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Parking and Traffic

Campus Driving Policy Statement

No person, while operating a vehicle on the campus of the College of Southern Idaho, will drive a vehicle at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent under the conditions, and having regard to the actual and potential hazards there existing. Consistent with the foregoing, every person will drive at a safe and appropriate speed when special hazards exist with respect to pedestrians or other traffic or by reason of weather or roadway conditions.

Speed Limit

The speed limit as hereinafter authorized will be a maximum of twenty (20) miles per hour. Failure to comply with maximum and safe limits may result in the issuance of a citation by law enforcement; employee disciplinary action; or sanctions pursuant to the College of Southern Idaho Student Code of Conduct.

Seat Belt Use

College of Southern Idaho employees and their passengers shall wear seat belts in all seating positions while driving or riding in college-owned vehicles (if the vehicle is so equipped with safety restraints).

Parking Regulations General

Parking is permitted in designated parking areas only. Parking is not permitted in fire lanes, handicapped spaces, no parking zones, or other areas not posted for parking.

Special Permit Required

It is recognized that on occasion, loading and unloading of vehicles is necessary in campus areas that are not permitted for parking. Special, short term permits are available through the campus safety department for this purpose. Vehicles parked in prohibited areas without a short-term permit will be cited for improper parking.

Parking in Fire Lanes

Parking in designated fire lanes is strictly prohibited.

Towing and Impound

Vehicles improperly parked and causing a clear public safety hazard may be towed and impounded at the owner's expense. Campus Safety will make a reasonable attempt to locate the driver/owner before towing a vehicle.

Campus Parking Citations

Campus Safety has been delegated the responsibility for traffic enforcement on the College of Southern Idaho properties. This authority included issuing campus traffic citations.


Law enforcement does have citing authority for certain traffic offenses on campus, which includes handicap parking violations.

Improper Parking Fine

The fine for all improper campus parking violations shall be twenty ($20.00) dollars per offense. The campus fine for improperly parking in a designated handicapped parking space shall be fifty ($50.00) dollars per offense.

Payment Deadline

Improper parking citations shall be paid, or an appeal requested, within five (5) business days of citation issuance. Parking fines shall be paid at the College of Southern Idaho Business Office in the Taylor Administration Building. Requests for Appeal will be addressed Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. in the Campus Safety Office.


The failure to pay an improper parking citation may include additional student sanctions.


Failure to pay an improper parking citation by a staff or faculty member may result in disciplinary action.

Community Member

The failure to pay an improper parking citation by a member of the community may result in seeking judicial remedies.

Student Appeals

Students of the College of Southern Idaho may appeal the parking violation to the Office of the Dean of Students. The decision of the Dean of Students is final.

Staff/Faculty Appeals

Employees of the College of Southern Idaho may appeal the parking violation to the Office of Human Resources. The decision of the Director of Human Resources is final.

Community Member Appeals

Members of the community may appeal a campus parking violation to the Director of Public Safety. The decision of the Director of Public Safety is final.