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Student Government

Welcome to ASCSI

Welcome to the Associated Students of the College of Southern Idaho (ASCSI), also known as the Student Senate. The student senate is a elected body of student representatives that helps ensure student concerns both heard and answered as well as that their ideas are valued, considered, and potentially implemented. 

To learn more click on one of the above links or seek out one of your elected representatives at the Student Senate office located in the 2nd floor of the Taylor Building inside room 234.

Student Senate Duties

The senate handles a wide variety of tasks including the following list: 

  • Coordinating with other colleges to voice student concerns for state legislature
  • Yearly financial budgeting for CSI's many student organizations
  • Voting and debating on many proposals at weekly meetings such as new student organizations, policy changes, and the hosting of large events
  • Providing financial assistance to student clubs and councils hosting programming or events for the student body 
  • Presenting student ideas and petitions to leaders of CSI
  • Advising student clubs and councils through Interclub council and Senator liasons, as well as organizing leadership activities such as challenge courses and retreats 

Current Members

Dylan Ray

Vice President
Mattie McFarlane

Samantha Davis

Hi, my name is Dylan Ray, and I am the Student Body President here at CSI. I am also involved in the Presidential Leadership Program and as an RA at the Eagle View Apartments. My major is Political Science and I hope to one day foster peace across the world as a foreign diplomat; or become mayor of a cute small town and create my perfect "Hallmark" life. I spend my free time working on ASCSI Senate items, reading, dancing, going on adventures, and spending time with my friends. I grew up just north of Twin in a small town called Gooding where I found my love for people while being involved in every leadership role I could. I look forward to continuing to serve CSI and its student body this year.

My name is Mattie McFarlane and I am your ASCSI Vice President! I come from a ranch in Lake Tahoe, NV and am currently studying veterinary technology with the ambitions of becoming a large animal veterinarian. I am an advocate for all things agricultural & a huge supporter of CSI athletics. You can find me in the mountains or at a team roping with my fiancé. I love a good road trip & my puppy, Whisk (no, she’s not a dalmatian). My life motto is “it doesn’t take anything to be a decent human being” and am always looking for the opportunity to be kind. I look forward to giving all students the opportunity to become the best versions of themselves!

Hi everybody, my name is Samantha Davis, and I am your secretary for the 23-24 senate. I am a sophomore and I’m getting my degree in animal science. I am from a small town called St. Anthony which is about 3 hours away from Twin. I grew up on my family ranch. We have all types of different animals. We have cattle, horses, dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, and a rabbit. Growing up with all those animals made me love animals and want to get an animal science degree. I’m not too sure what the future holds but it will definitely involve animals somehow. Some of the things I love to do are read, ride my horses, take pictures and be outside. I have two horses. One is named Galaxy, and the other one is named Rusty. Why I chose to be in Senate was to become more involved. I wanted to meet new people and help them love the college experience.

Jeremiah Garbett

Avery Dewit

Jesus Berumen

Howdy! My name is Jeremiah, and I am the Treasurer of ASCSI Senate this year. I joined the Senate to help the Senate operate more efficiently and am excited to serve the student body during my time in Senate. I am from Gooding Idaho, and I am studying computer science. I enjoy working with my hands, whether it be on cars, woodworking, or computer engineering projects. I also enjoy playing video games and cooking; I consider cooking to be my real passion. I look forward to providing my help at CSI this year.

Fish are my favorite! I am majoring in Aquaculture and working at the CSI hatchery, so my life is all about fish at the moment. I’m from the Twin Falls area and when I’m not being fishy you can find me in the Taylor building where I am the Pro Tempore in ASCSI Student Senate. I welcome any questions or suggestions about the Senate or improving aspects of the CSI campus!

Hello, I am Jesus Berumen. This is my third year at CSI and I'm currently majoring in chemistry and physics, and I'm also an RA at the Eagle Hall dorms here on campus. I was originally born in Mexico, so my first language is Spanish. I now live in American Falls, Idaho. I like to draw, play video games, and play soccer and volleyball in my free time. This will be my second year in the Senate so I'm excited to see all the accomplishments this Senate will do this year!

Jesus Garcia


Allison Hubler

Maya Gonzalez

My name is Jesus Garcia and I'm in the Law Enforcement Program and an RA at the dorms. I have an associate degree in criminal justice and plan to pursue much more. In my free time, I enjoy watching anime, playing board/video games, and going on hikes. My favorite part about being a student leader is being a voice for the student body and seeing the impact I can make on someone's life.

Hi, my name is Allison Hubler. I am from Caldwell ID. I am a second-year student at CSI, studying Agriculture Education. While in high school I participated in 4H, FFA, choir, hockey, volleyball and track. I was also a part of the NHS and AVID. While at CSI I am apart of Student Senate, Interclub President, Agriculture ambassador, PTK member, Student for Public service member, CSI Chamber choir and Ag club member. I am doing intermural softball at CSI on the Power Plower team. I am also 2024 Miss Owyhee County Fair and Rodeo Queen. In my free time I love to paint custom art, ski, ride horses, fly with my dad and be with my family and pets.

Hi, my name is Maya Gonzalez, and I am a freshman in the Veterinary Technology Program where I plan on being a small animal vet tech after graduation. I’m 18 and from Boise where I graduated from Mountain View High School in 2023. In high school I was active in the Meridian FFA Chapter and held an office and multiple chairman position. Being in FFA expanded my love for agriculture and that’s where I discovered an interest in leadership positions. I have one dog back at Boise named Pink who’s a maltipoo and I also have two chickens named Craige and Coal. I love reading, baking, crocheting and of course spending time with others. I really enjoy being a friendly leader, meeting new people and getting involved in new experiences. I’m very excited to be a part of ASCSI and I’m looking forward to trying to improve everything I can. Please don’t hesitate to approach me, I’d love to talk.

Caitlyn Gaskill

Hannah Skinner 

Aydan Egbert

My name is Caitlyn Gaskill, I am from the Twin Falls area, and this is my second year as an Agricultural student at CSI. I grew up on a small farm south of Twin Falls, and I am currently majoring in Agriculture and am working on a certificate in GIS (Geographic Information System Mapping) & GPS. I am an active member of the CSI Ag Club and last spring I had the chance to represent CSI in soil judging at the collegiate level where my team and I brought home the 3rd place banner. When I am not doing things with classes, Ag Club, or Senate, I help my family run our mobile pizza trailer and travel all around Southern Idaho at events like concerts, fairs, and catering. Athletics have always been a passion of mine, I have played and coached a variety of sports and now I serve as the liaison for the Rec Center & Athletics as one of my duties as an ASCSI Senator. One of the main goals I have for my time serving on the senate is to have more student involvement at games which will in turn create a “home team” advantage by making our home court/field truly feel like home for our athletes.

Hi, my name is Hannah Skinner, and I am working to earn my degree in elementary education and someday hope to be a first-grade teacher! I love working with kids and originally planned on working in the medical field. During my senior year of high school, I realized that the medical field isn’t for me, and I would rather work as an educator. I will be a third-generation educator in my family and am a third-generation golden eagle! I chose to attend CSI because it is affordable and a great transition from high school to a university. In my free time, I love to watch and play sports, read (especially historical fiction), play board games, travel, and spend time with family and friends. I chose to go into education to help other people succeed. As a senator, I want to be someone who supports the students at CSI and helps them find their own success. If you ever have any questions or need someone to talk to please reach out!

Hello, my name is Aydan Egbert. I am a freshman here at CSI. I graduated from Hansen Jr/Sr high school. I was born in Boise, Idaho and have moved around Idaho my whole life until my family decided to settle down in Kimberly. I will be a first-generation college graduate. While attending Hansen I participated in as many sports as I could without taking away from school and other sports. I prioritized my academics over sports so I could continue to play without the repercussions of missing practices and games. Some of the sports I participated in were Football, Basketball, and Track and field. I loved playing football not only cause you got to hit people as hard as you wanted but you got to play with family and friends, I have a younger brother who I was fortunate enough to play with for a couple of years. I really enjoyed playing basketball in my freshman year of high school even though it was short lived due to an injury. It was my first time playing a sport I wasn’t familiar with, and it turned out to be one of my favorite sports to play. My freshman year was my first actual year playing basketball and I would say I was not the greatest at it, but I continued to play and as the years progressed and I felt like I had gotten better but the people in the stands are the ones who could tell you I didn’t really get any better. I wanted to throw in track my freshmen year of high school but due to an injury and the whole pandemic I couldn’t. When my sophomore year of high school came around, I was so excited to throw in track and since it was my first year it didn’t go as well as I hoped it would, but I took it as a learning experience. My senior year rolled around. I threw the shotput far enough to qualify for state and I won third place in boys 1a division 1.
I thought joining Senate would be a great way to leave my mark on CSI while I’m attending this wonderful college. I also thought this would be an excellent way for me to meet fellow students and faculty. I want to be a part of Senate so I can make college enjoyable not for myself but for my fellow students, and future CSI attendees. I want to make the college experience something worth remembering and something people will continue to look back and tell family and friends that CSI is the home of the Eagles, and they were proud to be a part of such a great community. I know I’m not the most athletic or academic person out there, but I know when I set my mind to something I will do everything in my power to make it happen, I know everyone is capable of the same thing you just need to find something worth fighting for.

Advisor | Assistant Dean
Rosa Lopez




Previous ASCSI Groups


Carloina Zamudio
Vice President
Ethan Espinoza

Ryan Treanor

Samantha Winslow

Senator | Program Board
Fortino Sedano

Senator | Interclub President
Brayden Belin

Senator | VP of Interclub 
Brooklynne Burbank

Senator | Eagle Hall  
Davia Gutierrez

Senate | Ambassadors
Jose Alcala

Senator | Diversity
Manuel Garcia
Senator | Diversity
Hasan Ali
Senator | Public Relations
Sammi Sanchez
Senator | Sports & Rec
Nicole Jones
Senator | Program Board
Marissa Maldonado
Senator | Ambassadors
Braydon Ahrens
Senator | Sustainability
Michael Carberry
Previous Years
Previous years of ASCSI Senate groups can be found in framed group photos hanging inside the Senate Office located on the second floor of the Taylor Building in Room 234.


Come visit us in the Student Senate office located on the 2nd floor of the Taylor Building in Room 234 to discuss your ideas on improving student's lives both on and off campus.