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RN Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a current Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certification before I apply to the ASNP (RN) program?

  • Yes, it must be a current and unencumbered CNA certification. Expired certifications will not be accepted.
  • We do accept out of state CNA certification, as long as it can be validated that it is current.

How do I obtain my CNA certification?

There are two (2) routes:

  • Students can take Allied Health 102 (ALLH 102) for six (6) credits, or

  • Students can take HWFE 102 for non-credit through CSI's Workforce Development Program.

    • For upcoming availability, please see your MyCSI account for ALLH 102 or CSI Workforce for HWFE 102.

  • After successful completion of CNA courses, there are two tests (Skills and Written) that will need to be taken. Certification will come from Idaho Department of Health and Welfare after the successful completion of the two tests.
How do I renew my CNA license?
  • For questions about a lapsed or expired CNA license, contact Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (800) 748-2480
Which courses/certifications are required to complete before applying to the RN program?
  • Current CNA certification
  • College Algebra (MATH 143) or Elementary Statistics (MATH 153) (preferred)
  • Fundamentals of Communications (COMM 101) or Critical Thinking and Argumentation (COMM 209)
  • General Psychology (PSYC 101)
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology 1 (BIOL 227)
  • Fundamentals of Nutrition (ALLH 220)
Will I need to retake my Science and Math classes if it has been many years since taking these courses?
  • Yes, all Science and Math courses have to be completed within the last five (5) years of applying.
How many applicants are accepted into the RN programs each semester?
  • Currently, 56 applicants are accepted in the fall and spring semesters via the traditional ASNP program and start in the first semester.
  • Four (4) students will begin in the second semester each fall and spring for the LPN to ASNP program.
In case of an emergency, am I able to take a semester off and then come back?
  • Yes, however, you must reapply to the RN program.
  • Returning students are not guaranteed a seat.
What are the minimum acceptable grades for my pre-requisites?
  • You must maintain a grade of "C" or better in all pre-requisite courses.
  • Starting with the fall 2024 application cycle, a minimum cumulative GPA from the last five (5) years is a 3.0, and a minimum TEAS score of 58.7%.
I have taken classes at a different school, can I transfer those credits?
  • Information regarding transferring credits can be found in the CSI catalog under Articulation and Transfer.
  • All students with transfer credits must have them evaluated by the registrar prior to application to the RN program.

Can I transition from and LPN to the RN program?

  • Yes, you can. We accept about four (4) applicants each fall and spring semester
How long does it take to complete the RN program?
  • The program takes two (2) years to complete.
Is there an alternate application list?
  • Yes, there is an alternate list for the current application cycle only. If not selected, you must reapply to the RN program.
How do I obtain a copy of my graduation audit?
  • Go to your MyCSI account, click on Reports & Forms, it will be the last option under My Academic Records.
Can students increase the speed in which they complete the Nursing program (NURR) courses (for example, taking NURR 110 and NURR 114 in the same term)?
  • The program being cohort based and the sequence of courses building into each other does not allow for students to accelerate the Nursing (NURR) courses. They must be taken in order as outlined in the catalog.
  • You can possibly accelerate the pre-admission/general classes, depending on how many you wish to take per semester and if you want to add in summer terms.
How often can I take the TEAS?
  • The TEAS score is good for 12 months. Students can use it within the 12 month time frame before needing to retest.
Do I need to provide a copy of my TEAS score with my application?
  • You are required to upload an electronic copy of your TEAS score with your application.
What if I have taken other science or health related courses not listed for points on the score sheet? Can those still count (example: BIOL 201)?
  • The only courses considered, at this time, is CHEM 101, BIOL 221 and Medical Terminology with a grade of a "B" or higher. Courses such as BIOL 201 will not be counted. There may be exceptions for higher based classes that relate to nursing such as pharmacology and pathophysiology. 
If a student has completed the LPN program and is applying as an LPN to RN transition applicant, do they still have to take the TEAS exam?
  • Yes, all students are required to take the TEAS exam when applying to the RN program. Even those who are already LPN certified.

I am planning on continuing my education for a BSN. What courses do I need for transfer?

  • It is best to consult with a representative from the school you wish to transfer to ensure all course requirements are met for entrance into the institutions program. You may visit with your Student Success Advisor at CSI for assistance in obtaining basic transfer and contact information for this transition.
I have my (EMS, MA, Pharmacy Tech, Liberal Arts, etc.) certification/degree. Can I earn points for another degree other than the Health Science AS outlined on the score sheet?
  • We give points by degree, but do not give points for certifications.

How much does an RN earn?