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College work-study is a federal and state-funded need-based program for those students who have applied for and are determined to be eligible for this program. Additionally, students’ financial aid files must be complete and awarded before a student is eligible to participate in the work-study program. Due to budget appropriations, there may be a limited number of work-study positions available on campus and work-study positions will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

In the work-study program, students work in exchange for earnings and can work up to their award amount. This usually entails about ten hours of work each week. Job opportunities include work on campus in the College's offices, student recreation center, maintenance, library, and art department.

Contact the Student Financial Aid Office for further details at (208) 732-6250.

Work-Study Job Listings

Visit the CSI EagleJobs board for the latest Work-Study Job Openings. Fall and Spring positions will be posted approximately two weeks before the beginning of the semester.

Current Work-Study Jobs


  • Have valid FAFSA for the academic year
  • Financial Need
  • Enrolled at least 1/2 time basis
  • Be in "Good" or "Warning" Sap Standing (CSI's Sap Policy)

Work-Study Guidelines

  • The student must complete Work-Study Forms
  • The student must immediately cease working upon their complete withdrawal
  • The student may not earn more than their award per semester.
  • The student may not work during their scheduled class hours
  • The student must keep an accurate timesheet 
  • The student must arrange the work schedule with their supervisor
  • The student must provide notification to the supervisor if unable to report for scheduled hours
  • The student will receive a monthly paycheck
  • Work-Study employees must adhere to all CSI policies and procedures
  • Understanding the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is an important part of your job. After you are hired, you will be enrolled in the CSI Employee Compliance Training course and FERPA will be an important part of the content you will need to complete. 

Steps to Secure a Work-Study Position

  1. Apply for Federal Financial Aid online at
  2. Receive Financial Aid Award Notification from the CSI Financial Aid Office indicating that you qualify for work-study
  3. Review open work-study positions listed under the Work-Study Job Listings section on this page and find a job that you would like to apply for. Contact the supervisor to schedule an interview
  4. If you are selected for the position you MUST complete additional documentation, begin by filling out the employment application found under the Work-Study Forms Section on this page.  (You will need to turn the employment application into the Financial Aid Office.)
  5. Before you can begin working, you MUST obtain a Work-Study Eligibility form from the Financial Aid Office
  6. If you have not been employed by CSI within the last two years, you MUST print and complete the new-hire packet listed under the Work-Study Forms section on this page
    • If you are required to submit the new-hire packet you MUST also provide acceptable documents to verify employment eligibility (see the list on the back of Form I-9) AND you MUST provide your Social Security Card for Payroll
  7. Finally, take your Work-Study Eligibility form, completed a new-hire packet with your documentation of employment eligibility, AND your Social Security Card to the HR Office located in the Taylor Building, Room 123.  You will receive documentation verifying that you are eligible to begin working, you must submit the documentation to your supervisor BEFORE you begin working

Work-Study Hire Process

Once you have been offered a position complete the following steps.

  1. Print & Complete the Following HR Packet. Click here to download the file. *Must provide Social Security Card and picture ID with the I-9 Form
  2. Stop by the Financial Aid Office (with your completed HR Packet) to receive your Work-Study Eligibility form


In order to have a request for a new work-study position considered, you must complete the following form and provide all necessary information. The request will then be submitted for review and consideration to the Vice President who oversees your Department and/or Office.

Work-Study Position Request Form