adult Organizational Learning & Leadership
  • MS, Athletic Training
  • MS, MS, Bioregional Planning & Community Design
  • Ed.S/M.Ed, Curriculum and Instruction
  • Ed.S/M.Ed, Educational Leadership
  • M.Engr, Engineering Management
  • M.Engr/MS, Civil Engineering
  • M.Engr/MS, Computer Engineering
  • MS, Computer Science
  • M.Engr/MS, Mechanical Engineering
  • M.Engr/MS, Electrical Engineering
  • MS, MS, Environmental Science
  • MS, Geological Engineering
  • MA, History
  • MA/MS, Interdisciplinary Studies
  • MNR, Natural Resources
  • M.Ed, Physical Education & Physical Activity Pedagogy
  • MS, Psychology
  • MPA, Public Administration
  • M.Ed, Special Education
  • MS, Statistics
  • MS, Technology Management
  • MFA, Theatre Arts

Doctorate Programs

  • DAT, Athletic Training
  • Ph.D, Civil Engineering
  • Ph.D, Computer Science
  • Ed.D/Ph.D, Education
  • Ph.D, Electrical Engineering
  • Ph.D, Environmental Science
  • Ph.D, History
  • Ph.D, Mechanical Engineering
  • Ph.D, Psychology
  • JD, Bioregional Planning & Community Design
  • JD, Environmental Science
Lewis-Clark State College

E. Rosita Nabarrete
Hepworth Building 127B
Phone: (208) 366-5644

Earn Your Degree Online!

LCSC offers over 100 distance delivery (online) courses each semester.

Make your own degree with our unique online Interdisciplinary Studies Program with various emphasis areas from different disciplines including Communications, Biology, Business, History, Native American Studies, Health/Kinesiology, English, and others. Find more information at

Undergraduate Programs

  • ITC, Early Childhood Development
  • ITC, Web Design
  • ATC, Early Childhood Development
  • AA, Behavioral Science
  • AS, Business Administration
  • AAS, Early Childhood Development
  • AA, Liberal Arts
  • AS, Marketing
  • AAS, Web Design & Development
  • BA/BS, Business & Communication
  • BA/BS, Business Administration
  • BA/BS, Management Accounting
  • BAS, Early Childhood Development
  • BA/BS, General Business
  • BA/BS, General Studies: Business
  • BA/BS, General Studies: Humanities
  • BA/BS, General Studies: Social Sciences
  • BA/BS, Interdisciplinary Studies
  • BSN, Nursing - RN to BSN
  • BA/BS Sport Administration
  • BAS, Web Design & Development
Western Governors University

Megan Dibb
(385) 428-9492

Andy Moore
(206) 619-3725

You started your educational journey—now it's time to finish it at WGU. If you earned your associate degree at a community college in Idaho, you can keep the momentum going and get your bachelor's at WGU. If you are a resident of Idaho seeking to receive a bachelor's or master's degree in top career fields, we can help you! WGU is proud to offer great benefits and a flexible, affordable education to Idaho residents.

Transfer Pathways

Transfer Website

Undergraduate Programs

  • BS, Business Administration-Accounting
  • BS, Business Administration-IT Management
  • BS, Business Administration-Healthcare Management
  • BS, Health Information Management
  • BS, Business Administration-Business Management
  • BS, Business Administration-Human Resources Management
  • BS, Business Administration-Marketing
  • BS, Health Services Coordination
  • BS, Nursing – RN to BSN Online
  • BS, Network Operations and Security
  • BS, Cybersecurity and Information Assurance
  • BS, Data Management/Data Analytics
  • BS, Information Technology
  • BS, Cloud Computing
  • BS, Computer Science
  • BS, Software Development
  • BA, Special Education (Mild to Moderate)
  • BS, Science Education (Secondary Chemistry)
  • English Language Learning (PreK-12) Endorsement Preparation Program
  • BA, Elementary Education
  • BS, Science Education (Middle Grades)
  • BS, Science Education (Secondary Physics)
  • BS, Science Education (Secondary Earth Science)
  • BA, Special Education and Elementary Education (Dual Licensure)
  • BS, Science Education (Secondary Chemistry)
  • BS, Science Education (Secondary Biological Science)

 Graduate Programs

  • MBA, Healthcare Management
  • MBA, Information Technology Management
  • MHL, Master of Health Leadership
  • MS, Management and Leadership
  • MBA, Master of Business Administration
  • MS, Accounting
  • MS, Data Analytics
  • MS, Nursing-Leadership and Management – RN to MSN
  • MS, Nursing-Leadership and Management – BSN to MSN
  • MS, Nursing-Education – RN to MSN
  • MS, Nursing-Nursing Informatics – RN to MSN
  • MS, Nursing-Education – BSN to MSN
  • MS, Nursing-Nursing Informatics – BSN to MSN
  • MS, Family Nurse Practitioner
  • MS, Cybersecurity and Information Assurance
  • MS, Information Technology Management
  • MA, Secondary Education (Secondary Biological Science)
  • MA, Mathematics Education (K-6)
  • MA, English Language Learning (PreK-12)
  • MA, Teaching, Elementary Education
  • MA, Teaching, Mathematics Education (Middle Grades)
  • MS, Curriculum and Instruction
  • MA, Teaching, Special Education (K-12)
  • MS, Educational Leadership
  • MA, Science Education (Middle Grades)
  • MA, Science Education (Secondary Physics)
  • MA, Science Education (Secondary Earth Science)
  • MA, Mathematics Education (Secondary)
  • MA, Mathematics Education (Middle Grades)
  • MA, Teaching, Mathematics Education (Middle Grades)
  • MA, Teaching, English Education (Secondary)
  • MA, Teaching, Mathematics Education (Secondary)
  • MA, Teaching, Science Education (Secondary)
  • M.Ed, Instructional Design
  • M.Ed, Learning and Technology